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Next Morning 10:00 AM

Felix was eating his breakfast together with Olivia in the cafeteria.

He held a cup of orange juice with its straw on close to his mouth.

Yet, he didn\'t take a sip as Olivia\'s way of eating cookies was distracting him.

Who could blame him tho Olivia kept munching on them with her eyes closed, just like a squirrel.

Little Oli, can you not munch on cookies like that You are ruining the adult image that we worked hard to build.

But I can\'t help it.

They are too delicious. She sulked with some crumbles on her lips and cheeks, as she gazed at the last cookie on her.

Also, I will not change my personality.

I love sweet food and I will keep eating them like this.

If anyone dares to treat me like a child or bully me, I will bite him. She bared her fangs at him.

Helpless yet somewhat amused, Felix could only stare at her eat the last cookie with the same expression.

Well you do you, I guess.

After Oli finished her breakfast she asked Felix, Today is Sunday, and we don\'t have any training to finish.

Do you have any fun plans for today She smiled with anticipation clearly written all over her face.

I want to accompany you.

With a finger pressed on his chin, Felix gazed absent-mindedly after hearing her question.

He was pondering if he should head to the Cinema in the UVR, to entice that lazy bum into reopening the connection between them.

After all, Felix was only waiting for the pain relief potions to arrive at the lady boss shop, so he could deliver everything home at once.

Based on what she said, it would take a max 15 days.

This meant Felix\'s awakening would happen before even a month.

That\'s just around the corner.

It was better to start preparing for their future plans now than do so at the moment of awakening.

I will probably enter the UVR Cinema.

Do you want to come as well

Bewildered and Excited, Olivia suddenly stood up with her hands on the table.

Whoa, you can do that! She tilted her head slightly, I thought only the owner of the AP Bracelet can enter the UVR.

How can you take me in as well

Indeed, I can use the party feature in the bracelet to take as many as 10, and this number is only limited because my bracelet generation is quite old.

But there is 4 hours duration limit, and after exceeding it one must start paying 500 SC each hour. Nonchalant, Felix explained as he took quick sips in between.

So cool!

Felix nodded his head casually and continued eating.

However, before he chewed, he sensed Olivia\'s eyes, digging through his forehead.

He lifted his head and saw her toying with a lock of hair, with flushed cheeks.

He chuckled and asked, Do you want to bring anyone else

Olivia avoided having eye contact and nodded her head softly.

I want to invite Sarah, as she always annoys me that her dream was to enter the UVR.

Although Felix explained that he could take 10 people at once, she had a thin face to ask for another favor.

In her mind, he already did more than enough by taking her in and paying for her.

She wasn\'t stupid to not understand that Cinema tickets were probably expensive for Felix since he wasn\'t working in the UVR and the family definitely didn\'t give him an allowance.

If only she knew that Felix\'s leftover coins probably exceeded the family\'s entire capital, she wouldn\'t have those thoughts.

Do as you wish, as long as the number does not exceed 10, I don\'t care who you invite. Felix cleaned his mouth with a handkerchief and added, This is a one-time offer and won\'t repeat again.

He then stood up and headed towards his room while saying Come to my room 2 hours from now.

Thank you, Felix.

You are the best!

Exited and eager to deliver the news, Olivia left the table messy and bolted towards Sarah\'s room.

Felix could only sigh and clear after her.

Don\'t treat me as a child my ass. He mumbled under his breath, as he carried the trays to the cafeteria\'s counter.


1 hour and 45 minutes later...

Felix sat on his bed with black lines on his forehead.

\'You old hag, open up already it is time to awaken, I am only waiting for you.\'

Sadly, just like the last few tries, there was no response.

Felix used everything from enticing, to lying and cursing.

Yet, nothing managed to move her and re-establish the connection.

Livid, he threw the pillow at his TV screen.

He truly couldn\'t handle her bull** anymore.

He never saw such an unreliable and irresponsible partner before.

\'Why can\'t she act like an Elder or mentor and show me the way as I read online! How can I be this unlucky to end up with this lazy pig, who only wants to watch movies and series\'

He really began to feel that she got too comfortable in his consciousness and lost her motivation to regain her freedom.

After a while, he stopped bothering himself with those gentle methods.

For someone like Asna, the only thing that worked best was threats and sticks.

His expression turned nasty and though, \'Let\'s see if you will continue to ignore me after I drink memory-erasing Potion.\'

Felix was ready to pull all stops and drink that potion to erase his memories of movies and series.

At that point, Asna wouldn\'t be able to enjoy her lazy stay in his consciousness and be active in helping him plan ahead.

After all, she said it herself that more information was needed for her to see how to improve the cheats she gave him.

but, how the hell was she supposed to get it, when her attention was elsewhere

Suddenly an irritated voice was heard in his mind, Bastard, can\'t you take a hint and leave me alone to watch in peace She yawned, I already reached episode 200 of The Masked Lady drama series.

I was about to talk to you after I finish the last 10 episodes.

Felix raised his eyebrows in surprise at her sudden entrance.

He didn\'t think that his threat was going to show a positive result this fast.

You went offline for over 6 months, and you only watched 200 ep of that amazing series\' He smirked, I finished them in 2 months.

You really disappointed me.

You dare look down on me while using 2 months to watch that series You know nothing little bastard. She puffed her chest out and said, I used 6 months to watch all the movies and series on your memories.

The masked Lady was the last one. She explained with a hint of dread, That\'s why I was planning to head out since there will be nothing fun to do here anymore after I finish it.

Felix didn\'t notice her voice cracking at her mentioning the last part, his mind short-circuited the moment she mentioned, spending 6 months to finish his colossal liberty of movies and series that took him years upon years of lazing around to gather in his previous life.

Yet, such an unfathomable amount was finished in 6 months

What kind of sick joke was this

Horrified, a sudden idea sneaked upon him and took root in his mind.

\'Unless she did not sleep the past 6 months, and only watched continuously movie after movie and episode after episode.\'

How can someone be able to do that NEETS around the world will kowtow in worship if they heard of her achievement.\'

Furious at him calling her NEET, Asna tried to throw the remote control at the TV like usual, but her hands refused to obey.

Her mental energy was drained to the bottom of the barrel, and her sunken face with dark panda eyes, only made it appear as such.

Throwing the controller or not, she still raged at him, unbothered about her new ugly look.

Bastard, are you complimenting me, or insulting me by calling me a NEET! She explained with a huff, Never associate me those lazy bastards.

I only watched movies and series because I was sealed for 20 million years without any entertainment in my life.

So I had to close the gap.

Now leave me alone to finish those last remaining episodes in peace, I will call you later. She shooed him away with a hand wave and pressed on the play button.

Felix hastily informed her before she cut off the connection, \'Tomorrow I need you in your best form and shape.

We will try a quick experiment with a poison stone to see if I can absorb the element without a beast\'s bloodline. He gave a half shrug, Maybe it will work since you are merged with me.

\'Whatever, Talk later.

Asna quickly cut off the connection to focus on the drama.

Well, at least she got my message. He scoffed on her TV addiction and lay on the bed with his arms crossed behind his head.

She dares says she is not a NEET.

\'Knock\' \'Knock\'

Before he even found a comfortable position, a sudden door knocks resounded in the room.

Felix glanced at his bracelet, They came just in time.

Without wanting to keep them waiting, he walked toward the door and opened it slowly with a gentle smile.

Yet, his smile stiffened immediately after opening the door wide open.

He gawked at ten of his females\' cousins, each wearing a different outfit that highlighted her greatest asset.

Some wore a short skirt with black Stockings on, while some had tight blue jeans on with a T-shirt.

The only thing that remained identical was their beauty.

Just like Felix they also inherited good looks from their parents.

Exasperated, he closed his eyes and rubbed his eyelids.

He just remembered that Sarah had the biggest mouth in the family.

Her gossipy personality was truly one of a kind.

He knew that he made a big mistake by giving them a whole two hours before they enter.

As it was enough for Sarah to spread the information and for Olivia\'s good personality to give in to her cousins request and bring them to him.

He figured as much by looking at Olivia who was peeking at him with one eye behind Sarah.

First I will place some ground rules, so we won\'t have issues later. Felix decided to fold before his cousins even said anything.

He wasn\'t a retard to disappoint those ladies\' hopeful looks.

God knows how would they treat him after.

He extended three fingers with an indifferent expression, The first rule is, this is a onetime thing, don\'t expect that I will keep taking you in the UVR each day, I neither have time nor energy. He warned, Secondly when we enter follow me everywhere I go since you can get kidnapped inside, and get abused those 2 hours until you get kicked out.

He turned around and walked inside while saying the last rule with a beseeching tone.

Last, please don\'t point and gawk at anything you see, we don\'t want to be tagged as country pumpkins.


The Young ladies just kept nodding their heads like chicken.

Heck, even if he asked them to get naked to activate the party feature they wouldn\'t hesitate.

At this point, the only thing in their eyes was Felix\'s AP bracelet.

Felix cringed at those looks, as he knew that today wasn\'t going to be a pleasant experience in the UVR with them.

\'Whatever, we will be wearing a disguise.

Even if we get embarrassed no one will know it is us.\'

Please enter and close the door behind you.

Elated and eager, his cousins rushed inside with their hands raised above their heads.

Their loud cheers didn\'t alert anyone, as the rooms were soundproof.

The last one to enter was Olivia.

She sneaked inside and hid behind Sarah like a shadow.

She truly wanted to avoid Felix at all costs.

After all, she brought a massive headache to his doorstep, when he simply tried to bring her out to hang.

\'I hope he doesn\'t punish me for it.\'

Worried, she peeked at Felix who was rubbing his temples with closed eyes, as his brain was being assaulted by their never-ending loud chatter.


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