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Your placement on the jumping pad is random. Kayn added, They might be called jump pads, but you won\'t need to jump as the moment the game begins, the platforms will disappear from under your feet, dropping you all at the same time.

Everyone understood that this rule was a must since some players will most definitely decide to wait for it up by a few seconds so they would have a higher ground advantage.

In addition, you have a 30 seconds grace period after you get dropped. Kayn clarified, We don\'t want you to butcher each other right at the start.

Seeing that no one had reacted, he changed the image to the course of the game, starting from the thermosphere of the planet.

You will be diving through 4 layers of the planet\'s atmosphere.

At each layer, you will find either loot boxes placed randomly in the sky, speeding rings, slowing rings, teleportation circles, obstacles, and lastly parachutes.

He colored the thermosphere layer in the screen and said, Here, you will find only rings and teleportation circles.

While he said so, he showed how those rings would appear and their color so the players wouldn\'t confuse each other.

The speeding ring was shining brightly with green color.

Meanwhile, the slowing ring had a red color.

As for the teleportation circles They were left with creamy white color.

On the screen, there were tens of them spread randomly on the thermosphere.

The players frowned their eyebrows at their number as it wasn\'t really that many.

This meant it would be always crowded near them...Nothing good emerges in crowds in the games.

As for the mesosphere, your greatest challenge would be to enter the atmosphere without burning up. Kayn advised, Your suits are capable of resisting chill but not heat.

\'As expected, they left it as a challenge.\' Felix arched his eyebrows.

He already watched games like this in those ten days and in almost all of them, the players were required to handle the heat that would emerge from friction with the air after they enter the mesosphere layer.

He knew that it was possible to make a cold entry simply by reducing his speed since it was the main element why objects burn after they enter the planet\'s atmosphere.

Felix wouldn\'t have been frowning like this if he had a solution to slow down his speed.

\'I can only hope for a slowing ring to be near me when I enter the mesosphere.\'

In this issue, Felix could only leave it to luck and brace himself.

He wasn\'t worried about getting killed by the heat since he already tested doing it in the preparation days and emerged safely with only burning marks all over his body.

But he preferred avoiding those injuries as they could cost him his life if he got attacked by other players.

After you reach the stratosphere, the rings will return but not the teleportation circles.

However, you will be able to pick up parachutes and loot boxes in the layer by simply going through them. Kayn said while displaying how they would appear.

The loot box was in the shape of a glowing rainbow cube and had question marks on all of its faces.

There were hundreds of them spread throughout the stratosphere!

Just like the rings, circles, and such, they were all confined in a limited area.

Even a toddler would know that it was going to be a bloodbath for them!

Meanwhile, the Parachutes appeared just like normal backpacks, each with its own color.

They were revolving slowly in the air.

There weren\'t many of them as the players had counted only 30 parachutes placed all over the place.

\'Exactly as the number of the players.\' Felix thought.

Even though it seemed like each player had a parachute for himself and that there wouldn\'t be a need for fighting, Felix knew that was totally bull**.

Getting a parachute was merely the start.

The players still need to open them up and glide to the ground.

There was no way in hell, they wouldn\'t start shooting at each other\'s parachutes to get them killed.

So, to get rid of as much competition as possible, the players would try to destroy any parachute in their eyesight if they secured theirs.

Lastly, the Troposphere. Kayn said, Here, you will find obstacles such as thunderstorms, birds flocks attacking in hundreds, Sudden horrific wind gales.

This time he didn\'t show how they would look like or said when exactly were the players going to get face an obstacle.

This lack of information was far deadly than one could understand.

Because they were clearly going to open up their parachute in this layer.

If they timed it wrong, their parachute would get screwed big time by either one of the obstacles.

As for the time to open up your parachutes, that\'s up to you. Kayn clapped his hands and said calmly, Any questions

Only five players lifted their hands and Krialder was one of them.

After Kayn pointed at one of them, the player laid out his question, May we know how long the speed boost or the slow debuff will last

10 seconds each. Kayn replied.

Thank you.

Next, please.

May we know how can we get the unique title and the recommendation letter to the SG Hall of Fame Krialder asked.

The Unique Title is called, Meteor Strike.

To get the unique title, you need to win the game by landing on the ground. Kayn paused for a second and said calmly, You just have to do it without a parachute.


Elites or not, the players still were forced to draw a cold breath at such a perilous condition!

They give up immediately on bothering to aim at it since their safety was their most priority.

There was no way in hell, they would expose themselves to fall damage increased by 500% for a title.

All of them had tested if they were going to survive the 200 meters fall without a parachute or not.

This was the limit of which their bodies could handle as they could have broken limbs and even enter a coma but not get killed.

Yet, In this game, they ended up turning into paste since the damage caused to their bodies had been multiplied by five times by the Queen.

If they survived it then great, if not Queen wouldn\'t hesitate to pop off their consciousness.

I even thought that I facilitated it. Kayn murmured while looking at their disinterested expression.

I guess there is no need to tell you about my requirement to get the recommendation letter. Kayn mentioned, It\'s five times harder than this.

Upon hearing so, the players let out disappointed sighs.

Most of them had their names get etched in their SG branch Hall of Fame and also won multiple rewards.

So, their ambitions to get an even high achievement on a universal level was understandable as they were used to being always on the top.

Meanwhile, Felix was actually the only one lacking in this department as he had many unique titles but not a single recommendation letter or award.

As for his nomination to get the Best Low-Elo Player Award He failed to clutch it since the voting was held right after he got exposed by Mr.


His public image was down to the gutter making him receive actual downvotes from the public and disqualifying him from attending even the Award Ceremony.

While this was happening, Felix had his head in other matters, not giving a ** about the award.

He wasn\'t joking about this when he said it multiple times.

I guess this concludes the Q&A Kayn said while looking at the players that had their hands pulled down.

Not expecting a response, he mentioned while breaking into light particles, Since we finished early, you have one hour of free time...Enjoy it.

After he disappeared, the players took a moment to think about everything that was discussed here before starting to aim at their potential allies.

This time, Felix wasn\'t planning on going solo since this game was ten times more dangerous than his previous ones.

He had already read about every tiny detail of each player here and memorized it thoroughly with his perfect memory.

He had pretty much decided who would be the best ally for him in this game.

An ally who was useful and easier to get rid of when things get heated.

\'Wild\'s Breath, a pure Dark-Druid.\' Felix grinned devilishly and thought, \'You shall be my ally.\'

\'Poor thing, he is actually approaching you of his own will.\' Asna said piteously while munching down on popcorns.

As she mentioned, a bulgy bronze-skinned man, who\'s wearing a bear\'s hide over his naked upper chest, was walking towards Felix with a stern gaze.

He was holding into a wooden staff that had a greenish gem tightened by thin branches at its tip.

When Felix zoomed on it, he saw multiple animals in a spirit form, swimming inside of it!

He wasn\'t astonished by the sight as he knew that Druids\' cultivation system relied on animals, beasts, and nature itself.

They never harm either of them and admonish anyone who does it in their presence...This was for the pure Druids.

As for the Dark-Druid They kill them and seal their spirits inside that gem!


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