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Unlike the victorian Era style of architecture that the witch empire utilizes, the military base appeared like a silver metallic futuristic city!

The buildings weren\'t tall enough to pierce the sky but they were big enough, they almost reached the height of the Queen\'s palace.

There were multiple hover vehicles of all shapes and sizes, flying tens of meters in the sky.

Meanwhile below, the hover platforms were dominating as the base staff was going back and forth from a building to another.

On the other hand, the soldiers were marching on foot while in their uniforms.

The majority of them were orcs, kobolds, giants, and other battle-oriented races.

Felix even spotted a few humans with visible mutations, making him guess that they had a high level of integration.

Although the scene appeared a bit crowded, Felix couldn\'t help but notice a sense of order and harmony between everyone.

\'Hopefully, no one approaches me.\' Felix quickly opened up the door of the vehicle and stepped outside.

He was wearing the same clothes as the soldiers.

brown mud boots, azure uniform mixed with ash grey color, and lastly a sun hat.

Meanwhile, He had a disguise of another human soldier, who had a tough-looking face and the same height as him, making the disguise much easier.

\'It\'s time to move.\' Felix took a deep breath and hardened his expression, appearing quite terrifying with his new face.

Then, he walked casually and confidently towards the mapped-out exit.

Because his disguise actually belonged to no one, he did attract some curious eyes, thinking that he might be a new soldier.

Felix would rather have those looks than have a disguise of a known soldier.

At least, he would avoid conversation with his \'pals\'.

Before long, Felix reached one of the side gates in the base.

No one spoke to him or approached to identify him.

It wasn\'t because they were careless but because they knew that every place in the base requires an ID verification.

Even exiting requires it.

So, the moment an intruder manages to sneak inside, he would be trapped in public spaces.

\'This is truly the best gate to leave from.\' Felix nodded his head slightly in satisfaction after seeing that the gate was the least populated.

There were only three soldiers in front of it, having their ID checked in by a staff member.

Felix walked confidently towards it and lined up behind them.

The soldier in front of him turned his head after feeling a dreadful pressure behind him.

When he saw Felix\'s tough-looking face, he quickly focused in front of him, not wanting to start any trouble with him.

In a short moment, Felix\'s turn had arrived.

He stepped next to the staff and placed his bracelet above a scanner.

\'I have never seen him before.\' The staff member thought with a suspicious look as he eyed Felix scan his bracelet.

In less than a second, a holographic legit soldier ID was manifested before the staff.

He checked it thoroughly.

He knew that what he was doing was over the top since if the ID was fake, the scanner wouldn\'t even accept it.

May I ask where are you heading The staff inquired after not finding fault with the ID.

On a classified mission. Felix asked, Want me to tell you its details

Nononono! The staff member shook his extended hands vehemently.

He wasn\'t that retarded to dig this deep since he would be placed in big trouble if the superiors got wind of this.

However, that suspicious feeling refused to go away.

For staff to get hired in this position, it only meant that their intuition needs to be on point to keep the base safe.

When Felix saw that he was still not getting permission to leave, he knew that he needed to make the first move.

Is there a problem Felix spoke while eying the staff coldly.

He released a bit of pressure on the staff to remove any idea that he had about messing with him.

The card was legit and anything that the staff does next would be considered as a direct provocation to Felix who\'s now a real soldier.

The staff clearly wanted none of this in his life.

He hastily stamped the ID with green light and said with a forced polite smile.

No, no problem, you can head out.

Felix gave him a slight head nod and walked outside of the base.

Knowing that he was still being watched, Felix stayed in character as he walked further and further away. 

When he finally got out of the staff\'s sight and checked with his infrared vision that no one was nearby, he removed the mask from his face and beamed another one.

After placing it on his face, he pointed his bracelet on it and the mask began to morph and change color by itself.

It took it less than 3 seconds before Felix had received a brand new face!

This time, he appeared like an average male who would be ignored even if he was the only one standing in the room.

To add to that averageness feeling, Felix had changed his clothes entirely and wore a backpack.

It entailed that he was poor enough to not own the cheapest spatial card that costs a couple of millions.

Then, he rejoined the busy pedestrians and walked to the taxi station.

\'Next destination, the spaceport.\' Felix smirked faintly as he merged within the crowd.


three hours later...

Felix was sitting in the dark deviant\'s cockpit.

He was just in the process of removing the facial disguise.

The moment he ripped it away, he massaged his face while complaining, Having it for three hours straight sure turned my face as hard as a rock.

\'More like as hard as your brain.\' Asna started nagging again, \'If you weren\'t that stubborn, you would have agreed on Dalilia\'s offer and let a fleet escort you instead of wasting three hours in that dreadful spaceport.\'

\'Three hours isn\'t that bad compared to what I experienced in my previous life.\' Felix shrugged his shoulders carelessly.

If Dalilia didn\'t give him permission to go inside the spaceport from the \'backdoor\', he would have actually wasted more than five hours just to wait for his turn to enter it.

Then, spend a couple of hours more in a queue for the space elevator.

When he reached the space station, he would be required to wait yet again for an empty docking place for his spaceship to connect with the space station.

So three hours was truly bearable.

Now that he was in his spaceship, he felt that everything he did was worth it.

He was on his way to his squad while his enemies were still camping the castle and the campus like morons.

Only when the moles fail to see Felix in the upcoming days would they notify their superiors.

When the witches began talking about Felix\'s absence in the classes, that\'s when the superiors would realize that something was off.

Alas, realizing something was off and knowing what it was, were two different matters.

You better attend the UVR\'s classes at least. Lady Sphinx suddenly warned, After you return from the ruins, you will immediately consume everything and enter another slumber that would last until the exams passed.

So, better make sure to prepare in your journey.

Will do. Felix ensured.

Lady Sphinx had already spoken with the headmistress and informed her about Felix\'s absence.

Since he wouldn\'t be on a mission, he had been given permission to rely either on the ghosting feature for the history and theoretical classes while using the UVR for his practical classes.

Just like that, Felix would still be attending the classes while being millions of light-years away.

This special permission wasn\'t given to everyone so the witches would remain inside the campus.

An environment built specifically to enhance their learning in real life instead of making everything virtual.

Soon, the Dark Deviant passed through the last custom checkpoint.

Upon seeing the infinite darkness before him, Felix beamed ten sealed containers and opened them up.

They weren\'t filled with food but actually C-grade natural treasures from different affinities.

He opened them up and began wolfing down one by one until nothing remained.

He simply felt like he was filled but not bloated, making him understand that he was still far from reaching the 2nd mark.

\'It will happen soon, very soon.\' He smiled faintly and left the cockpit, heading towards his room.

When he entered the VR Pod, he requested the Queen to take him towards the closest VIP wormhole, leading to the wormhole expressway that was connected with the Guardian Empire!

The journey wouldn\'t be as long as the last time due to the location of the ruins being only a couple of days away from another VIP wormhole.

The moment Felix was notified that the spaceship was going at the speed of light, Felix contacted Fatty Bodidi.

In exactly 16 days later, I want you to be near the Guardian Empire\'s main VIP wormhole that\'s connected with the witch empire. Felix stressed with a solemn tone, Understood

I will charge you 100k SC for each hour that you are late. Fatty Bodidi said with a wicked laugh.

Fine, just get it done. Felix hung up on him, not wanting to waste bickering over a couple of hundred thousand.

Then, he wore his academy outfit and started preparing for a practical class while concocting some bull** excuse to feed the girls why he wouldn\'t be attending the classes in real life.

How about I tell them my grandfather died and I am busy preparing his funeral to leave my room Felix scratched his chin at the thought.

Meanwhile, in a pizzeria restaurant in the UVR, Robert suddenly sneezed out of nowhere and looked at the staff warily, \'Which bastard wants me dead\'

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