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The bottomless pit of his bloodline path was getting deeper and deeper, and if he didn\'t keep up with it, he would be buried sooner or later.

Frustrated, Felix massaged his temples over this sudden headache that threw all his plans down the drain.

He assumed before, that if bought those low-grade stones with merit points, he could save up his coins as well as enhance his rating until it reached the peak, in about 6 months or so.

But now everything went to smoke, as he needed a large number of coins if he wanted to obtain higher grades stones.

Although he had solid channels to buy at least medium and high-grade stones, they would still cost him a leg to obtain them in large numbers, since there was always a high demand for them.

Especially uncommon elements such as poison.

Now that he prepared a bloodline for his awakening, he shouldn\'t be bothered about it for a while.

But elemental stones were a must-have resource for everyone due to its versatile effects and benefits it provided.

Such as, recovering lost energy after releasing abilities.

Not to mention its uses as a basic material for creating most substances and potions.

Of course, those potions and substances only utilized high-grade stones or above, as for mid and below those were used only by low leveled bloodliners.

This meant, that the demand for those stones could never outweigh the supply, and for Felix to secure a stable channel of getting them at first hand, he needed authority and massive capital to support it.

The only way to obtain at least one of those was for the investment plan to be carried out no matter what, and also put substantial emphasis on it.

Otherwise, he would always keep slaving himself to secure coins for stones, and this was going to definitely delay his bloodline path immensely.

A few minutes later, Felix stopped moping over the matter and went to pour himself a glass of water from the kitchen.

After drinking the glass of water, he sprinkled some drops on his face and slapped his cheeks lightly.

Come on Felix, this is but a minor setback.

Don\'t let it and that witch affect your mentality. Refreshed, he wiped his face and asked Asna, If I brought you middle and high-grade stones, will you be able to calculate the duration needed to reach 100% rating

No matter what stone or treasure you bring, as long as they have elements, I can calculate everything about them, whether the duration or the amount needed. She smiled smugly.

Alright let\'s get it over with now.

I don\'t want any more surprises emerging. he lay on the bed and closed his eyes.

\'Queen Log me in please.\'


16 minutes later, inside a small-sized shop called Fuzzia Stones.

Felix sat on a chair, holding a mug of coffee with one hand while talking to a handsome man with a pupilless whitish third eye in the middle of his forehead.

Sir Felix it\'s not that I don\'t want to sell you, it\'s just that the amount you are asking for is way too low. The young man shook his head and explained, Our shop does not make those kinds of deals.

We only sell 100 medium stones or above, nothing less.

Come on, I just want to take one medium and high stones home to sample them.

If I liked your products, you can expect me to be a loyal customer. With a straight face, Felix asked shamelessly for 2 stones like a beggar.

Speechless at Felix\'s repeated request, the young man facepalmed.

Sir, we are not selling wedding cakes here for you to sample.

We sell stones that are made naturally under extreme conditions. He joked, So how the hell are you going to sample them when everyone is selling the same type of stones

Undiscouraged by his 3rd refusal, Felix got up from his seat and put his arm around the young man\'s shoulder.

He leaned closer and whispered in his ears, Come on brother Jadie, if you did me this favor, I will tell you where to find the shapeshifter penis. He smiled, I know someone who is selling it currently.

But I don\'t guarantee it will remain there forever, so you need to rush.

Too bad, his attempt to entice Jadie backfired, as his hand that was on Jadie\'s shoulder was twisted in a different direction.


The sound of bones snapping resonated in the small shop.

Before Felix could even yelp at the sudden agony, he got lifted by his collar like a sandbag.

How the hell do you know that I have problems down there Jadie tightened his grip on Felix\'s collar and threatened, No one knows this information.

So you better speak little bastard before I torture you in my basement.

Although Felix\'s legs and broken arm dangled in the air, his expression on the other hand was indifferent as ever.

He simply eyed the livid Jadie and bull**ed his way through like always, I didn\'t know that you had problems down there.

I only told you this piece of information, since you are a man, and I know that no matter if a man is healthy or sick, they will desire the shapeshifter penis.

A bit embarrassed, Jadie changed back to his polite businessman\'s expression, as he put Felix down and fixed his wrinkled collar for him.

After he returned Felix to his original state, he rubbed his hands together and coughed, Brother Felix don\'t mind me just now, as I always get infected emotionally whenever something related to my manhood is mentioned.

No need to say more brother Jadie.

The less I know about your personal life, the better our business relationship will be.

Felix returned to his seat and asked the Queen to heal his arm.

It might cost him a quite sum, but it was worth it in his eyes.

After all, the information he relied on to entice Jadie was going to get him not just his request but an extra worthwhile trade.

That was his real target.

He understood clearly, that Jadie was desperate to treat his erectile dysfunction by any means possible, and the shapeshifter penis Felix saw before in Looby\'s shop was one of the best-known ways to bypass the condition entirely.

He would be a fool to not take advantage of Jadie\'s scandal in his previous life to his advantage.

Now what I want to know is. He took a sip from his coffee mug and smiled, What are you willing to trade for this piece of information

I can accept your request while also adding a 10% discount to 1000 medium and high stones you buy from my shop.

Jadie didn\'t waste even a second before giving him the best offer possible to Felix.

He could have negotiated for better, but he was in a rush to get the information from Felix.

Simply because he spent decades trying to locate a potion, substance, medicine, or anything to treat his condition, but to no avail.

He was left with only making a plea for the shops to contact him the moment one of those items appeared in their stock.

I hope you are satisfied with my price.

Satisfied and content, Felix nodded with a smile.

It is enough brother Jadie, and no need for a contract between this friendship deal.

I will gladly make the first move and tell you that what you seek is at Looby Bloodline Shop. He gave a half shrug and added, I have no idea how that bastard obtained it.

But, I saw it there the last time I went to buy something.

Joyful, Jadie laughed and extended his hand for a handshake.

You truly deserve my friendship with your quick thinking.

Since we are not doing contract let\'s shake hands on it like gentlemen.

Just what I prefer brother Jadie. Felix shook his hand with a chuckle as well.

Jadie transferred the serial number of the stones to Felix without hesitation and offered, I can take care of the shipping as well if you want.

No need I want to use the wormhole express. He explained, But before doing so I want to add as many items as possible, so I can deliver them all at the same time to lower the costs.

Good thinking brother Felix. He curled his lips in disgust and said, It is always better to ship as much as possible using those blood-sucking worms express.


Felix put the mug on the table and stood up, planning to leave.

He had no reason to remain anymore and delay Jadie from running his errand.

He clearly saw a hint of rush in Jadie\'s eyes, but he didn\'t say anything to not appear disrespectful.

So Felix decided not to extend his welcome and bounce.

Every favorable action could earn him extra brownies with Jadie.

He knew that this man was one of the few individuals he had to hug their thighs if he wanted a stable platform to get his stones from.

Alright, I will see myself out. He bowed his head slightly and said, Goodbye brother Jadie until we meet again.

Goodbye, and my shop will always be open to you. Jadie said out loud while waving his hand towards Felix\'s retreating back.

The moment Felix closed the door, Jadie\'s eyebrows instantly frowned as he tapped on his bracelet, trying to call on Looby.

A few seconds later, Looby\'s voice resounded in the shop.

To what do I owe the pleasure

Livid at hearing his nonchalant tone, Jadie smashed the table into two, like it was made out of moldy wood.

Didn\'t I tell you to inform me the moment you obtain the shapeshifter Penis He roared out loud, almost causing internal bleeding in Looby\'s ears.

So why the hell am I hearing about it from a stranger! He lowered his volume and threatened, Explain yourself or you can forget about me recommending your shop to my VIP clients anymore.


Jadie, it\'s not that I forgot to tell you, but that another VIP told me to reserve it for him. His voice cracked from fear of losing his VIP clients.

He offered triple its price.

So I can only sell it to him to not offend him.

I don\'t give a ** if he paid triple, I can pay quadruple, and if you are still indecisive, you can create a small auction between us to bid for it fair and square. He comforted, I doubt that VIP will take it on you for it.

Alright, that works for me just fine!

Looby replied eagerly over the large pie that just fell in his lap.

He knew that by informing Jadie himself, he could have got the same result.

However, he still didn\'t, as he had signed a contract with that VIP forbidding him from mentioning any details about the shapeshifter penis to anyone.

But now that Jadie found out about it from another source unrelated to him, he was more than glad.

Heck, he wished he knew the name of that stranger to give him a good kiss on the cheek.

Good, now make it happened ASAP! And call me when you are done. He threatened him openly, I tolerate no games or tricks.

So you better not bull** me with that VIP.

Otherwise, you would not like the outcome.

Looby did not dare to make a fart after hearing his threat, since he understood that Jadie had ways to find his real address.

You got it, sir.

Three days from now you will hear from me about the date of the auction.

Jadie immediately hanged up after getting the confirmation he wanted.

Afterward, he stared at the shop entrance in deep thought, \'Did he really not know about my secret, or he found out about it somehow and lied\'

Whatever it is, this problem of mine will be fixed once and for all.

At that point, it won\'t matter if he lied or not since there will be no issue in the first place.

He glanced at his crotch that was lying dormant and unexpectedly put his hands inside his pants.

Soon the dragon shall awaken with multiple shapes and forms. He grinned, Beware ladies for I am about to come!

Jadie already began counting his eggs before the chicken even laid them.

Hopefully, his dream wouldn\'t get shattered by the other VIP.

After all, he might be just as desperate as him.


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