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Dumbfounded, Felix gapped at his reflection in the mirror, finding it hard to believe that his appearance changed this much.

After all, his entire face went into heavy reform due to awakening.

First, his eyes that mutated into a dark violet serpent eyes.

Then his facial skin color turned even paler without a single blemish on its pores, making his skin appear cleaner and smoother.

This combination plus his unique breathtaking hair could make any passerby turned around at least three times, to check how one could be this handsome without any plastic surgery.

If the rest of his facial parts didn\'t remain the same, no one would have been able to recognize him anymore.

Not even his Grandfather.

He truly received an upgrade!

Yet, Felix only sighed in helplessness after seeing his face in the reflection.

It was bad before that women feel ashamed to approach me due to my handsome looks.

But now it is even worse.

With my new look, no girl would dare hit on me.

Maybe I should disfigure myself to give them a chance I don\'t want to stay single for two lives.

That\'s too humiliating. He murmured under his breath while touching his smooth cheek.

\'Whatever, I\'m used to living a dog life.\' Disappointed, he shook his head and left the bathroom with lonesome back.

\'Shameless bastard.\' Asna murmured in her sleep unconsciously.

He truly deserved to be cursed, as the f*cker already forgot that Leila confessed to him, just to be rejected by him!

The girls were daring to enter a relationship with him.

But clearly he wasn\'t and kept using those excuses to offset the blame.


15 minutes later, Felix sat in front of the bathroom\'s mirror, cutting his long hair to reach shoulder-length.

After a few moments, he put down the scissor that was in his hand and sized up his new outlook in satisfaction.

Now this is much better.

Suddenly, the green tips of his hair magically turned dark purple again, just like he had them before.

\'Interesting, I thought I would lose them forever after cutting my hair.

But it seems like they will always grow back.\' His eyelids twitched, \'Truly a trashy mutation that gives nothing but bonus points in being a good looking.\'

While others have claws, metal nails, long fangs that could penetrate even steel.

On the other hand, he had a regrowing tips mutation.

\'Whatever, better than nothing I guess.\'

indifferent, he stood up and began cleaning the hair strands on the floor.

After he was done, he washed his hair with shampoo thoroughly.


\'Tomorrow I should call in sick and hide in my room until the end of the month.

So it won\'t be weird if I told them I awakened a day before using a different tier 1 bloodline.\'

He suddenly jolted, as he was walking towards his bed after remembering that he was literary using a primogenitor bloodline while trying to lie about using a tier 1!

There was not a single low tier bloodline that could cover over this massive behemoth.

\'Sigh, the only option is to bull** my way through.\'

Felix knew that only by doing so, could he not get found out, since no matter what he said, they could only believe it for now.

Simply because he was still a newly awakened bloodliner without a single ability.

After all, it was impossible for them to guess his bloodline without seeing all of his 6 abilities together.

Only then could they infer if he lied or told the truth.

Abilities were the ones that defined the bloodline, especially the ultimate ability a bloodliner unlocked during 99% of integration.

The moment this ability gets used, others could limit their guesses to only a few types of beasts that ability belonged to.

For example, the rare tier 2 Poisonous Fanged Cobra that Felix used during his First stage of replacement in his past life, was famously known for having *Deadly Venomous Bite* as the strongest ability one could unlock during 99% integration.

So if one saw him using this ability he could guess what kind of bloodline he was dealing with, and what sort of abilities pool he should expect to face.

But, before using the ultimate ability, it was extremely difficult to guess.

Felix was relaying exactly on this to bull** his way through the family\'s upcoming investigation.


Dejected, Felix held in his hand the AnoMamba bloodline bottle that had 20% of it gone.

He knew that what remained in the bottle now could at most provide him with 3% or 4% extra Jörmungandr bloodline if he was lucky.

\'Whatever, after my cells cool down, I will integrate what remained.

Then resell the bottle in the market.\'

Although it would be at least 30% cheaper, he couldn\'t complain much.

At least he was getting 70% of his coins back.

He clicked on the retrieval button on the spatial card, and the bottle disintegrated into light particles, returning inside the AP Bracelet.

\'Let\'s deal with the gifts now.\' He glanced at the potions and substances he bought as a gifts and tapped on Leila\'s phone number.




Hello Young master, you finally called me! I was worried sick after not hearing from you over the past month. Leila\'s worried voice resounded in the room.

Thank you for your care, Leila.

I am doing just fine. He chuckled, and said, Anyway, I called to ask for updates about the island construction, as well as to inform you that I am sending some gifts for you and jack, plus medicine for Kled\'s recovery. He smiled, I hope you won\'t refuse my gifts.

Young Master, you did not need to bother getting us anything.

We are happy to serve you without rewards.

No need to say more, just accept them as a thank you for all the effort you put on my island. Before she said anything else, he cut her off using an unquestionable tone.

Now don\'t mention this anymore, and give me an update on the island.

A bit flustered, Leila could only accept his gifts without protest.

Since you insist young master, we are honored to accept It. She paused for a second and said.

As for the Island construction, everything is currently heading in the right direction without hiccups.

But we had some problems during your absence.

Oh Since you didn\'t call to inform me about them, I guess they have been resolved properly.


Yes, young master. She confirmed his guess and clarified the issue, It happened during the third day of your absence.

It seemed that engineer Harold was displeased about your decision of giving 10% of the hotel budget to Eddie the airport engineer.

If he was upset, why didn\'t he let a fart when I mentioned it, but only made a move after I left Displeased, He frowned his eyebrows at Harold childish actions.

I thought I hired bold engineers who are not afraid to make their voices heard.

Not this kind of coward.

If Harold complained properly to him, he would have given him either a solution or an explanation without getting pissed.

But now only punishment awaits Harold, it just depended on its severity.

Tell me what did he do

When Eddie came to obtain the resources needed to start the airport construction, Harold bribed one of the warehouse managers to give Eddie the worse batch. She sighed and added, But the true mess only appeared after we discovered that the bribed manager was a man of Eddie! And so the worst batch that was supposed to be sent, turned into being the best ones that were shipped specifically to be used for the Hotel construction.

Then what happened I hope the hotel did not end up with leftovers from precious materials. Black lines were already taking form on his forehead.

No, thankfully Abigail intervened and stopped this farce before it could hurt both projects.

She then scolded them and took the best resources that Eddie stole and returned it to the hotel. She said with admiration.

As expected from Madam Abigail, truly did not disappoint me. Felix\'s black lines eased up a bit at the thought of having Madam Abigail within his staff.

At least, one of them turned to be competent.

Listen well to what you need to do.

First, ask Madam Abigail if she wants to create a new hotel design and take over it.

If she said yes, send Harold home, I don\'t want to work with irresponsible cowards like him.

Second, punish Eddie for lusting over resources he shouldn\'t have touched by deducting 30% of his salary for the next two years. His dreadful slits narrowed, as he gave his orders with frigid tone.

He might tolerate pranks and games, but tricks that could have an everlasting negative effect on his island He wasn\'t that forgiving.

No one was allowed to damage the island that he planned to turn into his main base of operations on Earth.

Anyone who entertained such a thought would be dealt with severely like Harold.

But what if she didn\'t want to take the hotel or Eddie refused to accept the punishment She asked worriedly since she really didn\'t want to affect the current stability.

Simple if Abigail doesn\'t want to redesign the hotel, just reward her with a 50% salary increase for the next two years, and give the redesigning job to Barry.

He probably finished dyeing the seaport. A chuckle couldn\'t help break his frigid face apart after remembering Barry\'s design.

As for Eddie if he dares not to accept the punishment, send him home as well, and find another.

If he made any noise about the illegal use of his design, call the family lawyers to teach him his place.

Felix decided the fate of everyone who participated in the matter in a couple of minutes by single phonecall.

One could only imagine the faces of Harold and Eddie after they hear about this sudden calamity.

That\'s it for now.

You can expect the package to reach next week. He instructed, When you get them, just follow the instruction that will be written on each package to use them properly.

Alright young master, I will handle everything as you asked, have a peace of mind.

Good I never doubted you. He smiled, Now go take care of those rascals.

I will call you later when I am not busy.


Have a nice day, young master.

Soon after, Felix hanged up and tapped on his aunty phone number to inform her of the gift he prepared for her.

\'I hope the everlasting youth potion pleases her.\'


Hi little Felix, I missed you dearly son. Aunt Marry laughed softly and asked, How are you doing in the Family Anyone bullying you

Hello aunty, I missed you as well. He smirked, Hehe, don\'t worry about me being bullied, you should worry about my cousins.

Good, as long as they don\'t bully you.

Never worry about that. He quickly switched the subject, Anyway aunty I called to inform you that you should expect an incoming gift I bought. He asked, Mind telling me your current address I don\'t know which mansion you currently reside in.

My dear, you didn\'t have to bother.

But since you already bought the gift, I can only accept it. Pleased by his thoughtfulness, she informed him of the address.

I currently reside in California mansion.

You know the one besides the beach

Oh yes, my mom took me there to visit you once.

It was really a pleasant memory. Felix said while reminiscing about the short time he spent there with his mom.

That\'s the one dear, I will email you the full address later on.

Good, do that please and when you receive it, just use it based on the instruction on the package.

Hearing you say that really piqued my curiosity.

Tell me what did you send She asked in wonder.

Hehe, not telling, the only thing you need to know is that you will be surprised.

Now I will leave you be, aunty.

Call me when you get it.

And greet Uncle for me.


I can\'t wait to see what you sent.

Goodbye dear and take care of yourself.

Felix immediately hanged up after hearing her reply and isolated the items he planned to gift on the left side of the bed.

So he could ask a servant later to handle the delivery process.

Now that the gifts were dealt with.

The only thing left was to give his grandfather the Longevity Potion.

But Felix decided to hand it over during the awakening of his cousins.

So he could bull** everything at once.

After all, the potion was being sold for almost a million SC.

The difficulty to fool his grandfather and elders about how he managed to obtain that many coins, wasn\'t less than fooling them about his bloodline.

After finally taking care of those minor issues, he lay on his bed and requested.

\'Queen Log me in please.\'


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