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Felix had known this all along and was ready to take the punch from the void creature.

But, he didn\'t expect that it would hurt like a b*tch.

What\'s worse, he had realized that if he didn\'t stop the test, the void energy on his chest would have invaded his body slowly and continued its slow but agonizing deconstruction of his cells!

The only way to avoid it was by cutting out his chest open and removing all the infected parts before it went too deep!

He saw this happening in battle videos between mercenaries squads and void creatures packs.

Only now did he understand and experience the horror of getting touched by void energy...

This type of void energy is nothing. Jörmungandr said, What you experienced is the same as a poison attack with a weak potency.

I expected that. Felix said sternly.

He knew that just like other elements, void energy also had degrees to it.

In the case of his poison, using a normal inducement would absolutely do nothing against players like WowefxNero even if they inhaled it for two hours.

However, if he increased the potency to x20 or such, it would be a deadly threat to even them.

It was the same for his lightning and electricity, if he increased the voltage, the color would change from white to golden so as its power.

In the case of void creatures, low-born types were using the weakest form of void energy.

That\'s why instead of going through Felix\'s physical body and deleting him in the process, the void creatures bounced away after colliding with him.

The potency was too weak against Felix\'s resistance.

However, if an elite void creature or a unique void creature did the same, Felix would have lost his torso instantly!

No wonder only epic 5th stage bloodliners and above dare to enter the void guild. Felix shook his head, Dealing with those nightmares is truly playing with death.

The worst part, since there was no void beast to kill and get its bloodline for integration, no one had a chance to get void element resistance.

Not even the weakest form of resistance!

In the case of Felix He was only 2% away from reaching 15% and unlocking the 1st two passives.

Felix didn\'t doubt for a second that he wouldn\'t unlock void immunity!

It was the only ability he was confident in securing.

After experiencing the hellish agony of being hit by void energy, he was relieved that he would unlock it.


A couple of hours later...

Felix had exited his training room after finishing all the tests possible with his level of knowledge.

There were not that many honestly.

He tested if he could get hit by a void creature who resides in the void realm while using his eye.

The result was quite relieving as the void creature didn\'t even notice him.

Like Felix wasn\'t even there for it to attack him.

So, no need to worry about interdimensional ambushes.

Another test he took was for eyestrain.

He kept gazing at the void realm for more than three hours yet he didn\'t feel tired at all or mentally exhausted.

This implied that he was neither wasting elemental nor mental energy to use the mutation.

He did a couple more tests and concluded his training for the day.

Unfortunately, he was more excited to actually enter the void realm by using the void eye.

But he absolutely had no idea how to achieve it.

He tried almost everything but to no avail.

For now, Felix restarted his journey to the capital planet of the Guardian Empire after finally confirming the identity he had chosen for the Queen.

He had chosen a picture of himself but with a few modifications to his face.

Now, anyone who had seen him would not guess that he was Felix at all, giving him an ease of mind to participate in the mercenary trials in the planet city.


Seven days later...

The Dark Deviant had finally entered the exosphere of the capital planet of the Guardian Empire.

Felix glanced from the window at the planet and couldn\'t help but feel cold just by the mere sight of it.

That\'s because most of its territory was covered in snow with gloomy clouds all over it.

This was the reason the planet was called Winter.

All of its seasons were cold and chilly due to its distance from its star.

For a rich empire, one would assume that they would place their capital on the warmest planet in their territory to have a beautiful atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the Guardian Empire government was ruled by the Great Commander of the Galactical Army.

The strongest army in the galaxy and the true shields against the void creatures\' invasions.

He used every method possible to toughen his own soldiers and also demonstrate that the army wasn\'t filled with a bunch of wussies.

That\'s why the capital city wasn\'t populated by a single commoner since they couldn\'t handle the extremely cold atmosphere every day in their lives.

This entailed that only bloodliners were residing on this planet.

From servants to the highest-ranked person!


After a short while, Felix\'s spaceship had docked on one of the many transportation stations around the planet.

He had received permission to access the planet after his new ID came back clean.

When he explained to the Transportation Security Administration that he was here to join the Void Mercenary, he was welcomed with big arms.

Especially, when his criminal record was flawless.

Everyone who wanted to join the war against the void creatures was respected in the Guardian Empire.

Plus, they had a few more benefits, unlike other visitors.

Such as a personal space elevator for all new recruits.

Hello, are you planning to join the army or the mercs A long-faced man with a brown mustache asked Felix politely the moment he sat next to him in the space elevator.

Mercs. Felix replied.

Oh... The long-faced man showed Felix a faint look of disgust before looking in another direction.

From thereon, he minded his own business, not bothering Felix one bit.

\'It seems like he wants to be a soldier.\'

Felix didn\'t find the man\'s treatment abnormal at all.

He had already expected for it to happen since the soldiers and mercs always had a bone to pick with each other.

The soldiers believed that fighting the void creatures\' invasion was a patriotic act and shouldn\'t be done for the sake of money and rewards.

After all, they had an entire galaxy behind their back to defend.

Meanwhile, the mercs believed that getting paid handsomely to fight those abominations was a logical thing to do.

The soldiers were also getting paid for their job but it was a salary with commission.

Meanwhile, mercenaries get paid for doing rewarding missions that were placed from the army itself, the guild, high-ranked squads, and other interested parties in void creatures.

Felix had no intentions to get himself involved in this dog fight.

The moment he passes the trial, he would be on his way to infested planets with void creatures.

In a short while, the space elevator had reached the ground floor of the station.

Felix disembarked from the elevator and walked through the crowded area, following an arrow that was pointing him towards the nearest exit.

After he reached it, he showed the guards his approved fake ID again and was excused with a head nod.

The moment Felix exited the station, he was met with the gloomiest city he had ever seen in his life.

\'City of Craghorn, I am here.\'

Felix smiled as he stared at the faraway city that was built amidst the frozen lands of a bitter expanse and was truly a historic display of wonder.

Its charm was matched by the neverending fall of snow.

This snow had clearly influenced the architectural designs of the vast majority of buildings.

They were all built with pointy tips and sealed off roofs to allow the snow to fall down.

There were many drones clearing the roofs and streets occasionally to avoid the snow building up too much.

The buildings were mostly built with metal and had fewer windows, making them resemble fortresses instead of skyscrapers.

Their grey color just added to the sombreness of the atmosphere.

\'I dig it here.\' Felix smiled pleasantly as he covered his head with a fluffy cotton hoodie and walked towards the main street to get a cab.

After reaching it, he walked for a minute or so before finding a taxi station.

Felix picked an empty cab and told the driver to take him to the best hotel in the city.

First time here The Driver inquired as he peeked at Felix with the back mirror.

Yes. Felix replied.

For an extra charge, I can give you a legit list of the dos and don\'t in this **hole. The driver offered with a sincere tone.

How much

100K SC.

I will take it with 5k.

Are you insulting me with such an offer The driver\'s eyes were set in flame for a second, showing off to Felix that he was a flame bloodliner.

3k SC or I will break your legs and take it forcefully. Felix smiled sincerely as he applied some of his spiritual pressure on the driver.

His spiritual pressure was a joke compared to the tenants in his mind but in front of this poor bloodliner

It was more than enough to stiffen him in his seat and look at Felix in absolute terror.

The spiritual pressure was so effective against him, he couldn\'t even open his mouth and beg for forgiveness after realizing that he messed with the wrong passenger today.

Felix didn\'t want to bully him too much as he released his pressure after seeing that the driver had understood his position.

Email it to me. Felix said calmly as he forwarded his fake UVR ID to the driver.

Ri..right away sir!

The driver didn\'t dare to play games anymore with Felix as he sent the list immediately.

Upon receiving it, Felix glanced at it for a second before wiring the payment to the driver.

Then, he engrossed himself in reading the dos and don\'t, not bothering with the driver who was sweating buckets from his forehead.

\'Shit, I almost got myself killed because of this stupid gang.\'

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