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Cut the soapy bull** and use everything you have to fly to the pyramid\'s peak right now! Jones, Nicci leave as well!

Before they could try and understand what he meant, they saw Felix\'s body get consumed inside a massive pitch-black cloud!

Corruption Inducement was used!


The kingly guardian was shocked since Felix had clearly shown signs of elemental exhaustion.

Even if he didn\'t, the kingly guardian firmly believed that Felix\'s energy shouldn\'t be infinite to the point he could go all out against his minions then him!

Alas, what he didn\'t know was that Felix always kept holding high-graded poison stones tightly in his palms!

While he was absorbing them, Asna was immediately purifying the energy and storing it away!

This was the emergency method that he thought of with Asna.

He was glad that it came in handy by giving him just enough to finish this battle!


Felix didn\'t give the kingly guardian time to remain shocked for long as he flew like the wind towards his head!

When Felix reached his face, the pitch-black cloud morphed into a gigantic widescreen that blocked the kingly guardian\'s vision from the pyramid\'s peak completely!!!

The instant Malak and the rest saw this, their faces brightened up akin to a kid getting a PS5 as a gift on his birthday!


Malak screamed in excitement as she unfolded her magnificent blue flaming wings and took off like a rocket towards the exit!

Malissa followed after her tightly while Erik surfed on a self-created wind gale that led to the top!

However, the moment they crossed the half-line, Felix yelled out a warning, DOODGE!!!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!!

All three of them instantly made a sharp curve to the sides before Felix\'s voice could even echo once!

Their superb reflex and trust in Felix\'s shotcalling allowed them to successfully evade two laser beams that were aimed right at the peak\'s exit!!

We did it! Erik yelled in excitement as he continued surfing to the exit, knowing full well that the guardian could not shoot another laser before they get out!

Just as he anticipated, all three of them wheezed right through the hole without any hindrance, joining Nicci and Jones!

Yu littl bastrds!! The kingly guardian howled in fury and humiliation at the sight after the poison blockage got evaporated!

He didn\'t dare to believe that he actually allowed three rats to escape from the hall after awakening him.

For a proud spirit belonging to the right arm of the ruins\' owner, such a failure was enough to set his heart ablaze and lose his composure.

However, the moment he saw that Felix was still lagging behind, all of those emotions were stiffened, making him regain control of himself.

After all, he didn\'t forget that his main target wasn\'t to kill them all but to retrieve the pitch-black cube.

Knowing that Felix could evade his laser beams easily with his monstrous speed, he decided to get physical by sending out his right arm rapidly at him!

Alas, he soon realized that Felix was out of his reach due to him being in a kneeling position!

So thts wy!

Only then did he figure out that Felix\'s sole purpose of breaking his ankle wasn\'t to create an opportunity but to simply make him unable to reach the pyramid\'s exit physically!

The moment Felix saw the size of the kingly guardian, he knew that it was possible for him to use his long arm and block the exit with it.

The moment he did so, it would be truly over for them unless they were able to break his arm into two!

Felix understood that the kingly guardian was a proud being who was underestimating them and was easily controlled by his emotions due to two reasons.

The majestic chair and being prisoned for such a long time!

So, he aimed to fool the kingly guardian by making him believe that he was simply desperate to break his ankle to create a surprise escape during his fall.

But in reality, his main plan was to blind him while his arm could never reach the exit ever again! 

All of this planning and acting was to make sure that his squad could escape safely!

Now that they did, Felix had no intentions of remaining behind to entertain the kingly guardian.

Felix was confident of his escape since he had saved a tiny bit of lightning within his body just for this moment!

\'Uhmm Why isn\'t he shooting at me Did he give up That can\'t be.\' 

However, Felix\'s confidence soon turned into confusion after seeing that he was only ten meters away from the exit yet the guardian had yet to fire his last desperate attack.

Before Felix could look behind him to ease his confusion, his entire body had been engulfed in a wave of goosebumps, making his mind frozen from a sensation that he hadn\'t felt for a long time!

Fear of Absolute Death!

The only time he felt this sensation was when he was about to blow his soul to ruin Asna\'s attempt at controlling his body!

Feeling that let him know that there was absolutely no way of survival no matter what he tried to do!

In normal cases, anyone would have already been paralyzed by despair.

But, Felix\'s extensive experience and honed battle senses had allowed him to pull out one last move.

Activate supersonic mode!

The instant his thought process and reflexes got enhanced significantly, Felix turned around with a numbed expression.

What came in his line of view was a scene that would be etched in his mind for eternity...

The kingly guardian\'s entire body was illuminated with a blinding milky white light...From his feet to his head, all the cracks on his body were releasing that light at the same time...

When Felix\'s eyes landed on the kingly guardian\'s face, he felt like he could see the same sinister smile that he saw at the time of the kingly guardian\'s awakening.

\'STOP GAWKING LIKE A MORON AND RUUUN!! Asna\'s playful personality was nowhere to be seen as she yelled at Felix with a terror-stricken expression.

Meanwhile, the primogenitors didn\'t say anything as they were still pretty startled about the kingly guardian\'s decision to blow his spirit just to get rid of Felix!

In their eyes, any spirit that had given its consent to pilot a golem only meant that he would rather live as a puppet than die with dignity!

Either that or the spirit willingly piloted a golem out of absolute loyalty to his master!

If it was like this, then the kingly guardian\'s blowing his spirit to honor his master\'s wish wasn\'t too farfetched.

Meanwhile, Felix\'s survival reflexes finally kicked in after hearing Asna\'s terrified voice, making him force his wings to flap as fast as he could!

His numbed expression had already been changed to a deranged look.


Due to his sudden burst in speed, he finally managed to cross over the other side!

He could see that the hole was crumbling because of Nicci and Jones\' escape with Malak and the rest.

Yet, Felix didn\'t even flinch as he kept bursting through the sand and rubble akin to a drill!

Just as he was about to pierce through everything and be welcomed with open arms by the clear beautiful blue sky, the awaited explosion had finally occurred within the hall...


No sound was heard but Felix instantly knew that it happened since half of his body had been instantly consumed by a wide triangle-like pillar of light...He felt absolutely no pain or discomfort.

Even when his eyes had been burnt to a crisp by the mere brightness of the light.

If he could still see, he would have been awed by the light pillar that had pierced the sky and reached space.

A moment later...BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

The concentrated explosion noise and shockwave had finally caught up, rupturing Felix\'s eardrums and hurling him hundreds of meters away from the light pillar.

But Felix didn\'t even feel it since he had already lost consciousness after the light pillar consumed his heart plus everything on the left side.

Only his head and his right side were left somewhat intact...

If it wasn\'t for the pyramid being built with Strucrase material, it would have been blown apart by the force, resulting in Felix getting caught in the real explosion so as Malak and the rest.

They were lucky to put enough distance from the light pillar, unlike Felix...


After a short while, Felix\'s gruesome corpse finally landed on a sand dune, resulting in the creation of a giant sand cloud.

The momentum of his fall was too strong he ended up getting buried a few meters within the sand dune.

Even when he was spilling rivers of blood while sand filled his organs from his wounds, he didn\'t even quiver...

How could a dead corpse with no heart quiver

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