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The moment Felix logged in, he directly took a hover cab towards the Gambling Den.

20 minutes later...

He exited the den with a grin after successfully emptying his entire bank account that had 64 million SC.

He left only ten thousand as an emergency.

Felix obtained 45 million SC from selling the filtered Anomamba bloodline after successfully integrating the last 4% of the Jörmungandr bloodline he found inside the bottle.

This happened 5 days prior after his cooldown period went off.

He wasn\'t lazing around during the past month, as he went from a store to another seeking to sell his bottle to the shop owners.

He had to throw his net a bit wide since each shop owner offered a different price.

However, all of their offers were a huge ripoff, as some bastards even asked Felix to sell it at 45% cheaper!

For those greedy f*ckers, Felix only spat on their faces and escaped.

What else could he have done

His reputation wasn\'t good enough to support his claim that his bottle had 75% essence.

Heck, he wasn\'t even able to sell it directly to the buyers due to it.

After all, how could they trust in his words

They fell for the same trick so many times, it wasn\'t even funny anymore.

Thus, Felix sadly had to settle with selling his bottle at 30% cheaper after spending days searching around for a shop owner in a good mood to offer him that price.

None of this would have happened if he was able to return the bottle to Looby and ask for a refund.

Too bad, doing so in this industry was extremely unprofessional and abhorred upon.

Felix didn\'t want to irk Looby this early.

He still needed to take advantage of him.

The only good news about all of this was the fact that Brother Fatty agreed to deliver the filtered bottle to the buyer, after he met up with Felix during his potions delivery.

After all, Felix had to buy them again for the 2nd integration.

Since Felix was making an off-record delivery without contacting proper channels for so, he had to bribe fatty with 20,000 SC to make it happen.

However, Felix wasn\'t complaining much about the bribe, as it was much better than paying the original basic 150,000 SC just to deliver one bottle.

The Wormhole Company\'s minimum payment was always 150,000 SC.

It didn\'t matter if Felix wanted to deliver a chewing gum or nail.


4 days later 19:00 PM.

Felix sat with his usual cheering outfit on, within millions of fans in a Coliseum sports stadium that had 10 layers of seating, each contained a couple millions of fans.

Weirdly, at least 60% of those fans were females from all shapes and types, wearing a pink T-shirt that had a gorgeous male face, smiling warmly with glittering grey eyes designed on it.

One look at that face and any shallow female would fall over heels for him.

Shortly after, every one of those females cheered out loud with flushed cheeks until their throats went dry, deafening all the poor males in the audience, who came to spectate the game to cheer for their bets or loved ones.

But, after seeing the same gorgeous male that was on their T-shirt teleport on the playing field with a warm smile on, they understood why.

Nonetheless, they still grumbled with frowned eyebrows at those superficial females, who were cheering like fangirls.

Felix\'s bet was not on this manwh*re, but on a completely random average individual, who was only in this game to add numbers.

Regardless, Felix still bet on him to win, as he knew that this game would have a twist that was going to teach every player an unforgettable lesson for eternity.

Trying his best to hold his laughter, Felix\'s lips kept quivering at the sight of the grey-eyed idol, getting interviewed by the MC over his goals and wishes.

Hehe, Sadly your only wish after this game is for it to be completely erased from everyone\'s memories.

Not able to hold it back anymore, he let out a wicked laugh with his chin raised and arms spread apart like a madman.

However, not a single female near him paid attention to him or his words.

The only thing that was in their eyes, was the gorgeous face of their idol.


The half-hour of the Interview quickly passed by, as the MC used the full duration to shower the grey-eyed idol with all kinds of questions.

Some were about this game, while the majority were about his private life.

Yet, no one complained about this mic hoarding, except for the players who were seething with suppressed rage over being undervalued by the MC and the pretty boy like this.

Every player had a hidden evil glint in their eyes, as they kept watching the MC and the idol flatter each other after the interview ended.

No matter if they were males or females players.

None of them liked what they were seeing.

Still, they only stood silently between two white lines that stretched for over 5 km in a wide circle inside the stadium that appeared just like Earthling\'s running track stadiums.

But, on a much bigger scale and more advanced technologically.

This game was one of the popular sports format based.

Named, Unlawful Marathon!

As the current 50 players were required to run 10 laps around the track, which meant a whopping 50 km of distance!

However, this was just the condition required to win the game.

The real entertainment came from the fact that rules were completely nonexistent!

The players could do whatever they wanted to win the race without any repercussions.

Anything was allowed from hindering competitors using their own bloodline abilities, to making teams and defend from others\' attacks.

The only rule that stood in the field was to run properly the 10 laps after hearing the countdown hit zero.

One could only imagine the chaos and massacre that was about to happen at the starting line, where everyone was still in one pack.

If it wasn\'t for such a gruesome scene, the audience wouldn\'t have bothered spending money to come and watch live.

Damn, still as invisible as ever. Felix\'s eyelids twitched at the sight of a short player, lining up at the leftmost side of the track, unnoticed by anyone.

If he wasn\'t playing with his long green tail by rolling it onward, then stretching it straight again continuously, Felix would have honestly found it quite difficult to spot him.

This was the player he bet all of his capital on!

Oh, it seems that the main event is about to start. Felix chuckled immediately after switching his vision from his bet to the manwh*re who was sandwiched in the middle of the track by a resentful mob.

But, it seemed like the idol didn\'t notice any of this, or simply didn\'t bother to do so.

He just kept his warm smile on his face, while stretching his limbs under the screams of females fans.

After all, he was the son of a well-known governor within the Alexander Kingdom.

Who would dare to kill him live even beating him excessively was an unforgivable crime.

Unfortunately, his shenanigans over the last couple of years had started to rub the players off immensely.

This wasn\'t the first time he hogged the mic like this, but just one of the many times.

Too bad for him, it seemed like this would be the last one as well.

As the moment the reverse countdown reached zero, every player ganged up on him and started beating the ** out of him, without using their bloodline abilities, since they just wanted to teach him a lesson and not kill him.

A governor\'s position was not to be taken lightly.

So after a few moments of threshing him up to vent their anger, they left him lying on the track with a disfigured face and ripped off clothes, showing bruised parts of his body.

Yet, the worst part, was that his nether region was in full display, showing a minuscule worm between his legs!

The moment his messed up appearance was highlighted on the large screen, females all over the stadium either fainted from shock or cursed out loud at the assailants vicious beating.

But, the majority of them broke off their spell and gave a disdainful look at his worm.

Meanwhile, the men laughed their asses off after seeing the manwh*re lying on the floor, like he just got run over by a herd of buffaloes.

Especially Felix, whose tears never stopped gushing out from laughing so hard.

Although, he already saw this scene that turned into an Iconic meme over a hundred times in his past life.

He never got bored of it, not even once.

There was always a hidden joy when seeing someone fall off, or fail a stunt.

Don\'t even mention seeing an arrogant idol get beat up live without mercy.

This was the lesson that everyone learned in this game.

Never hoard the mic for too long.

Otherwise, your fate would be the same as his.

\'Coming here was truly worth it.\' Felix let a few last chuckles and switched his vision from the idol that was being carried on a stretcher to the player he bet on.

But, he could not find him anywhere!

\'As expected he really can camouflage himself perfectly using his Chameleon bloodline active ability.\'

After understanding that his bet was already active in the field.

He immediately switched his normal vision to heat vision by using the enhancement he bought.

Look and behold.

His bet took advantage of the players\' distraction during their threshing and bolted away first.

He was almost close to finishing half a lap while the rest were still struggling to even leave the pack without being bombed by some ability!

He kept running on his four limbs while being completely hidden from both the contestants and the audience who never bothered to pay attention to such an average player.

However, he never dared to slow his speed down for even a bit, since he would easily get noticed by those with senses passive abilities, such as *Heat Vision*, or *Echo Location*.

As for active abilities any element that touched him, would break off his light bending invisibility.

If it wasn\'t for such glaring weaknesses, his bloodline wouldn\'t have been ranked as uncommon.

So he ran with a fixed pace, keeping a quite good distance away from them.

If he kept going like this, finishing the 10 laps without anyone\'s knowledge, wouldn\'t be impossible!

He didn\'t need to run a lap or two around them to be dashing for the audience.

But merely keep a fixed distance, and no one could ever catch up or harm him.

This race was designed as such.

Anyone who managed to leave the pack safely would have better chances of emerging victorious.

However, the moment someone got stuck inside, he would remain there until he either drop dead, get heavily injured and sidelined, or simply depend on luck and win after one last sprint.

Too bad no matter what those players try to do, it would always remain futile as one was running ahead of them without their knowledge.


After two hours of constant running and bashing each other, the remaining 16 players or so, finally reached the last half lap, and so, using every ounce of their energy, they sprinted without care about those near them.

It was like a tactical agreement made in silence to just fight it out in one final sprint without attacking each other.


Unfortunately, before they even passed 100 meters, a familiar loud buzzing noise resounded in the stadium, marking the emergence of the champion!

Dumbfounded and quite speechless, Everyone had their eyes gaping at the large screen that was showcasing a man standing upright at the end of the track with a relieved happy smile on his face after winning probably his first game ever.

After all, his bloodline was uncommon ranked! To actually clutch the championship with such a trash rank that everyone looked down upon, was a feat worthy of respect and applause.

Too bad, the only one who was cheering and applauding was Felix, who was shouting at the top of his voice in excitement over the massive windfall that was about to fill his bank account.

His excitement is quite understandable since the winning chances of this random lad were 1 in 7! Which was quite large considering that only 50 participants were in this game.

While those with higher chances of winning had only 1 in 1.1 ratings, quite pathetic in comparison.

Felix already calculated in his head that if his bet turned successful, he would earn a whopping 480.000.000 Million SC!!

Half a billion from only one game.

Anyone would have their jaws dropped after hearing this amount, that could turn their lives upside down.

But Felix\'s excitement died down gradually, as he remembered that he still needed to obtain more and more, and never stop obtaining coins if he wanted his bottomless Bloodline path to keep moving forward.

If only he watched clips on other games that went viral in this period, he could bet half-billion all at once on one of them.

Sadly, his memory was completely blank.

So, for the next upcoming 5 years, he was thoroughly blind to the games results, which killed his gambling strategy at once.

Nevertheless, Felix didn\'t mope about it for too long, since he still had his investment plan that might turn even better than making money from gambling.

After all, every coin he earned from his investment would have an impact on his reputation.

If he kept on investing successfully without failing, it wouldn\'t be long before he begins to receive invitations to closed-off auctions, high-class public gatherings, and events that he desperately needed to be part of, in order to obtain resources that never reached the public markets.

Like The Elemental Potion! Or at least its materials needed to create it.


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