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Come on, cheer with me, Flame Bearer! Flame Bearer! Felix cheered loudly with his hands up in the air, leaving his fans a bit confused.

Do it! leader Emma, who knew Felix\'s shameless personality, didn\'t hesitate to order his fans to repeat after him.

Flame Bearer!....Flame Bearer!...Flame Bearer!

In a few moments, Flame Bearer\'s name was being resounded throughout the entire stadium due to Felix\'s fans.

This happened only because every club leader was left f*cking confused by the situation.

Hell, even Flame Bearers fans were left speechless.

Although his name was being resounded thunderously, giving him the attention that he desired, Flame Bearer didn\'t enjoy it even a little bit.

He only felt like he was being humiliated publicly every time his name was mentioned.

Yet, he had no idea how to react to the situation.

Happy now little dragon-ling Felix smiled charmingly as he eyed Flame Bearer\'s stunned expression.

You! How dare you treat me like this!

Crimson fire began to manifest on Flame Bearer\'s shoulders and hair, forcing the players to take a step away from him.

The heat he kept releasing wasn\'t a joke in the slightest.

Yet, Felix didn\'t hesitate to keep antagonizing Flame Bearer, You seem pissed Wasn\'t that enough Should the entire stadium call out your name so your little ego can finally be sated

His words were sure taking effect as Flame Bearer started to huff like a wild bull while his entire body began transforming.

However, before he could finish, Letomar appeared out of nowhere and spoke calmly beside his ears, If you won\'t calm down now, I will be forced to eliminate you early.

The moment he heard so, Flame Bearer\'s sanity began to return bit by bit.

\'I can\'t get myself eliminated shamefully like this because of a lowlife.\'

Flame Bearer clutched his heart as he started taking deep breaths with his eyes closed shut, not wanting to even peek at Felix right now.

He knew that he was going to lose it and strike him if he saw his smug smile.

In a few moments, Flame Bearer\'s size started to return to normal while his Dragon features began to withdraw slowly.

\'Tsk, that was close.\' Felix shrugged his shoulders and walked away with his hands in his pockets.

He saw an opportunity to get rid of Flame Bearer and took it.

Unfortunately, Flame Bearer had a little bit of restraint compared to some of his brothers and sisters, who lose their ** the instant they get offended by someone lesser than them. 

\'Still, I managed to trigger him deeply.\' Felix smirked as he glanced at Flame Bearer\'s murderous eyes, \'Now, to vent his anger, he will attack anyone he met in the maze.\'

Felix sure loved trolling him but he did it with a clear purpose of taking advantage of his low status to attack him.

If anyone else in the game did so, Flame Bearer wouldn\'t have gotten so pissed since their racial status was considered just as high as him.

It sounds f*cked up but that was how Dragon-lings behaved, making them disliked by most races.

For your champion to play such petty tricks right from the start, is he ready to fight them Wendigo scoffed at Thor and Jörmungandr.

I have to disagree with you on this one brother Wendigo. Erebus complemented Felix, I am liking his attitude.

He makes sure to take advantage of every little opportunity to bring down his enemies.

Indeed, I would rather have my champions act like this more instead of fighting based on their whims. Cherufe nodded in agreement.

Upon seeing that Wendigo\'s remark had backfired, Saurous quickly changed the subject by mentioning, The interviews are over for Siren and Kumiho\'s game.

The primogenitors swiftly dropped the subject and focused on the game between those two beauties.

Meanwhile, Felix had already finished his short interview after making sure to sponsor his clothing brand.

The brand numbers were picking up with each victory he achieves, making him earn billions of coins from selling clothes, shoes, and hats that were related to him.

Before long, the interview segment was concluded without any other fanfare.

Letomar teleported back to his commentary station and placed the mic on the holder.

Then, he sat down and announced, Let the game begin!

Felix and the rest were instantly teleported above the maze that was concealed in a massive cloud of fog.

Felix looked below him and realized that he was 100 meters above the western side of the map.

When he surveyed his sides, he noticed that players were censored.

This was common practice in platinum games and above to keep the game as fair as possible.

Especially, when the numbers of players were too few and it was possible for players from the race to land in the same game.

Felix squinted his eyes at the fog, knowing that it wasn\'t going to be removed so soon like in his previous maze game.

That\'s because almost every player here had enough resources and network to get their hands on a temporary perfect memory potion.

If they were allowed to scan the entire maze from above, it would defy the purpose of placing them in a maze in the first place.

As he expected, the moment the countdown reached zero and the players were released, the fog remained to hide the maze\'s lines from everyone!

However, when everyone crossed the 20 meters mark, the fog began to disappear, revealing a massive complex maze.

There were some wide opened long paths and others that were completely closed off by tens of giant Brown Boxes!

There were way too many intersections, making it possible for a bomb to affect multiple boxes in other directions.

The metallic walls were the only things that remained constant throughout the maze.


In a short moment, Felix landed on the ground without breaking a sweat.

However, his expression didn\'t seem too pleased.

That\'s because he managed to memorize only a few paths before his vision was blocked by the walls.

He couldn\'t even use his supersonic mode since all abilities were banned before touching the ground.

\'Asna how much did you memorize\' He asked.

\'I memorized almost half the western area.\' Asna replied lazily.

\'Good job.\' Felix\'s eyelids twitched at the sound of that.

He didn\'t know if he should feel happy or annoyed that even with his perfect memory and quick reasoning, he still didn\'t come close to hers.

Asna\'s vision of the world was completely different than his after all.

Knowing that he didn\'t have time to mope around, Felix opened his inventory and picked out a square-shaped small black box.

He pressed on a button and saw a timer appear on all of its surfaces.

\'Queen set the timer to 3 seconds for now.\' Felix requested as he placed the box in his pockets.

It was possible to use the Queen instead of relying on the button to time the bomb.

This was allowed since the battles happen so fast and it would be detrimental for the players if they were forced to waste precious time to click a button continuously.

\'Infra-Ray vision activate.\'

Felix\'s triangle-like pupils turned semi-red and white as he started observing the area around him.

As Letomar mentioned, his vision was blocked at 35 meters sharp.

This made it hard to scout through multiple brown boxes and walls since they were exceedingly thick.

\'Asna, show me the closest way to the center.\' Felix requested while cracking his neck twice.

\'Head straight for now.

You will need to blow up two boxes.\'

Felix listened to her and walked towards a giant forty meters brown box.

It was blocking his path completely, making him attach a bomb in its center.

When he looked through the box, he saw no outline for a treasure chest.

\'Hopefully, I luck out soon on a treasure chest.\'

Felix retreated from the brown box and hid behind a wall. 



The brown box immediately got blown away to smithereens, hurling dangerous fragments everywhere!

Some fragments were as big as a boulder, making Felix withdraw his head swiftly for protection.

After waiting until the smoke cleared out, Felix emerged and walked towards the explosion zone.

He avoided the remains of the box and continued on his way until he faced another box blocking his path.

Just as he planned on placing another bomb, a symphony of explosions started resounding boomingly in the maze!

Felix listened carefully to the sources and realized that an explosion had occurred quite nearby him!

What\'s worse, it was coming from the front, making him understand that he might end up facing another player.

\'Just great.\'

Felix placed the bomb on the box and walked away with an irritated expression.

He knew that his position was exposed to another player through his first bombing.

He wanted to avoid getting into early battles like those since he wouldn\'t get anything from them.

Everyone had just started making it obvious that no one had a good inventory of bombs.

This meant, if he fought and won, he would merely get a couple of hundreds of game points and the remaining weak bombs if he had any left.


\'Asna give me all the information you have about the pathings.\' Felix narrowed his eyes at the long-empty path and said, \'I need to make an escape route immediately.\'

\'Sure.\' Asna agreed and started recreating her memorized complex grid of the western side of the maze.

Felix kept registering everything she said while he sprinted forward.

With his perfect memory and enhanced reasoning, he wouldn\'t have an issue visualizing her version of the maze.

Sure enough, when he reached the end of the path, he didn\'t require her to guide him anymore.

He knew what was behind the brown box in front of him and the paths connecting to it.

This was hundred times much better than having Asna guide him since he could see the bigger picture and plan.


Out of nowhere, Felix\'s ears were rocked from an explosion that was so near, he saw a few fragments of the box flying in the air!

With a quick calculation by using the maze visualization, Felix concluded that the player was only fifty meters away from him!

What\'s worse, he was heading in his direction!

\'Who is this retard\' Felix hardened his expression as he hid behind a wall.

He understood that players might not have the same visualization of the map as him but they could still memorize a general direction towards the center.

What this player was doing was going in the exact opposite direction to the center!

It only meant that he was either brain dead or targeting Felix!

Either way, he was f*cking dumb for doing so!

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