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After a couple of hours...

Felix\'s eyelids started quivering slightly.

\'Wakey wakey.\' Asna smiled with a relieved look.

\'How long was I out fo...Huh\'

Felix was forced to close his mouth shut after opening his eyes and seeing nothing but pitch darkness.

\'Why am I blind\' He inquired in confusion as he kept opening and closing his eyes again and again, hoping to be met with a different result.

You are not blind. Lady Sphinx answered as she stared at his forehead, \'You are now looking directly at the void realm.\'

\'What\' Felix was left dumbfounded by her response. 

\'Can\'t you sense something bulging out of your forehead\' Thor chuckled.


The moment Felix heard so, he felt chills coursing on his spine after he sensed a spherical object placed right in the center of his forehead.

Since he couldn\'t see for **, he didn\'t know what it was.

However, after recalling Lord Khaos\'s weird-looking subordinate and the reversed eye in his forehead, Felix had a pretty good guess.

\'You are right.\' Lady Sphinx smiled, \'Congratulation for inheriting Lord Khaos\'s Void Eye.\'

\'It can\'t be...\' In utter disbelief, Felix reached out his finger trying to touch the eye.

However, the moment his finger was about to come in contact with the pupil, his instincts started tingling warning him not to do it.

\'It has no eyelids\' Felix figured out the reason almost immediately.

If it had eyelids, his subconscious would have closed them shut to protect it from direct contact.

Since it didn\'t have them, it was up to his instincts to do the job.

\'If it has no eyelids, how am I supposed to close it\' Felix kept ordering his mind to close it shut but nothing happen.

The world was still just pure darkness all around him.

\'Try to block it with your palm completely and your vision will be restored back to normal.\' Lady Sphinx advised.


Felix did as he was told, not wanting to spend another second glancing at the void realm.

It was too scary even for him.

\'Ohh It\'s all good now.\' Felix was surprised to see that his normal vision was truly restored.

The first thing he noticed was that he was lying in a medical pool.

So, he removed the oxygen mask and requested the Queen to open the glass door.

As he stepped outside of the pool without clothes on him, Felix noticed another new addition.

His hair had grown to a few meters just like always but this time, its appearance had completely dumbfounded him.

His hair was glowing faintly just like Asna\'s gorgeous crimson hair!

The only difference was that Felix\'s hair was now colored with a mixture of blue, pink, purple, and black.

Though, the color purple was most dominant.

Since his hair was glowing faintly and was three meters long, it truly appeared like he was dragging behind him the Milky Way Galaxy.

It was as flamboyant as it could get and Felix had no idea what to do with it.

Can\'t I keep my hair for once...Why do I keep inheriting always a hair mutation. Felix wanted to cry but had no tears.

It matches well with your eyes. Asna giggled at his depression.

Don\'t tell me my eyes also changed

Felix quickly rushed to the bathroom and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

The moment he noticed that his irises had been changed to violet while his pupil remained white, he sighed in relief.

\'Thank god it\'s violet.\' Felix really was scared that it would be pink after he spotted some pinky hair strands in his hair.

Soon, Felix\'s attention was brought back to the void eye on his forehead.

Since he was covering it with his palm, he hadn\'t checked it yet.

\'How am I supposed to see it\' Felix thought to himself.

He knew that the moment he removed his palm, he would be looking at the darkness of the void realm again.

\'Most importantly, why the hell is it more dominant than my truth eyes\'

This truly threw him off at the start.

The fact that his truth eyes were completely overshadowed by his void eye.

In his mind, the truth eyes were supposed to be the best eyes in the universe.

Say what again Lady Sphinx snapped her book shut immediately after hearing his statement.

Cough, I misspo...

Before Felix could apologize over his slip of the tongue, Lady Sphinx corrected his thinking calmy, It\'s only natural that the void eye will dominate your truth eye.

The void eye is the same as the void vision in my truth eyes. Lady Sphinx said, If your mental energy wasn\'t an embarrassment, you wouldn\'t even need to own that eye to see the void realm.

Upon hearing so, Felix recalled that he was still stuck at the 2nd classement of the truth eyes...The Quantum Vision.

In reality, there was still the 3rd classement, Spiritual Vision, 4th classement, Void Vision, 5th classement, Truth Vision, and lastly, even a 6th unknown classement!

So Lady Sphinx was indeed correct, The void eye could never overshadow her eyes if Felix was at a higher classement.

Still, since you have inherited the void eye from Lord Khaos personally.

It won\'t have only the basic functions like my void vision. Lady Sphinx opened her book again as she shared one last time To know what it does fully, ask Lord Khaos personally.

Ask Lord Khaos Felix\'s eyelids twitched, feeling a bit scared about Lord Khaos\'s reaction when he finds out that he had inherited his void eye.

After all, Lord Khaos had demonstrated in their latest meeting that he didn\'t approve of Felix yet.

\'What if I used my infra-ray vision only\' Felix thought.

Instead of thinking too much, Felix went for it, hoping that he would be able to spot his arm through the pitch darkness.

Unfortunately, no heat or bones appeared as he directly stared at his arm.

Not giving up, Felix had used other types of visions, ranging from gamma rays, microwaves, radio waves, ultra infrared vision, and more.

\'Nothing.\' Felix sighed, \'I am truly looking through dimensions.\'

Felix stopped his attempts at last after realizing that nothing could travel through dimensions besides Time itself.

\'Queen, take a picture of me with the bracelet.\' Felix requested as he stared directly in the mirror.

Since he was seeing nothing but darkness, he had to use the bracelet instead of his eyes to take the picture.


After receiving a confirmation, Felix covered the void eye with his palm again.

Then, he brought out the holographic selfie.

\'Huh It looks different than the one I saw on that void creature.\' Felix tilted his head in confusion as he looked at his void eye.

It wasn\'t reversed as he had seen and its irises were wine-colored.

Meanwhile, the pupil resembled a frog\'s rectangle pupil but had a long thin line passing through it.

From afar, it looked like a plus sign \' \'.

Its color was black, matching well with the redness of the irises.

After looking at it for a few seconds, Felix inquired, \'Is this how Lord Khaos\'s eye looks like\'

\'Never seen it before.\'

\'Don\'t know.\'

\'Same, Lord Khaos has never exposed his void eye to other primogenitors.\'

The primos in his mind all expressed their ignorance on the matter.

Felix believed them since he had seen Lord Khaos faceless form before.

Though, he was confident that it would be the same since it would make no sense to inherit a different eye after using his bloodline.

For now, let\'s cover it up. Felix decided to stop asking unanswerable questions and focus on matters at hand.

The first problem he had was covering the eye so it wouldn\'t affect his vision.

However, since it had no eyelids, he knew that he shouldn\'t just cover it with a normal piece of cloth to avoid irritating it.

Thankfully, he had a few nanosuits in his spatial card.

Felix brought out the highest quality nanosuit in his possession and requested the Queen to transform it into a thin black bandana.

Since its size was quite small, the Queen couldn\'t use the entire nanosuit to make it.

It would be way too thick.

So, she used only 30% of the nanobots to make it.

\'looking good.\' Felix complimented as he felt the bandana in his hand.

It was smoother than silk and lighter than a feather.

Without further ado, Felix wore it on his forehead in a gentle manner.

He could sense that the fabric was touching the eye.

Though, it didn\'t hurt him that much due to the materials.

Felix knew that during intense movements, it would start to be a real pain in the ass.

So, he couldn\'t leave it like this.

\'Queen, program the nanobots to always avoid touching my void eye.\' Felix requested.

For Queen AI, this request was nothing too difficult.

She spent less than a millisecond to achieve the intended purpose.

\'Now, it\'s much better.\' Felix smiled in comfort after the fabric was taken off his void eye.

If one looked closer, one would notice that the bandana was slightly bulging from the position of the eye.

The best part about using nanobots as a bandana was the protection involved.

It was like wearing armor for an eye.

Now that he was done with his mutation, Felix brought out scissors and started cutting his hair to a reasonable length.

What a shame, you looked fancy. Asna sighed disappointedly as she watched the Milky Way Galaxy getting destroyed by his barbaric hands.

This hairstyle is already high-profiled enough. Felix\'s eyelids twitched as he stared at his shortened hair glow in the semi-darkened bathroom.

Felix placed the scissors down and pulled his bandana slightly upward to keep his hair standing while also covering his void eye.

To be fair, he actually pulled off the bandana look quite well.

Anyone who sees him wouldn\'t doubt that he was using the bandana for style instead of covering the void eye!

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