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How are you doing this! Felix exclaimed while bringing Nimo next to his face.


Nimo titled his head in confusion and started to lick his paws akin to a cat.

When Felix glanced at the screen, he felt goosebumps at the sight of the giant void raccoon copying Nimo\'s actions.

This is quite intriguing. Lady Sphinx said as she examined the giant void raccoon clearing his butt like Nimo started doing.

Is Nimo controlling the void blob without him knowing about it or what Asna wondered.

It\'s not like that. Lady Sphinx reasoned, Nimo is too young to pull something like this.

I believe that the void creatures have mistaken Nimo as the Paragon of Sins due to having the same aura.

Since Nimo wasn\'t giving them any type of commands, they keep copying his movements.

I don\'t know if they see him, sense him, or something else...

Lady Sphinx pondered for a few seconds and concluded, But, if my guess is correct, then I believe that every void creature in the universe are subservient to Nimo by design.

Upon hearing so, Felix was left absolutely speechless.

He knew that Nimo would be a considerable asset to him during his journey.

Just his spiritual pressure that could kill almost anyone with a single look was more than enough for him.

Yet now, he was being told that Nimo was capable of commanding void creatures like the real Paragon of Sins

This was beyond his wildest dreams!

Just in the guardian empire, it was infected with hundreds of millions!

If he went and visited every infested place with void creatures, he could bring them with him anywhere he goes.

Who would f·ck with him then

Void creatures were abominations that were hated by everyone in the universe for a reason.

No one had figured out the best method to slay them efficiently.

If Felix had an army made out of tens of millions, he would be seen as a force to reckon with even by the ten rulers in the SGAlliance!

\'The War!\'

Soon, Felix remembered the war and what would happen if he participated while having an army of void creatures behind him.

He was always perplexed at what he could bring to the table in this galactical war, where individual strength didn\'t matter that much.

He had signed a contract with the anti-royality alliance that he would be providing his efforts to the war, but he honestly knew that not much could be done by his side.

He could not just go one vs a supernova fleet or infiltrate the capital planet of the royal family and assassinate the emperor.

This wasn\'t a movie.

The best thing he could offer was being Zosia\'s bodyguard or focusing on protecting Earth.

But now Everything had been changed.

If Nimo could truly control void creatures, then Felix was going to change the entire landscape of the war!

Aya! I knew I did the appropriate thing when I almost killed myself to get you from the ruins! Ecstatic, Felix hugged Nimo against his cheek with a wide silly grin.

Stop getting ahead of yourself. Asna chided, Nothing is conclusive yet.

Not responding to her negativity, Felix merely pointed his finger at the giant void raccoon that was hugging the air just like Nimo was hugging Felix\'s face.

In other words, what other explanation could shed some light on this anomaly besides Lady Sphinx\'s theory

So far, Lady Sphinx had never been wrong with anything she said.

Even the fact that Nimo was the Paragon of Sins replacement had been confirmed after seeing the void creatures\' reaction.

But, how do we deal with this giant raccoon

Soon, Felix realized that if Nimo was too young to control the void creatures now, then it would be hard to bring with him the void creatures.

His spaceship would be traveling at the speed of light while the void creatures weren\'t as fast.

That\'s why most of them get taken care of in space.

Felix could not travel through the universe effectively without having his spaceship going at its fastest speed.

Hmm, I can use my 3rd active ability Void Rift, but how can I make them enter it Felix pondered deeply.

During his journey to planet Gamora, he stopped his spaceship many times to integrate with his void bloodline.

So far, he had reached 76%.

Enough to unlock two active abilities and one more passive.

The 3rd active ability he unlocked was named Void Rift.

It allowed Felix to open a dimensional rift into the void realm with his void eye!

If he didn\'t get the void eye mutation, Lady Sphinx ensured that he wouldn\'t have unlocked this ability.

Instead of waiting until Lord Khaos grace him and teach him a few utilities with his void eye, he got lucky and unlocked an ability related to it.

Since traveling within the void realm was a hundred times faster than traveling at the speed of light in the matter universe, the void creatures would be able to keep up.

Felix saw this beforehand when Lord Khaos\'s subordinate delivered the bloodline bottle to him.

Lord Khaos was situation in the edges of the universe.

He was so far from Felix it would have taken billions of years to cross such a distant by relying on the speed of light only.

Yet, the subordinate had taken a few months at best!

Another example was Felix\'s blink.

He could literally teleport from a place to another in a blink of an eye by traveling through the void realm.

So, the best traveling method in the universe was actually through the void realm.

Too bad, no one was able to utilize it due to the destructiveness of void energy.

If Felix wasn\'t being held back by his AP bracelet and other belongings that he needed to ditch, he would actually take advantage of his space rift ability to cross long distances.

Will they sense Nimo if they were in the void realm Asna wondered.

There is only one way to find out. Felix answered, We need to lure the void raccoon within the rift first and use my dimensional senses to see if they are still copying his actions.

That will work. Asna agreed with his plan.

This brings us back to our first issue. Felix knitted his eyebrows, How do we lure them in

Felix knew that the fastest method was by entering the void rift with Nimo.

The giant void raccoon would follow them inside immediately.

He could then exit and close the void rift.

Though, he really didn\'t want to put Nimo within the void realm.

Even if he trusted Asna judgement and threw caution out of the window, he wanted to keep Nimo away from the void realm for now.

At least until he is a bit older when he could utilize his spiritual pressure or other innate abilities.

I have an idea. Felix smiled after finding out a method that work without endangering Nimo.

But first, he needed to return to his spaceship and wear something.


In a brief moment, Felix could be seen standing at the tip of the red plasma weapon, the sword of judgement.

He appeared as tiny as a bean compared to its gigantic size.

Meanwhile, Nimo was sitting on top of his head, turning Felix\'s hair into his nest.

Let\'s begin.

Felix lowered the headband from his void eye, exposing it to the world.

Felix didn\'t care that everything had turned dark and swiftly activated his ability.

Abruptly, his void eye had been engulfed in purplish flame before shooting a long ray in front of him.

Felix controlled the ray by moving his head up and down, like he was lasering the space itself.

A moment later, Felix deactivated his ability and pulled up his headband.

When he saw the hundred meters long purplish line, he smirked faintly and extended both of his arms forward.

He turned his hands into a claw and started pull them into opposite directions while gritting his teeth.

As he was doing so, the long purplish line began expand from the center akin to ripping off a piece of cloth from a tiny hole!


With one last shout, the space between both sides had been torn wide open, exposing the chilling darkness of the void realm!

A hundred meters void gate had been opened by a mere human.

If news of this ever gone out, Felix would be mistaken as a void creature without a shred of doubt!

You play too much. Asna rolled her eyes at Felix.

He sure loves posturing. Jörmungandr facepalmed.

... Lady Sphinx.

Well, no one could blame them for their reaction.

The rift was going to open automatically a few seconds after Felix finished drawing the line.

So, using his hands to tear the space and gritting his teeth in struggle was just Felix posturing to look cool!

I don\'t care, it looks more imposing this way. Felix shrugged his shoulders in a carefree manner, not bothered with their criticism.

He finally had a fantastic ability that allow him to tear space and create a interdimensional rift.

He would be betraying the dreams of all men in the universe if he didn\'t attempt to tear it with his bare hands.

Now, let\'s lure in that big boy.. Felix\'s expression turned serious as he eyed the void raccoon, playing with his hands right below the void rift.

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