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\'Unfortunately, he is not lying.\' Disfigured Beauty supported, \'I was there when I saw him teleport from his position to another faster than the blink of an eye.\'

\'I didn\'t see exactly how he did it but I believe that he had utilized lightning transmutation.\' Bloodrites added.

Some players agreed with his notion as they had watched Diamond gamers and saw that lightning Elementalists were capable of teleportations by turning themselves into electricity and moving through conductors.

The most famous style was using wires just like Felix.

\'So, we need to bombard the gate with destructive abilities the moment we notice that he was about to throw something\' Bloodlust inquired.


Disfigured Beauty agreed as she kept her eyes affixed on Felix while having her arrows already ready for launch.

\'No wonder you keep looking at him only.\' 

The players chuckled nervously after realizing that Felix would have already won the game if Disfigured Beauty wasn\'t keeping him in check.

Felix was extremely irritated by her attention but he never showed it on his expression.

If it wasn\'t for her, he would have hurled a bomb to the gate while having a wire attached to it.

Then, teleport next to the gate easily and win the game.

Too bad, with Disfigured Beauty\'s unconditional attention, the moment he did so, she would use destructive abilities to cut off the wire!

Since only items made out of common material were allowed in the games, his wire would snap immediately.

\'Prepare yourself.\' Felix informed Pengfu with an expressionless face as he took a quick glance at Battlegod Orca and Hebra.

Although his primary plan was ruined, Felix had already moved to plan B.

Maan, when are they going to fight already.

I really hope they don\'t stay like this for hours, I have a job to attend.

F*cking pussies! Orca and Hebra are ten times braver than them!

Unbeknownst to the frustrated viewers, a mega alliance had already been set and the plan to take down Felix and Pengfu was coming to an end.

\'Everyone knows their part in the plan\'

Disfigured Beauty\'s asked as she narrowed her eyes at Felix after spotting a slight movement inside his pockets.

She didn\'t know what he was doing with his hands and she didn\'t want to find out now after already erecting a good plan.

So, she told everyone to move at three.

\'Three, two....O...\'

Argh! My lower back!

F*ck, this hurts.

Out of nowhere, two pained growls echoed in the silent open field, attracting everyone\'s attention to the source instinctively.

It turned out to be Hebra and Battlegod Orca had just regained their consciousness at the same time!

They actually recovered from those serious wounds that should have been more than enough to keep someone in bed for months!


Before Disfigured Beauty and the rest of the players could react to this sudden variable, chills coursed on their spine after they heard the familiar noise of electricity raging!


Disfigured Beauty didn\'t even turn her head to Felix before she shooted three arrows at the gate!!

The moment they reached it, they exploded and turned into hundreds of sharp little leaves, storming the gate and its surroundings!

When Disfigured Beauty finally turned to the gate, she saw that her leave daggers had managed to hit nothing!

\'It can\'t be!\' Bewildered, Disfigured Beauty looked at Felix\'s previous position and realized that he was gone with Pengfu!

She thought that Felix would have taken advantage of their slight distraction to send a wire at the gate and teleport to it.

That\'s why she used her external manipulation to change the shape of her green arrows into those sharp daggers, so she would have a higher chance of cutting off the wire before he teleports!

But in reality...

\'Help! They are on us!\'

Felix and Pengfu had actually targeted the nearest players to them...Bloodlust and Murkseeker!

The viewers were jolted from their boredness at the sight of Felix and Pengfu going all out on those two!

What\'s going on!! Why did Landlord and Pengfu make the first move on players instead of on the gate! Letomar was just as startled as the other players, who had no idea what to do now.

The plan they worked hard for to ambush Felix was totally ruined, making them confused about their next move!

\'F*cking hell! Help us already!\' Murkseeker bowled furiously while getting absolutely owned by Pengfu.

He was a water Elementalist from the fishermen\'s race, making him excel in crowd control and defense.

However, his water abilities were almost useless against Pengfu as he shielded himself with a skin-tight barrier.

This protected him from getting touched by water as he kept striking down on Murkseeker with fists made out of neutral energy!

Still, his condition was actually much better than Bloodlust, who got struck right in his chest by Thor\'s Ordnance while he was distracted before!

Thor\'s Ordnance sure was useless against Flame Bearer due to his Dragon scales but against vampires

It created a gaping bloody hole in Bloodlust\'s chest immediately!

Felix took advantage of his successful ambush and started pressuring Bloodlust upclose with his Electrical Field, forcing him to continue retreating inside the path behind him!

Murkseeker was in the same boat.

It didn\'t take even a few seconds before the four of them disappeared from the center of the maze under the bewildered looks of the viewers and the players.

What\'s going on here Battlegod Orca murmured to himself while fixing his dislocated shoulder casually.

He thought that the game or his life would have been over after he lost consciousness.

Yet, the moment he woke up, he was met with this image of players frozen in their places while some were fighting away from the exit.

The ** was too confusing for his brain!

F**ck! They must have figured out our alliance!! Nero cursed out loud with veins popping on his forehead.

He didn\'t know how they found out about their alliance but he was certain about his guess.

After all, nothing could explain Felix and Pengfu\'s trust in them to not aim for the exit while they were isolating Bloodlust and Murkseeker away from them!

If they knew about their alliance, it was to be expected that a condition must be met before the contract gets voided, allowing them to enter the maze\'s exit!

It was obvious that the only reason why a mega alliance would be erected was to get rid of the most dangerous player in the game...In this case, Felix with his nuke!

\'This is the only plausible explanation.\' Bloodrites agreed with a twisted expression, feeling infatuated about being played twice in a row by them!

While most viewers were still ignorant about the current development, Letomar was smart enough to reach this conclusion just like the other players due to his experience as a veteran player!

Especially, when he heard Nero\'s out loud burst about their alliance, helping him clear all the fog!

I don\'t know if Landlord or Pengfu had planned this but whoever did it truly is a mastermind! Letomar commentated in admiration, They even timed their move with Battlegod Orca and Hebra gaining consciousness since they knew that the players would be in a disarray whether to chase after them or protect the gate from those two variables!

In addition! The alliance was probably built on the premise of killing Landlord! This meant, no one is going to accept staying away from the gate and go hunt them down!

Sure enough, the players\' lack of movement was because they were worried that the moment they kill Felix, they would be too far from the exit, unlike their allies who were left to protect the exit from Battlegod Orca and Hebra!

Since the contract would be voided the moment he dies, their allies would have no reason to wait for them to arrive!

So, it might seem like the players were idiots for not taking advantage of the opportunity to hunt down Felix, but in reality, they knew exactly what they were doing!

Hahahaha!!! My boy really grabbed them by the balls with a single move! Thor laughed loudly while clapping his hands in delight.

I have to admit that his move is truly brilliant...However. Aspidochelone smiled, The players have already found the best way to counter it.

Sure enough, Disfigured Beauty and the rest all pointed their abilities at Hebra and Battlegod Orca and threatened with a cold voice, Either join us or die.

Huh Battlegod Orca and Hebra took a step back in shock after seeing that they were being cornered against the wall by everyone.

SPEAK! YES OR NO! Bloodrites yelled at them after hearing another distressed call from Murkseeker.

Time was out of the essence!

He knew that if Bloodlust and Murkseeker got eliminated, they would lose track of Felix and Pengfu.

That\'s a horrifying thought since they would be forced to split and chase after them.

Even if they decided to vote and break the Alliance pact, they would be like lamps to be slaughtered by Felix since he could appear at any given moment with his nuke!

That\'s why they didn\'t want to fight it out with Battlegod Orca and Hebra.

With their monstrous defenses, it would take a lot of time to eliminate them.

Yes, yes, yes. Hebra was the first to nod his head at their suggestion.

Battlegod Orca agreed after him, knowing that it was the smartest decision if he didn\'t want to lose his life.

After they signed the contract, Disfigured Beauty lowered her bow as she asked telepathically, \'Murkseeker, Bloodlust, you guys are good\'

\'Noooo!! I surrender!\'

Alas, the only response she received was a monotonous cry delivered by the Queen.

Before Disfigured Beauty could respond, a chilling notification was sent to every player in the alliance.

-Alliance member Bloodlust has been eliminated!-

A moment later, a second notification followed before the players could regain their wits.

-Alliance member Murkseeker has been eliminated!-

The players looked at each other with widened eyes, not daring to believe the notifications.

Two veteran platinum rank players fell within a couple of seconds

What kind of sorcery is this! They all thought with dumbfounded expressions.

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