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Felix looked below him at the hovering aircraft and jumped from the tip of the cannon.


Nimo screamed in excitement while holding into Felix\'s hair strands tightly.


After landing, Felix controlled the aircraft to fly near the void rift. 

When he saw that the void raccoon was now between him and the void rift, Felix flew in the opposite direction.

The void raccoon flew after him like an obedient puppy, not caring that the void rift was in its way!

So, it ended up entering the void rift just as Felix planned!

As for the size differnece It didn\'t matter that much since void creature was flexible enough to turn into anything.

So, the moment a single part of it went inside the void rift, the rest of its body got reformed into the size of the void rift and followed along.

The instant Felix saw that void raccoon was fully within the void realm, he closed the void rift with a single finger snap.

Good, it is still chasing after us. Felix commentated while staring into the void realm.

He could see that the void raccoon remained consistent in following them even though they were in different dimensions.

Just to make sure that it wasn\'t going forward on its own and had nothing to do with them, Felix held Nimo and started playing with his limbs.

Anything that he did to Nimo was copied successfully by the void raccoon.

This confirms it. Felix smiled in satisfaction while patting Nimo in the head.

Now he could travel at his fastest speed towards other infested planets and keep \'recruiting\' more void creatures into his side.

Nimo still had no idea how to control them, but he was teachable.

It was better to keep gathering more void creatures while at the same time teaching Nimo.

Asna, will he grow back to his normal intellect with age or energy Felix asked, having no idea how those superior beings grow old.

Both. Asna answered, Feeding him pure void energy would merely hasten the process of him growing both mentally and physically.

Aging was still the biggest factor.

I see. Felix nodded.

Felix didn\'t want to rush Nimo into growing, but he did prefer getting him out of the toddler\'s year at least.

He was weak and still clueless.

Felix didn\'t feel relaxed letting him out of his sight for even a second.

Let\'s get you some food little guy. Felix smiled as he placed Nimo back on top of his head.

Then, he opened another void rift.

But it was smaller than the first one.

Felix went in front of it and started pulling back slowly, guiding the void raccoon to go through it.

Just like the first time, its body went through it in a slow manner after morphing to match its size. 

Only this time, Felix didn\'t wait until its entire body passed through.

He closed the void rift the instant he was satisfied with the amount of void energy.

By doing this, he had split a tiny portion of the void raccoon while still keeping the bigger version at the void realm.

Time to dig in.

Felix flew towards the blob of void energy that was beginning to shape up as a raccoon too.

Then, he extended his exposed arm until his hand emerged inside the minimized void raccoon.

Go feast. Felix placed Nimo on his arm and pushed him gently, so he could walk on his own and start absorbing the void energy.

Eee Eee!

Just like a little rat, Nimo sprinted on his arm and jumped inside the void raccoon.

Then, he glanced at Felix cutely and took a deep breath.

Just like that, there was no longer a minimized void raccoon in existence...

He was eaten so fast, Felix was still smiling like a proud papa, who saw his child taking his first steps.

Now, that smile was stiffened as he stared at Nimo hovering in empty air without support.

Hahaha! He is still a little glutton. Asna laughed in amusement as she watched Nimo fly toward Felix with a satisfied expression.

Eee Eee!

Nimo ignored Felix\'s stunned expression and laid on his head again.

Only this time, he closed his eyes shut and went to sleep.

Although he ate such a massive amount of void energy in a blink of an eye, he still needed to sleep to digest that energy properly.

Is this even his daily content Felix gulped a mouthful at the thought of Nimo eating so much while still a \'toddler\'.

He didn\'t dare to imagine how much he would need when he grew old.

Heh, who cares Soon, Felix shrugged his shoulders in a careful manner after realizing that void energy was the only abundant resource in his disposal.

After all, he could get it from void creatures or even the void realm itself.

Since he had no competition on such an infinite amount of void energy, then he was going to make sure that Nimo live a blissful life.


Queen, you can clearly see that the planet has been cleared out of void creatures by me.

Do I still get my mission rewards Felix inquired with a hopeful expression while sitting in the cockpit.

Nimo was still sound asleep on top of his head, leaving him to take care of other matters.

\'Yes.\' Queen Ai approved.

I can\'t believe it worked. Felix grinned widely in glee after hearing her confirmation.

The guild and army missions that he accepted entailed that one needed to remove the void creatures from the planet without destroying it in the process.

It didn\'t specify killing them.

Because the void creatures had merged and were now Nimo\'s loyal dog, the planet had been reclaimed safe and sound.

Well, it was still damaged pretty badly but still, he could be considered to have finished the job successfully.

\'Do you want to receive the rewards now\' Queen Ai asked.

The rewards for concluding the black mission were a straight promotion to SSS Rank, 10 million void points, and lastly, an official position on the main headquarters of the Void Guild.

At this point, Felix cared only for the first reward.

He realized that he had annoyed the guild leaders big time during their conflict with the army.

But after getting a promotion to an SSS rank, he would be above them in authority.

In fact, being an SSS rank mercenary ensured that he would be the sole leader of the guild branch in the guardian empire by the headquarters.

He just needed to accept the promotion, and he would be holding the fates of the five assembly members!

This was the original structure of guild branches all over the universe.

SSS ranked mercenary as the leader and five SS mercenaries as his advisors in the assembly.

Because it was almost impossible for a human mercenary to secure an SSS rank with the limitation imposed, the seat had been left open forever.

Accept them. Felix answered composedly.

Felix knew that his fake identity would expire in a few months at best.

So, it was much better to accept the rewards and become an SSS ranked mercenary now.

After he becomes the president of the guild, he could easily hide his identity data from everyone.

Even the five assembly leaders would not be able to override his authority and check his identity.

He was committing to his fake identity for his safety and Nimo\'s.

He would feel more confident exposing his location to the rest of the universe, when he creates an army of void creatures under Nimo\'s control.

-Congratulation on getting promoted successfully to the SSS rank!-

-For more details about the benefits of being in this rank, please visit the void guild\'s website or seek Queen\'s AI help.-

-To apply to receive the official position in the headquarters, please reach out to the Human Resources department with this ID: 48571H4....17V.-

Three notifications resounded loudly in the cockpit after Felix accepted the rewards of the mission.

Felix ignored them and checked on his void points balance.

He saw that a neat 10 million void points had been added.

It might come handy later on. Felix closed his guild account and checked his mercenary ID.

It was still registered him as an A ranked mercenary.

The only way to change it was by visiting the main branch and have the new rank and mission completions engraved on it.

But Felix didn\'t give a crap about this.

Now that I am a recognized president of the branch by the Queen, it\'s time to abuse my authority. Felix grinned widely while being taken towards his bedroom with the artificial symbiote.

When he reached it and attempted to enter the VR Pod, he remembered the sleepy fluff on his head.

Felix placed him in his bedroom and covered him with a blanket.

Then, he requested from the Queen to notify him immediately when Nimo wake up.

With cameras and motion sensors, it wasn\'t a problem for the Queen.

The first thing that Felix did after logging in was teleport to the capital city Craghorn.

While he was waiting for a cab to take him to the void guild branch, he had no idea that the mercenaries in the pub were staring at the mission board in a utter disbelief.

The cheerful and lively atmosphere was nowhere to be seen.

Everyone had their eyes affixed on a black mission that was placed on a black mission in the completion side of the board.

A small area that highlighted red mission completions and above with the names of mercenaries who had done it.

It was meant to boost morale for other mercenaries and also give a sense of achievement to those who finished it.

Within the sea of red papers, a sole black paper stuck out like a sore thumb.

Felix\'s fake name Lancelot was written on it with a golden hue...

A name that had gone missing for over a year and a half...

A name that used to be the most infamous name in the guardian empire...

A name that no one expected to see again after such a long period of time...

Yet, here it was, claiming it glorious return to the scene in the most extraordinary and overwhelming manner!

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