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Lance! Stop abusing your spiritual pressure. Fay yelled from a far, not daring to approach Felix after seeing the stiffened mercenaries behind him.

Your voice is really making me want to punch something. Felix replied softly while beaming two earbuds.

He wore them casually in his ears and turned his back on her, not wanting to acknowledge her existence.

\'If only he treats all girls like this.\' Asna smiled with a pleased expression.

While she was pleased, Fay felt immensely humiliated by his treatment.

Since the moment she met him, he was being nothing but an asshole to her.

Still, she didn\'t let her emotions get the best of her and decided to conclude her mission.

I don\'t know why are you avoiding us Fay spoke out loud, so everyone could hear her.

She didn\'t care that Felix acted deaf to her question as she continued her narration for the others, The assembly members simply wants to learn your hunting method, so we can be as efficient as you.

Upon hearing so, the mercenaries and soldiers\' ears all perked up, eager to learn his secret as well.

Anyone of them would wish to have the ability to hunt a thousand void creature alone in a month.

Although most of them knew deep down that whatever Felix was doing wouldn\'t be possible by them, they still had a tiny hope of copying the method.

Too bad, Felix didn\'t even hear her question as those earplugs were made out of nanobots as well.

After waiting a couple of seconds and noticing that Felix planned to remain silent, Fay clicked her tongue in criticism and condemned him, It\'s not like we will be getting it for free! We are willing to pay a respectable amount for your information.

Still nothing from Felix.

He merely kept tapping his finger on the store\'s desk, waiting patiently for the clerk\'s return.

By now, both the soldiers and mercenaries started to feel irked and displeased by his nonchalance to such a serious matter.

They could see that the guild was trying its best to figure out his method and see if it could help them against the void invasion.

If it was replicable then it would be good news for all humanity.

If not Then nothing much would change besides Felix hunting more void creatures than the rest.

In their eyes, his refusal to share made it seem like his method could be used by others as well.

He was hiding it to avoid having mercenaries and soldiers compete with him during his hunt.

If everyone could kill a thousand void creature on their own, then cleaning planets would be a job for ten mercenaries at best.

I guess Commander Samuel told you not to share it after you signed his contract. Fay spew lies with a straight face after seeing that Felix wasn\'t listening.

\'Commander Samuel What does he have to do with Lance\'

\'Contract There was a deal between those two\'

Clear confusion were written on everyone\'s faces after hearing her bring out Commander Samuel.

Before some soldiers could jump out and denounce Fay for trying to make their Commander appear bad, she created a big holographic contract that was called \'Army Consultant\'. 

This is what I am talking about. Fay stressed as she highlighted the crazy terms of the contract to everyone.

Immediately after reading them, the soldiers and the mercenaries with their heads turned around couldn\'t help but take a deep cold breath in disbelief.

Your reaction is logical unlike this contract that offers Lance benefits of being a high ranked official without being part of the chain command. Fay narrowed her eyes at the soldiers and pressed on her agenda, How does it make you feel to know that all your hard work over the years to climb the army ladder means absolutely nothing to Commander Samuel

Whenever he likes, he can simply push one to the top without experiencing the same hell you went through.

The soldiers wanted to retort and tell her to stop spewing lies since no one with a sane mind would offer such a contract.

Yet, when they saw Commander Samuel\'s famous signature, they could only swallow those words back.

It was simply impossible to fake a signature with the Queen\'s supervising almost all contracts.

This can\'t be real...I have been a sergeant for over five years now and in the army for more than ten years.

A middle-aged soldier removed his hat with bloodshot watery eyes as he stared at the term that forces sergeants and below to show proper respect to Felix like they met a General.

He knew that he was just a weak 6th stage bloodliner unlike Felix, but this was the army, not the guild.

In the army, everyone needed to climb the ladder with their splendid achievements.

Yet, Felix skipped over all of that...

The soldiers all felt a sense of betrayal from Commander Samuel, making their hearts burn from grievance.

\'He really went mad!\'

\'If that old fat f*ck isn\'t replaced, I will quit this **ty ass job!\'

Even the mercenaries were angered to see the benefits of that contract since it made fun of their ranking system as well.

They needed to kill and kill void creatures to increase their rank to receive more access and benefits.

Felix had just received access that was available to only SS ranked mercenaries and Generals in his first month.

\'Hehehe, this will do the trick.\' Fay laughed in enjoyment after seeing the heartbroken expressions and angered looks of everyone.

Her mission could be considered as concluded.

She had exposed the contract and framed Commander Samuel for being the one that making Felix keep quiet about his method.

With the help of her squad, who were recording all this, the news would go viral in the network!

Based on the soldiers\' reaction, it was clear how the rest of the army would behave when they hear about the contract.

The guild might have lost Felix, but they made sure to ruin his reputation with Commander Samuel.

At least, that\'s what Fay and Wolverine believed.

But in reality Felix could have cared less about his reputation since he was using a fake identity.

That\'s why he still didn\'t bother to turn around even when he could feel the soldiers glaring at him like he stole their wives or something.

Sir Lance, here are your items. The store clerk handed Felix a spatial card with a bewildered look after seeing the giant holographic contract and the tense atmosphere.

At last. Felix thanked him as he took the spatial card.

Not wanting to remain here another second, Felix didn\'t even check his items before taking off towards the elevator.

When Fay saw his cold eyes as he approached her, she gulped a mouthful and retreated to the side, not wanting to block him.

In her eyes, he might not harm her now, but he could do so in the future if she pushed him too far.

After all, the contract that was making her feel safe was active only on this planet.

If even she was scared, don\'t even mention Wolverine and her squadmates.

They opened the way for him to enter the elevator without Felix requiring to do anything.

Just as the elevator was about to get closed shut, Felix glanced at Fay and smiled a little, In the far future, you will realize how laughable your actions were.


What does he mean Fay was left bewildered and a bit curious with his final words.

As he said, she would realize what he meant when the time comes.

For now, Fay got rid of his words and contacted her father, informing him that she succeeded in her mission.

Good job. The Fang smiled in a sinister manner and said, It\'s time to prepare another media conference.

Exposing the contract and sharing the recordings were only the start.

The real deal was The Fang confirming it and letting the public know that the guild filed the motion for the sake of the army!

In the other words, the army was always pressured by Commander Samuel to not disobey him.

If not, how could they not file a motion to replace him even when he was clearly disrespecting the sacred army laws!

While he was preparing for the media conference, Commander Samuel could be seen strapped by ropes like a pig above a hot furnace.

The heat and the smoke was hitting his back, turning it scarlet red.

Yet, he couldn\'t even scream due to having a gag in his mouth.

Based on his erection, he wasn\'t complaining one bit by this treatment.

The guild was pulling all stops to replace him.

Meanwhile, he was enjoying his time with Mistress Candace, not giving a ** about anything they use on him.

In his mind, as long as there was no candidate, he was unreplaceable.

\'Hmm he has just summoned his spaceship to pick him up.\' Mistress Candace knitted her eyebrows, \'Why is he leaving already Wasn\'t his aim to take advantage of his void powers to climb the ladder of the human race He left without even asking for an achievement from the army after hunting that many cuties.\'

Mistress Candace kept tapping her finger on her elbow as she stared at Commander Samuel absentmindedly.

She was trying her best to figure out Felix\'s plans but nothing made sense so far.

As long as she kept believing that he was an Imitator instead of a human with void abilities, she would never figure out his agenda.

The only way to really solve this was by simply paying a visit to Felix personality in his dream.

But, Mistress Candace was too playful and curious to ruin her fun with direct methods like those.

So, she kept her eyes on him, waiting for his next move.

If only she knew that he would be heading to a fallen planet, she would have taken her shot here and asked him personally.

If only she knew....

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