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'Humph, little my a.s.s.' Asna snorted while giving him a side-glance.

Felix ignored her and said to his squad, Let's not waste any more time, we running short.

Malak and the rest swallowed their questions and nodded their heads.

Then, they switched their vision to what lays behind the golden gate.

Pitch-black darkness!

Malissa who's able to see clearly in the dark due to being a bat half-ling exclaimed, There are three paths!

The others quickly spotted their flashlights in the darkness and saw one corridor connected to three entrances.

'This is the worst-case scenario.' Malak knitted her eyebrows and spoke, 'We can't split up and we are going to waste a lot of time if we chose poorly.

This if we didn't get killed by traps straight away if we chose the wrong path.'

The others couldn't help but nod their heads in agreement.

'How about I split myself into three parts and scout all three paths first' Momo suggested.

Before the squad could interact with his idea, Felix shut it down immediately, 'It won't work since this is a labyrinth that is filled with traps.

The other squad had ended up meeting the exact same thing.'

'Did they pass it successfully' Erik asked with a nervous tone.

'Not all of them.' Felix shook his head, 'They had the advantage of numbers so they were able to split up into three groups and go through all of the paths.

However, only five squadmates had made it out successfully.' 

The squad's members' expressions didn't appear so good after hearing so.

If only five of them survived from probably tens of bloodlines, then their situation was far deadlier than they expected.

'If only it was possible for the holograms to go through walls, we would have sent the leader or someone else to scout the paths quickly for us.' Nicci said softly.

If that was possible, Felix would have already volunteered to scout for them so he could hide the fac that he knew the real path to all three treasuries.

Alas, the feature might be called ghosting, but it was still bound by the laws of the universe. 

Light can't travel through opaque objects.

So, Felix's holographic image that was made out of light needs to always stay in direct contact with Malak's bracelet.

'Now what Should we wing it' Erik wondered.

The others remained silent, thinking deeply on ways to either pick the right path or at least scout them all as fast as possible.

Momo could scout all three of them but it was going to take ages for him to travel through them all due to his copies being smaller in stature.

'How about we trace the exact footsteps of the previous squad' Felix clarified his bull**, 'If the same entity who created the other temple was the owner of this one, then there is a high chance of the labyrinth being somewhat the same.'


The squad looked at each other with unconvinced expressions, appearing like they thought it was a stupid idea to create the same labyrinth instead of just mixing a couple of walls.

However, so far everything that Felix said had ended up happening and they were more inclined to believe the Organization Intel than their own...Especially when they didn't have any other plans at the moment and time was short to spend it thinking thoroughly for a plan.

15 minutes had already gone by and they were still at the gate of the pyramid.

That didn't look so good.

But they still didn't agree rashly since they understood that they had only one chance to make it.

Felix left them to discuss it of their free will.

He wasn't joking when he said that the other two paths were a death sentence since he watched in the doc.u.mentary how those pirates never appeared again...Even to the end of the doc.u.mentary!

After a couple of minutes of throwing out ideas, the squad realized that they had only three options, split up, send Momo, and waste a substantial amount of time that might cost them their lives later, or trust Felix's Intel.

In the end, they decided to with last option.

'Momo, you will be at the far front of the squad with Sir Felix.' Malak said while exhaling deeply.

Momo nodded his head and stepped forward, going through the gate.

The rest waited until he was ten meters away from them then followed after him.

'Take the left path.' Felix said.

Momo went through the left path obediently while flashing the light on the walls and the ground in case there was a trap.

He was also utilizing his bracelet scanner to decent any abnormality.

Thankfully, they crossed the entire closed-off corridor without meeting any danger.

However, they did end up reaching another cross-path made out of two paths.

'The right one.' Felix informed with a confident tone.

Momo took it and the rest followed.

When they reached another cross path safely, they began to feel slightly confident in Felix's Intel.

Their confidence grew bigger after they crossed the 3rd, 4th, and 5th corridors successfully as well!

'Did he actually make two exact same labyrinths in two temples' Erik said speechlessly, 'What an idiot.'

The rest couldn't agree more.

Though, they were glad that he did this since he helped them out greatly.

'Are we close' Malak asked while facing another cross-path.

'Yes.' Felix nodded his head and said, 'If the Intel is correct, then we will reach the 1st smaller treasury after we go through the left path.'

Everyone got a bit jibbed at the sound of that and began walking with quicker steps through the left path.

However, the moment crossed half of it, they were forced to stop after seeing that Momo had stiffened on his place.

'Guys, I think I have stepped on a trap.' Momo said with a calm tone while gazing at his foot that had sunken in the ground just by one centimeter.

If it wasn't for his extensive experience in dealing with traps, he would have either applied more force or lifted his foot.

In both situations, the trap would go off and kill him! in the worst-case scenario, affect the entire squad!

'Are you certain' Malak asked while retreating slowly back with the rest of the squad.


Everyone felt their hearts sink at his confirmation.

They didn't know what trap he stepped on and that was what was scaring the ** out of them.

This time Felix didn't say anything or warned Momo before stepping on the trap since he knew that his squad could handle it.

If it was something serious like locking them inside the corridor or something like that, he wouldn't have dared to withhold information.

'Keep retreating slowly until we exit the corridor.' Malak ordered, 'Momo, split your arm with the bracelet and suit.

Then make it come to us.

This will ensure your survival after you remove your feet.'

Momo was already planning on doing so.

He was simply waiting for them to leave.

After seeing that only small white dots had been left behind him, Momo carried out his survival plan.

Only after he sensed that his arm had reached his party did Momo lift his leg casually.

Not an ounce of fear or worry was shown on his jelly-like stiffened face.

Out of nowhere, creaking noises began echoing in the corridor, making Momo confused about where the sound was coming from.

Just as he planned on retreating to safety, he was left surprised by the emergence of an army of mummies in front and behind him!

They all appeared to be just a bunch of skeletons from different species, with a green shining talisman on their forehead and green eyes made out of flames.

The clucking noises from before were coming out of their mouths as they kept biting their teeth continuously.

'Momo, what was that' Malak inquired immediately after hearing the echoes of those noises.

'We are in luck.

They are just a bunch of low-class brainless mummies carrying bats.' Momo said with a faint smile while getting jumped at those mummies.

This would have killed any commoner from fright but Momo just let them do as they please.

Biting, smashing with their bats, stomping on him!

'Hold on Momo! We are breaking our way in!' Malak said while flying with her eternal blue flames through the corridor.

She was so fast, she crossed half the destination while the others were still in process of activating their abilities!

The moment she saw the army of mummies filling up the entire corridor, she extended her palms in front of her and shouted, Sun Ablaze!


A red fireball had emerged from both of her palms and began expanding and expanding nonstop even though she was literally penetrating through the mummies' army!

The mummies neither cried nor wailed, they simply turned into scorched black skeletons and fell to the ground into a heap of bones!

Nothing survived after getting touched by that red sun that never ceased to expand!

When she was finally about to reach Momo, the sun had already reached the roof and the walls, having no more room to expand!

Malak snapped her finger and the sun exploded into a shower of red particles, falling on the thousands of bones lying on the ground.

This was the reason why Momo wasn't worried about mummies.

They might look terrifying and undying but the moment one gets rid of the talisman on their foreheads, they would return to their original dead state!


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