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Felix stopped thinking about those eerie lifeforms and threw a weird question, Why aren\'t you partnering up with the Half-Serpent Race to create a similar inducement as mine or something like that

Felix realized that if materials made out of laws were useless against the dark substance then it was possible to simply rely on other races to solve this issue for the witches.

After all, a witch could sign a partnership contract with a Half-Serpent and he would be responsible for slowing the dark substance\'s march while the witch focuses on the concoction.

From your perspective, it\'s only logical to ask for help if we reached a dead-end. Queen Allura sighed, But, you forgot to mention that the witches have pride that rivals Dragons.

They will never accept help in their concoction from another race publicly.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at her reasoning but he couldn\'t find fault with it.

He already knew that witches were too proud before he even attended the academy.

The lases in the Academy have their pride reigned in by the teachers since they can always scold them and correct their mistakes. Queen Allura said, However, for senior witches, who started working as potioneers, their pride would keep growing each day they see how their potions are being fought for and the hundreds of people waiting in queue to get a potion of their making.

Felix realized that she was right.

Master Witches were treated with respect by even kings and emperors.

As for Grandmasters and Sages

They were literally being worshipped and protected like some rare species.

Even Elder Dragons have nothing to hold against them since those Sages could move armies of foreign races with a wave of a hand.

Just a single promise to concoction a three-star rank 5 potion would do the trick.

So, how could those witches allow other races to help them in potion concoction publicly

\'If they can\'t do so publicly, they still can do it privately.\' Felix\'s eyes widened as he reached a shocking conclusion.

Seeing his reaction made Queen Allura chuckle faintly, A bit shameless right

Not really. Felix shrugged his shoulders, If both parties agreed to the terms of the contract, there is no shame in it.

In other meaning, Felix felt that if both parties were benefitting from the experience, then it was acceptable.

The witches receive a boost in concoction while keeping their reputation intact while the helping party receives a percentage of the profit from the concoction in secret.

You sure are interesting to think of it this way. Queen Allura raised an eyebrow in surprise.

Unbeknownst to her, Felix thought like that because he was also in the same situation.

All of his achievements wouldn\'t be possible without Asna and the primogenitors\' help.

Yet, they remain hidden in the shadows.

So, he simply didn\'t want to be hypocritical about himself.

Ring Ring!

Excuse me, it\'s the Headmistress probably calling in regards to my graduation. Felix apologized as he silenced his AP bracelet.

He was already told by Lady Sphinx that she spoke with the Headmistress about his graduation process.

Graduation You leaving already Curious, Queen Allura inquired.

Yes, I will be leaving tonight actually. Felix replied.

I hope it\'s not about the treatment in the Academy. She asked with a serious look, appearing like she was going to make a huge mess if he said yes.

It was annoying but I am not leaving because of it. Felix answered truthfully, Master will be teaching me personally so I felt that it was going to be a waste of time to stay in the Academy at the same time.

Upon hearing so, Queen Allura showed Felix a sympathetic gaze and patted his shoulders, Hang in there little junior.

Then, she turned around and disintegrated into light particles, leaving Felix standing there all alone in a chilly breeze.

Is it really that bad

Felix gulped nervously after realizing that even a Queen of an Empire found it tough under Lady Sphinx\'s tutelage.

Alas, there was no going back anymore.

Lady Sphinx was already sharpening her ruler for him...


Half an hour later, Felix could be seen sitting at the Headmistress\'s office with one leg above the other.

I hope that my graduation announcement could be delayed until I am safely far away from the planet. Felix requested.

The Headmistress nodded her head calmly and asked, Any other requests

While she might seem calm, she was pretty much holding herself from screaming in delight.

She never thought that she would be getting rid of Felix so soon.

Especially after what he had done in the exams and the consequences of it!

Only 8 hours had gone by and Felix was already being proclaimed online as the most talented potioneer in history!

Hell, most people started to believe that potion-making was actually easy and if they were given a chance like Felix, they would have surpassed the witches as well.

Those comments were pretty ignorant and stupid but they really pushed the witches\' buttons.

The Headmistress couldn\'t help but feel scared at what was about to happen in the upcoming exams if he had kept pulling ** like this.

So, she was happy to accept his requests as long as he leaves.

Alas, Felix\'s second request couldn\'t help but leave her stomped.

I want my achievements to be noted down in the hall of fame just like any other student. Felix smiled innocently, I believe I desire as much, don\'t you think

\'This little!\' The Headmistress\'s delight ended up changing to anger just as quickly.

Felix could see that he pissed her off but he didn\'t care about it.

When he first entered the Academy, he saw that the hall of fame was filled with medals, cups, pictures, and achievements far lesser than his.

Naturally, this wasn\'t including the alumni potioneers who were glorified in the hall of fame after getting promoted to Grandmasters or Sages.

Still, if Felix didn\'t say anything and left, it would be the same as he never attended the Academy.

If the Administration wasn\'t going to do it, then he would push even harder for it to happen.

He was a confrontational person after all.

I can\'t allow that, change to another request. The Headmistress denied sternly.

\'Allow it.\'

Before Felix could even respond, Lady Sphinx ordered the Headmistress without a change of expression.

The Headmistress\'s expression got slightly ugly after hearing her order.

Although Felix didn\'t hear it, he knew that Lady Sphinx had made a move.


\'But\' Lady Sphinx released a tiny bit of her pressure from the Headmistress\'s mind, making her freeze immediately in her place.

\'It seems like you have forgotten your purpose as a Headmistress.\' Lady Sphinx reprimands her, \'Your job is not to please the students and protect the Royal Academy\'s reputation but to help young witches reach their full potential before graduation.\'

\'How can you achieve so when you actively trying to hide a good source of motivation for their progress\' Lady Sphinx released her terrifying pressure and said one last time, \'Make sure to have his achievement decorated as much as possible.

I want every witch to feel burning in her chest by the mere sight of it.\'

This was Lady Sphinx\'s entire purpose of having Felix score high marks in the semesters.

If it could be done by having his achievement highlighted, then she had no issue with it.

\'I apologize for being shortsighted.\' The Headmistress lowered her head and ensured, \'I will make it happen immediately.\'

The Headmistress lifted her head and said to Felix, I accept your requests.

You can leave now.

Thank you. Felix smiled faintly then left the office.

He didn\'t know what Lady Sphinx said to convince her and he wasn\'t interested in hearing about it.

As long as his name and picture remain in the Academy to piss off those flowers, he was more than satisfied.

\'Shameless as always.\' Asna rolled her eyes at his true purpose.


After he exited the Headmistress\'s office, Felix walked through the campus with hands in his pockets.

He wanted to walk slowly towards the entrance and enjoy the chilly breeze and view one last time.

As he walked peacefully, the witches kept pointing at him from afar while those nearby kept cursing him either softly or loud enough he could hear them.

However, no matter what they said it didn\'t affect Felix\'s good mood one bit.

\'Let\'s see how vocal you will be tomorrow.\'

Cheerful, He hummed a tune as he continued walking.

Before long, he reached the entrance and saw that the escort crew was already waiting for him.

Felix turned around one last time and gave one giant middle finger to the Academy!

He aimed it especially at the main faculty, where the administration resides.

With one glorious smile and a middle finger pointed at the Academy, Felix set foot inside the hovercar and flew far away...

He might return to the Academy in the far future, but for now It was time to seek opportunities in other places!

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