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In a while, Felix exited the bathroom after taking a quick shower to get rid of the medicine smell.

While he was within, he had finally noticed that Thor\'s mutation was gone.

His skin had returned to normal without having those tiny holes that helped him absorb lightning.

Sigh, if only I can keep it.

Felix sat on his bed with a bitter smile.

He truly didn\'t want to lose it forever after all the hard work that he had done to master it.

What\'s worse, the moment he loses it, he wouldn\'t be able to enter supersonic mode anymore.

It was truly one hell of a combination with his passive lightning-quick reflexes.

One boosts his speed and the other boosts his reflexes and thinking process, turning him into a god of lightning.

If you etched lightning-quick reflexes as your permanent ability, you are almost guaranteed to get back the mutation. Thor shared.

Really Felix\'s eyebrows rose in surprise.

He always assumed that a mutation could be kept only if one etched an ability that had a direct relation with it.

For example, he didn\'t have a single ability related to his tail mutation.

That ended up in losing it forever.

However, because he had an ability related to Lady Sphinx\'s eyes, he managed to keep them to himself permanently.

That\'s why I said almost. Thor shrugged his shoulders, It\'s not really 100% guaranteed.

So, if I etched lightning-quick reflexes and didn\'t get the mutation, I am pretty much f*cked, right


Upon hearing so, Felix felt like he was in a dilemma.

If he stayed with his original plan and just etched lightning transmutation, he would 100% lose his mutation.

However, if he dared to risk it and attempt to etch lightning-quick reflexes passive, he would have a very high chance of keeping the mutation and the perks that came with it.

Naming a few: he would keep his supersonic mode, his potion concoction wouldn\'t be affected terribly, and he would have a way to absorb lightning back into his body, which could be used again like recycled energy.

There were truly a lot of perks to this mutation and Felix hated giving them away.

F*ck it! Lightning transmutation is a good ability but I can totally do it on my own after a couple of years of hard work.

On the other hand, the mutation will be gone forever if I don\'t try to keep it now.

Felix clapped his hands loudly as he made his decision!

He knew that he would regret it greatly years later when he finally have enough mastery in lightning manipulation to transmute himself without relying on a bloodline ability.

In a bloodline path, the abilities weren\'t the most important assets for him but the permanent mutations of primogenitors.

He would rather risk it now than regret it forever.

Final decision Thor asked sternly.

Yes! Please do it now. Felix nodded his head affirmatively as he sat down on the floor.

As you wish. Thor snapped his finger casually, helping Felix merge the genetics responsible for lightning-quick reflexes passive into his 1% human bloodline.

Before Felix could react, he started feeling irritating itchiness all over his body like a colony of ants were treading on his skin!

Thank god!

Yet, Felix didn\'t seem too annoyed by it.

Instead, he was beyond cheerful since he could sense all of his pores widening up!

The Lightning Absorbers had returned!

Congratulations, kiddo. Thor smirked as he eyed Jörmungandr.

He was clearly taunting him that Felix had a mutation belonging to him while he had none from Jörmungandr.

Well, it couldn\'t be helped.

When Felix awakened with Jörmungandr\'s bloodline, he had used only 1%.

It was a miracle that he had gotten hair and eye mutation.


Jörmungandr didn\'t even bother to reply as he merely gave him a sneaky middle finger, not wanting Lady Sphinx to see it.

Much appreciated elder. Delighted, Felix responded to Thor while controlling his pores to close up without any issue.

He truly didn\'t want to lose this mutation.

Not after everything he had gone through to control it properly.


However, before he could engross himself in happiness, Felix felt like his body didn\'t belong to him.

Everything was different!

From his physical strength, body structure, sudden increase of weight, mental clarity, senses, energy capacity, and more! 

It was such a drastic change, he actually noticed it without trying to do anything!

The hell How much stronger did I get

Felix knew that Thor\'s bloodline enhancement would happen only after the etching process ends.

So, he was expecting to notice some upgrades to his strength, but this

This was a new sensation.

A sensation that made him so confident in his current physical strength he could go head to head with Flame Bearer!

Eager, Felix quickly logged in to the UVR and returned to his private UVR\'s room that was transformed into a massive training gym.

He walked to the machine responsible for calculating one\'s physical strength and tightened his fists a couple of times while taking deep breaths.

The instant he felt that he was ready, Felix punched the pad of the machine as hard as he could!


The Machine was pushed tens of meters back like it was hit by a sledgehammer! Meanwhile, smoke rose from the bent pad after it detached from Felix\'s punch.

It can\'t be...

Felix couldn\'t believe his eyes as he stared at the aftermath of his strike.

He knew that the machine was programmed to handle the strongest recorded punch delivered by a human.

So, anything below it wouldn\'t even budge it!

When Felix zoomed on the red numbers on its screen, he felt his heart skip a beat.

69,447 BF... In utter disbelief, he murmured the calculated results of his punch.

In his previous game, Felix\'s strongest punch would utmost reach 37k BF! So, his physical strength didn\'t just get enhanced but actually doubled!

Felix was stupefied because he knew that the strongest Origin Bloodliner in the history of the human race had reached the limit at 60K BF!

That was considered as the untouchable peak by any human since that Origin Bloodliner had broken through to the Origin Realm by using only the best physical strength-related bloodlines in his path!

Felix had just crossed the 70K mark while still at his 3rd replacement...If other humans knew about it, another shockwave would be sent throughout the entire galaxy.

A 21-year-old young man was currently the strongest human to ever exist when it came to pure physical strength.

Just unreal... Felix was still finding it hard to comprehend such a massive jump in his standing.

He always dreamed about reaching such heights, but he never expected that it would happen so quickly.

I need to test it out. Eager, Felix tightened his fists with inflamed eyes.

\'Queen, make the strongest Origin Bloodliner AI Dummy and set him at the highest difficulty possible!\' Felix requested as he cracked his fingers in excitement.

It was time to face against copies of the strongest humans that ever lived!


Twenty minutes later...

Felix had finished his testing...

He could be seen standing in the center of tens of wrecked broken AI dummies while staring at his fist in an absolute stupor.

Who could blame him

Those AI dummies possessed the peak physical strength of an Origin Bloodliner and they were set at extreme difficulty!

Yet, he still destroyed tens of them like it was a walk in the park!

It was now confirmed that Felix could be considered as the strongest human in existence when it came to pure physical strength!

This is too uncanny.

In his mind, Felix always believed that he would not possess enough strength to beat them until a few years later.

That\'s because Origin Bloodliners\' strengths vary from one to another based on their Bloodline Path.

For example, an Origin Bloodliner who used only rare/epic bloodlines from his awakening to his 6th stage of replacement would be extremely weaker when compared to an Origin Bloodliner who used higher-ranked bloodlines.

It\'s like the bloodlines\' rarity was the foundation to a better enhancement during the breakthrough to Origin Realm.

Naturally, those bloodlines needed to be compatible with each other as well, making it even harder for Origin Bloodliners to receive the best enhancement possible after their breakthrough.

Felix didn\'t just beat those bloodliners with a weaker bloodline path but AI dummies who had an equivalent strength to an Origin Bloodliners with the strongest bloodline path possible!

How do you feel to be standing at the top of the pyramid for your race Asna joked with a pretty smile.

Easy now little Asna. Jörmungandr said, He should think like that when he beat real Origin Bloodliners with their specialties.

That\'s true. Thor agreed, Those AI dummies might be good but they will never be the same as real Origin Bloodliners no matter what difficulty you put them on.

You just can\'t ignore their experience and hardship that true Origin Bloodliners go through to reach their peak. 

Indeed. Felix nodded his head firmly in agreement.

He might not have dealt with Origin Bloodliners too often but Felix understood one thing.

They were real monsters to be feared not because of their strength but the experience they gained throughout their long journies.

It was simply impossible for a human to break through to the Origin Realm without being a true warrior who fought thousands of life or death battles and survived them all.

Only then could their minds and mental state be honed to face the most difficult challenge in their lives.

Devouring 99% of 7th tier bloodline that coursed on their veins by relying only on their 1% human bloodline.

Felix would never understimate those Origin Bloodliners just because of their honed mental state!

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