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As Felix expected, the moment Fay saw his name on the application list for the three missions, she swiftly approved of him on one of them without even asking permission from her father.

In her eyes, she would rather have Felix on their planet than five squads since he had already demonstrated his ability to handle void packs alone.

\'I should forward the news to father.

He will be pleased immensely.\' Fay smiled widely as she sent an email to The Fang.


Meanwhile, Felix had exited the suite the moment he saw that one of his applications got approved.

There was no point to remain in the city any more after he got his mercenary card.

After he reached his spaceship that was docked on one of the space stations, Felix keyed in the coordinates of the planet and requested the Queen to head there at full speed.

\'Now, let\'s deal with the invitation of those fogies.\' 

Immediately after he logged in to the UVR, Felix sent a unified email to the assembly members, who contacted him.

He simply told them that he wanted to be a squad leader instead of a subordinate.

There was nothing wrong with that since he had demonstrated that he owned enough strength to be a leader instead of a follower.

Honestly, Felix didn\'t give a ** if they would be offended or not as he simply sent them this email due to the respect of their service.

Nothing more, nothing less.


Inside the same meeting room on Fonund, The Fang could be seen reading the two emails sent to him by Felix and his daughter.

He was pleased by one and disappointed by the other.

When he read that Felix had chosen to offer his assistance on this planet, he was more than happy.

Though, when he read his polite response to his squad\'s invitation, his happiness faded away.

Be a squad leader What a polite way to tell us that he preferred playing alone. The Fang smiled bitterly, He will learn the hard way that being solo is the worst decision to make against those abominations.

It wasn\'t that The Fang didn\'t trust in Felix\'s abilities but he knew full well how obnoxious and treacherous those void creatures were in real life.

He still remembered his own **ty solo experience when he had just broken through into the Origin Realm.

He was young and filled with unspoken confidence after succeeding in reaching the peak of humanity.

Alas, his confidence was shattered in its first week as he had realized that if luck wasn\'t on your side, it didn\'t matter how strong you were, only death would follow.

He was unlucky to the point he ended up getting ambushed by two packs at night.

When he got rid of them, he wasn\'t left with even a minute to recover his energy before he got ambushed by another pack.

Those pack numbers range from ten to twenty void creatures!

What\'s worse, there were multiple elite void creatures in one pack unlike what Felix experienced in the trials!

Luckily, he managed to drop his inflated ego and escape for his life.

Ever since then, he never hunted alone or allowed his children to do so in real life.

I should try to convince him to join me after he realizes that his decision is foolish. The Fang waved the emails away as he smiled faintly.

He had no intentions of antagonizing Felix or pestering him.

In fact, he planned on giving him full freedom to do as he pleased on his planet.

Since he believed that Felix would crumble in no time no matter what zone he picked to clear out.

After all, the number of void cells that invaded this planet was truly astronomical to the point even The Fang saw no hope in saving it.

\'Queen, when will he arrive\' The Fang requested.

\'From one month to three months depending on the transportation method he chose and the time of his departure.\'

\'I believe he arrived at the capital using a modified Dark Deviant.

So, if he moved today, he shall arrive in one month or so.\'

\'Hehe, this shall give no time for the other fogies to intercept him and make him change his mind.\' The Fang snickered.

As he assumed, the other three assembly members were expressing their irritation in front of their children after finding out about Felix\'s decision to hunt solo on The Fang\'s planet.

Unfortunately, they could do nothing but remain seated and wait for another opportunity.


One month later...

The Scarlett humongous planet of Fonund could be seen from the windows of the Dark Deviant spaceship.

If Felix didn\'t stop the spaceship every two days to integrate the void bloodline, he would have reached the planet even sooner.

Thanks to those integrations, Felix had pushed his percentage to 52% and unlocked the first two active abilities and another two passives of Lord Khaos\'s bloodline.

Felix was more than satisfied with them.

\'Sir Felix, the administration center is requesting a call.\' Queen AI informed.

\'Accept it.\' Felix answered as he seated himself in the cockpit.

The moment he gave his permission, a holographic screen emerged before him, showing a middle-aged green-skinned man, in a black military uniform.

Felix glanced at the stripes on his shoulders and realized that he was a sergeant.

Sir Lance, I hope you comply with our instructions fully to avoid any friction. The sergeant spoke composedly.

Sure thing. Felix agreed.

Although he was considered as an Origin bloodliner and \'A\' ranked mercenary, he still needed to comply with the army\'s rules.

The first thing he was requested to do was sign a contract forwarded to him by the sergeant.

It was a big ass contact made out of fifty pages at least.

Felix read it carefully for a few minutes before signing it.

Although there were many terms that needed to be respected, they were all sound and logical.

Such as desertion from the planet before concluding a mission was punished heavily by the army as well as the guild.

This was still a war first and foremost.

Since the mercenaries were obliged to follow some of the army\'s rules, it was only natural that they would be rewarded if they did well.

The rewards for great achievements were honorary ranks and territory.

Honestly, Felix didn\'t get even a little bit excited about those rewards since honorary ranks were more useless than unique titles in the SG Platform.

As for territory He had no interest in receiving an empty solar system and working himself to the bone to make it prosper.

Especially, not in this empire that was burdened with a neverending war.

Thank you for your service and welcome to Fonund. The Sergeant nodded his head respectfully at Felix after receiving the signed contract.

Then, he hung up after giving Felix permission to enter Fonund\'s atmosphere.

He was allowed to do so since there was no space elevator on this planet.

A few seconds later, the Dark Deviant had burst through the dreadful crimson clouds, giving Felix a full view of the planet.

The only description that came up in Felix\'s mind after seeing the dry red land was \'bleak\'.

The planet was made out of deserts, mountains ranges, chasms, canyons, active volcanos, and dry fields filled with weird-looking plants.

Everything was either red, scarlet, crimson, or orange.

There were no seas, oceans, or greenery.

Even the few plants here and there were colored like blood.

Since the heat was really unbearable, this planet was the closest thing to hell!


In a few minutes, Felix\'s spaceship had reached one of the biggest guild bases on the planet.

Instead of parking his spaceship on the ground, Felix used an aircraft for landing while sending his spaceship outside of the atmosphere.

Based on the contract he signed, his spaceship would be operated by the Queen AI to protect the planet from any incoming void meteors.

It wasn\'t just him but all the spaceships belonging to other mercenaries.

Naturally, they would be rewarded with contribution points that could be used to increase their honorary rank or buy stuff from the army.

Welcome Sir Lance to the 2nd Void Base.

The moment Felix stepped out of the aircraft inside the dome-like silver base, he was greeted respectfully by a guard.

Thank you.

Please follow me, I will be your guide.

Without wasting time, Felix remained behind the guard as he led him through a long metallic corridor.

At the end of the corridor, there was a spacious open area like a hotel lobby.

The only difference was that it was packed with mercenaries and soldiers moving along while minding their own business.

The guard went through the crowd and Felix followed him to an elevator.

The base is actually situated underground and its walls are reinforced with a unique material called Life Negator.

It helps cover our life signals to avoid getting seen by void creatures. The Guard disclosed as he pressed on a -5 button.

I see.

Felix understood that with this many people in one spot, the void creatures would have attacked the base the moment they landed on the planet.

After all, void creatures always prioritize life forms more than anything.

Felix knew about this material as he planned on buying it with void points in the base since he would be traveling solo.

This material would help him rest at night if he applied it thoroughly on his skin since he wouldn\'t need to worry about getting targeted by void creatures.

Such a useful material wasn\'t really desirable by mercenaries since it cost more than 10k VP1 per kilogram.

No one would pay that amount to sleep well when they could have done so anyway by having a few patrols at night.

Void Points

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