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Everyone heard her but Saltz Master who was further away.

Yet, besides Felix who got stunned, no one reacted excessively as they were already familiar with her teasing antics.

Hehe, look at his stiffened expression, How cute, makes me want to bite off your cheeks. Kumiho pinched Felix\'s cheeks like he was a child, making him regain his wits.

\'Hehe, you are being played like a child, cutie.\' Asna giggled.

Felix massaged his cheeks in silence after Kumiho let go of them, having no intentions of voicing his disgruntlement.

He could only keep it in his heart and vent everything that she does to him on her champion.

Are you done fooling around Erebus glanced at his bracelet and said, I don\'t have all day long to waste here.

Let\'s begin discussing the bets.

Kumiho waved her hand at them in annoyance and said, You start first, I still have matters to talk to with this cutie.

\'Elders, should I worry\' Felix showed them a hopeless look.

\'Just keep your mouth shut if she asked you about classified matters.\' Lady Sphinx warned.

Then, she started discussing the terms of the bet with Erebus, ignoring Felix who was started getting molested by Kumiho while her champion watched them indifferently.

Tell me, boy. Kumiho run her finger on Felix\'s hair and asked casually, You don\'t seem too affected by my beauty.

Is it because you saw someone prettier than me or did you castrated yourself before coming here

Felix was left a lost for words at the sound of that.

When he first saw Kumiho, he indeed felt like she was extremely pretty.

But, he wasn\'t as moved as that time when he first saw Asna.

So, he still considered Asna as the prettiest girl in the universe, which made him quite nonchalant about Kumiho\'s beauty.

But he couldn\'t say this lest he boosts Asna\'s ego and gets beaten by Kumiho for offending her like this.

As the Charm Primogenitor, she naturally considered herself as the most beautiful creature in the universe and she lives by it as her code.

Hence, Felix didn\'t hesitate to feed her some cheap lip service, telling her exactly what she wanted to hear.

As he expected, she got pleased by his answer and dropped the subject at once.

Mind telling me how exactly did you meet with your masters She asked with a bewitching smile, clearly trying to lure him in to expose some of his secrets.

I am not allowed to anwser. Felix spoke truthfully.

Really Kumiho\'s cheeks got reddened as she leaned closer to him and said with her soft breaths hitting his neck, I don\'t think they will care.

Felix looked the other way and repeated, I am not allowed to anwser.

Upon seeing his resistance, Kumiho clicked her tongue and thought, \'Those two fogies are probably speaking to him in his mind.\'

Although she wasn\'t using any charm abilities or releasing her charm aura, she still firmly believed that her natural charm is more than enough to bait some answers out of him.

She had checked his age and knew that he was still a teen without true control over his emotions and subconscious.

So, it was possible to get a slip out of his mouth without his realization.

Knowing that it wasn\'t possible to see anyone that was more gorgeous than her made Kumiho conclude that Lady Sphinx or Jörmungandr were keeping him on his toes against her.

\'Let\'s see if you will resist me now.\'

Just as she wanted to utilize her charm aura, Lady Sphinx spoke calmly, When are you planning on joining us

Upon seeing their impatience, Kumiho decided to stop trying to sate her curiosity and focus on the main subject.

Her teasing persona was no more as she placed a leg above the other and spoke with a poised expression, I am planning on placing one of the seven Ancient Harps and Keeper\'s Amulet.

Oh Which harp Lady Sphinx asked in intrigue.

The 3rd Harp, The Song of the Ancestry. She replied.

That\'s a quality treasure and also a collectible. Erebus nodded his head in satisfaction while thinking to himself, \'Siren desires ancient musical instruments more than anything.

If I got this for her, I might get a date for myself...Hehe, how long I desired her.\'

No wonder he was always headbutting with Kumiho.

He clearly knew that Siren and Kumiho don\'t get along and wanted to come out in good light in front of Siren by going against her enemy.

Although he really wanted the treasure, he didn\'t show much enthusiasm to it since he knew that the fox wouldn\'t hesitate to make him double his bet for it.

What about you Kumiho asked them.

I am willing to place Drink of Dust Hail and Scythe of the Evocation of Conjure Resurrection. Lady Sphinx mentioned.

I think Fiery Lute of the Gibberers and Sphere of the Ceremony of Archangel is going to please you both. Jörmungandr said with a faint smile.

The treasures in this game sure have turned to be worth the meeting. Erebus grinned lightly after hearing another instrument treasure getting added.

It seemed like he didn\'t discuss with Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr the proposed bets.

\'Kiddo, you better win this one if you don\'t want to be trapped into someone\'s shadow forever.\' Erebus warned his champion in his mind.

\'Consider it done.\' Saltz Master said while glancing at the absent-minded Felix and the indifferent Sensation.

He had seen more than enough about them in the network to understand that not one of them posed a real challenge to him if the environment was in the air.

So, if he managed to beat the rest, this game was in the bag.

Geezer, what are you betting Kumiho asked.

Vorpal Atal and Mandolin of Voidness Webs. He disclosed.

Not bad at all.

I have no issue with them.

Since everyone is satisfied by the bets, I guess this concludes the meeting Kumiho said while trying to stand up.

Hold on a second. lady Sphinx gestured with her hand for Kumiho to stay seated.

What\'s the matter Kumiho asked with a faint playful smirk, making Lady Sphinx want nothing but to beat her up.

Who could blame her

They already spoke over the phone about her wanting the Charm Maniacle Monolith in the bets.

Yet, here she was acting dumb after molesting poor Felix.

I am not satisfied with the Keeper\'s Amulet. Lady Sphinx said, You know what I want to replace it with.

You already know my anwser. Kumiho said.

I am willing to add Blessed Thunderous Pipes. Lady Sphinx jacked up the bet in a straightforward manner.

Not interested. Kumiho waved her hand at Lady Sphinx while yawning.

Glorified Meteoric Mattock. Lady Sphinx added again, making Felix gulp a mouthful in fear.

How could he not be frightened when the total treasures they were betting on his victory had climbed to 6 at once!

However, before he could start getting agitated by the thought of losing those six treasures, Kumiho shook her head and said, Save your breath Sphinxy, I have no intentions of betting my monolith.


Abruptly, the pressure in the room had increased tenfold, making Felix and the other two champions feel like there were 1000kg weights placed above their shoulders!

Kumiho\'s champion even was forced to get into her knees while Erebus\'s champion managed to hold into the wall tightly to not end up in the same situation.

Sphinx, that\'s enough. Jörmungandr placed his hand on Lady Sphinx\'s shoulder and shook his head.

Lady Sphinx didn\'t pay him any attention as her murderous eyes were placed on Kumiho.

\'It\'s rare to see Sphinx getting pissed like this.\' Erebus thought, \'I doubt she will get this mad due to the monoliths only.\'

Do you have any intentions of negotiation Lady Sphinx narrowed her eyes at Kumiho and said, I won\'t say it again.

Never had. Kumiho replied with an easy-going tone while playing with Felix\'s ear.


The pressure was gone instantly, making Felix and the other two regain control of their bodies.

All of them were sweating coldly in fear as the horror of getting killed by a single gaze hadn\'t been so real before.

Felix come here. Lady Sphinx said calmly, not showing a single sign of anger.

Felix stood up and swiftly went next to her, not wanting to spend a single second more getting touched by that vixen.

Erebus, until we meet again. Lady Sphinx nodded at the Shadow Primogenitor and said, Let\'s go.

Immediately after, Felix and Jörmungandr teleported with her, leaving the others behind.

I don\'t know what you do to provoke her but that wasn\'t a smart decision. Erebus snapped his finger and left one last remark, Oh well, you weren\'t considered as intelligent anyways.

Kumiho merely smiled at his taunt and watched him teleport with his champion.

After he departed, she turned towards her champion and ordered, Do your best to find a way to control that boy\'s mind and get out as many secrets as possible from him.

Sensation tilted her head in confusion at her target but she still agreed at once, I will be on it, Madam.

Kumiho faced the couch where Lady Sphinx was sitting and smirked cunningly, My senses are screaming that you three are hiding a huge secret.

Hehehe, In this boring eternal life, what\'s more fun than exposing other\'s secrets and getting them in trouble

Her delighted laughter as she said so made it clear that she truly enjoyed doing so just like how Lady Sphinx enjoyed research.

What else one could expect from a primogenitor from the spirit fox species

As for provoking Lady Sphinx by breaking her word

She honestly didn\'t give a crap.

She knew that she couldn\'t do much to her even if she wanted to get back at her.

That\'s where she was wrong...


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