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Zosia said it in a way that made it seem like they had no other option at all.

They could either combine forces in the war and overthrow the royal family once and for all or wait until the day the royal family decide to cull them.

From the Intel given, it seemed like that day would be happening quite sooner after the war ends in their favor.

Seeing the grim expression of everyone below her, Zosia decided to give them the carrot now lest she lose them forever due to her forceful method.

Did you even pause to think or ask us what we will be doing if we won the war Zosia smiled as she watched them refocus on her again.

All of them seemed pretty confused by what she said.

In their eyes, there was no point in thinking about it since it was common sense that they would create a new royal family between them and rule the empire.

One royal family goes and another arrives...Nothing much would change besides the royal family name.

I know what you are thinking, and I can tell you right now that your conclusion is far from the truth. Zosia snapped her finger and a new hologram appeared before everyone.

The hologram was a big contract titled as \'Constitution of The New Democratic States of Mariana Federation.\'

Without exception, everyone\'s eyes bulged out a little in disbelief the instant they read the title.

They were smart enough to figure out the content of the contract just by reading the title.

In a swift manner, everyone copied the contract in their files and began reading it silently.

No one spoke or made a ruckus anymore.

Even King Solluman read the contract with a stern look on his face.

Zosia neither interrupted them nor tried to explain their \'vision\' for the future of the empire.

It was all summarized in that ten pages contract, and she was confident that the majority would be moved by the terms if they had a slight ambitious for their backgrounds to climb even further.

How could they not be moved when the contract offered them to be a member of a Democratic Federation

A Federation that was headed by every background based on their contribution in the war.

It didn\'t matter if a background had an Origin Bloodliner or not as long as they contribute heavily in the war.

In the galaxy, all three empires had their own system.

For The Bardot Empire, they had a Council made out of hundred councilmen.

Every background with an Origin Bloodliner had the right to compete to be one of the councilmen.

As for those without one They immediately get annexed by the nearest background that was part of the Council.

The Guardian Empire had a dictatorship system that was led by the Great Commander of The Galactical Army while the royal family was merely there for the legacy.

Last but not least, The Mariana Empire was the only true empire that still follow a monarchy system.

Though, its golden age had already gone, and now its territory was infested with hundreds of unaffiliated backgrounds.

Some were still SGAlliance members and some had long gotten kicked out of the alliance due to their team failing to win the games.

Whatever it was, both of them were at risk.

The only difference was that one of them couldn\'t be invaded without a declaration of war that was approved, the other was a free market for all.

The only common theme in all of those systems was the negligence to those backgrounds that an lacked Origin Bloodliners to represent them.

It didn\'t matter if a background had the strongest fleet, the best economy in the empire, or the most advanced civilization.

As long as they had no Origin Bloodliner within their ranks, they were considered as a non-authoriative member who had no right to sit in the big boys table.

It sounded unfair and honestly quite stupid...But, that was how humans live by.

There was always an Elitist mentality that must be maintained and shouldn\'t be trampled upon.

What the anti-royality alliance offered everyone if they won the war was a real Democratic Federation that was ruled by contribution instead of having an Origin Bloodliner.

Contribution not just in the war but to further improve the Federation in the future.

So, this was in fact the only real opportunity for those unaffiliated backgrounds to escape being treated as nobodies and join the big boys\' table without needing an Origin Bloodliner.

From the emotional looks those representatives have on their faces while reading the contract, this opportunity sure moved them thoroughly.

Please take this contract with you and share it with your leaders. Zosia smiled, If possible share it with your allies as well.

It can only be called a Democratic Federation if we brought in as many backgrounds as possible within our ranks.

Thank you for the invitation.

Will do my best.

I will come back with a replay later on.

One by one, the outsiders started to teleport swiftly, wanting to take the contract to their bosses as fast as possible.

When they accepted the invitation to this gathering, they were fairly confident that the anti-royality alliance would reject the war declaration and ask for their assistance to stand up again on their feet.

After all, they knew that the royal family would bite a sizable chunk of their quality resources.

Instead, they were shocked to find out that the was declaration was accepted, and it would be held following the ruleless format...Which totally unexpected.

Before they could recover from the news, they were indirectly requested to join the war on the anti-royality side...A laughable request in their eyes.

Yet, after seeing the contract and the future goal of the anti-royality alliance, their minds had been changed almost immediately.

From thinking that the war wouldn\'t be held to having serious consideration about joining it...Zosia did her part remarkably in this gathering.


After the outsiders left the gathering, the allies were excused as well.

Only this time, their expressions were glowing a little.

After all, they would be joining the war in either cases, so it was more beneficial for them that the Federation would be founded after they win.

Right now, instead of thinking of putting the minimum effort in the war, they were really considering going all out to get as much contribution as possible.

Based on the contract, the ten biggest contributors in the war would be referred to as the Head of States and would gain the biggest patches of royal family\'s territories.

This was the plan that the High Chieftain made in the past hour or so!

The anti-royality alliance never had thoughts about sharing authority after they win.

Unfortunately, their backs were against the wall, and they needed every help they could get in this war.

Still, not everyone had their minds changed...Representatives like Mr.

Rodrigas, who represented weak planets, still wanted to just avoid being in the war entirely.

After all, even if they went all out, they would barely make a tiny bit of contribution and get themselves part of the Federation.

That\'s if they remained standing after the war ends.

\'Sigh, where are you Felix\' Mr.

Rodrigas hated to admit it but at this point, they really required Felix to step up and intervene.

Too bad, Felix was currently laying in Asna\'s couch in his consciousness space, reading a book about potion-making.

He had no idea what\'s going on and Lady Sphinx, the only one capable of connecting to UVR, didn\'t tell him anything about this war.

It was hard to believe that she wouldn\'t receive news about this from her subordinates even if she didn\'t actively look for it.

\'Just when he finally settled down and started reading something for once, war is about erupt\' Lady Sphinx thought to herself, \'I will be a fool to break his focus now.\'

Lady Sphinx was a rational being who cared little about the lives of Felix\'s friends or family members.

She only cared about him and him only.


While Felix was reading in peace, the content of the anti-royality alliance had been \'leaked\' by many backgrounds who took part in it.

The public wasn\'t even left to recover from the shock of the anti-royality alliance\'s decision to participate in the war before the news about a new democratic federation had gone viral.

[Oh My God! Is the anti-royality alliance trying to pull everyone in this war!]

[This is huge!! I believe that even the other two empires will be affected heavily by this war!]

[A Democratic Federation Heh, I bet my life that the anti-royality alliance had no intentions of taking this route at the start.]

    [It\'s smart of them to share the loot to attract the bystanders.]

    [I know for a fact that their promise is going to move a lot of kingdoms without Origin Bloodliners.]

[Hehe, as a citizen of the Bardot Empire, I gotta say that I will be immensely entertained with this war.]

No one foresaw such an outcome, and it seemed like there were many supporters of this war.

Naturally, most of them were from the other two empires, who wouldn\'t be as affected as the Mariana Empire.

Since it looked like the war would turn out to be a supermassive one, the citizen of the Mariana Empire knew that tough times would be ahead.

Sure, they wouldn\'t be killed or harmed, but they would still get negatively impacted.

Such as, taxes would raise pretty heavily to support the war efforts, sons and daughters willingly recruiting themselves in the army to defend their homes, prices of necessities would raise since the leaders would be focusing on the war more than the economy or stability of their territory...etc

Even in the SGAlliance Era, war was still able to cause many wounds to innocent civilians....

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