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As Felix mentioned, friendship between him and the alliance had already been extinguished.

Now, they were just business partners.

So, it made total sense that Gabriel would say something like this even though Felix was here to help.

That\'s not guaranteed to work. Zosia sighed, We know very little from his organization.

Who knows if they even have an army I think it\'s best to back up Felix.

At least, having him with us means that the public will support us regardless of our decisions.

Felix\'s public image was already at the pinnacle in the galaxy.

He brought so much glory and honor to the human race in the SGPlatform, it was hard to hate on him anymore.

Honestly, we need a miracle to turn the war around. Zosia shook her head, We either go big and use a risky strategy that might lose us the war if we failed, or we can keep bleeding slowly like this.

We know it\'s impossible for everyone to agree to the 1st option...

In Felix\'s previous life, it was clear which decision had been taken.

The war lasted for more than a decade even though everything looked pretty grim from the first year.

After all, the federation alliance could not surrender, leaving only two options for victory.

Kill the ten leaders or destroy 90% of the alliance\'s forces.

Both of those options needed years of effort.

If things kept going at this pace, the same outcome would be repeated...


A couple of hours later...

\'Sir Felix, I believe we have reached the capital city.\' Mistress Candace announced while observing the bustling colorless city through her pink void eye.

Felix exited his consciousness space and looked around him.

After seeing the colorless buildings structure and the magnificent towering palace at peak of a hill, he realized that he was in the plaza of the city.

The densest area in the entire city.

\'You just strolled your way into the heart of the empire without triggering a single alarm.\' Asna giggled, \'Imagine opening a rift here and releasing the void army.\'

\'No need for such unnecessary slaughter.\' Felix requested, \'Take us to the palace.

We just need to capture the emperor alive and everything will be over soon.\'

Felix wasn\'t planning on killing emperor Rawal even though he could do so in the blink of an eye.

After all, killing him didn\'t mean winning the war.

On the other hand, if he captured him alive, Mistress Candace could extract memories out of him.

As the emperor and the strongest human in the empire, he must be the only one to own information about the names and location of the other nine assigned leaders.

With Felix\'s horrifying traveling speed, he could hunt them one by one even if they were spread out through the entire royal family territory.

Just like that, he could claim victory to the war without shedding too much blood or using his void army at all.

Since he would be the killer to the ten leaders, his contribution to the war efforts would topple everyone in the alliance.

This would help him earn most of the royal family territory in addition to having the most authoritative voice in the federation.

It was all written in the federation contract.

Without owning planet Earth, it would have been impossible to achieve so much.

A split second later, Felix and Mistress Candace had reached the throne chamber in the royal palace.

\'Oh, are they holding a meeting\' Felix wondered after seeing tens of holographic people sitting at the sides of the throne.

Emperor Rawal was sitting on the throne while Commander Hade was standing next to him.

Those maggots have demonstrated that they are uncapable of coming together. Emperor Rawal smiled as he looked at his family and generals, As long as you don\'t lose focus, we ought to win this war in a few years at best.

Clap Clap!

The royal family applauded while the generals saluted respectfully to celebrate the news.

Everyone was beyond delighted by the notion that their territories were finally going to be recovered.

Anyone here as a hologram meant that he was contributing a good chunk of this victory.

This signified that they would be awarded with those territories when it was all over.

You are dismissed. Emperor Rawal excused them with a wave of a hand. 

Soon, only emperor Rawal, Commander Hade, and two guards were left behind.

The federation are going to prolong this war as much as possible. Emperor Rawal rubbed his eyelids, If only there was a way to end it sooner to mitigate the SGAlliance penalties.

\'Greedy as ever.\' Felix scoffed.

Emperor Rawal had demonstrated many times that his greed knew no bounds.

Felix had experienced it first hand in his previous life when he switched his citizenship to the empire.

Everything was taxed to the max and overpriced as hell.

It was hard to live in the empire without a good paying job.

Even an SG bloodliner like him had struggled with money a few times in the empire due to the tax rates.

\'Should we make a move now or wait until the commander leaves\' Mistress Candace asked.

\'No need, I will kill him first.\' Felix said coldly.

\'Alright, I will hold the emperor.\' Mistress Candace nodded and then approached them.

Emperor Rawal and Commander Hade were still speaking with each other, not sensing a single thing. 

Felix tightened his fists while activating void seekers.

They engulfed his fists in void energy.

Then, he placed them exactly in front of the Commander\'s face.


The moment Mistress Candace was given the order, she opened a void rift right in front of Felix\'s fists!


The instant Commander Hade sensed the fluctuation in space, he recoiled his head away reflexively.

His honed instincts were truly commandable, but Felix was way much faster than him.


Felix straight out punched Commander Hade in the face with the speed of light!

The sheer terrorizing force his fist carried was enough to blow Commander Hade\'s face into oblivion!

Due to the void energy on his fist, the flying tiny pieces were disintegrated while midair...

Absolutely stunned, Emperor Rawal stared at Commander\'s headless corpse that was still standing next to him like nothing had ever happened.

Everything went so fast, even a veteran Origin Bloodliner like him wasn\'t able to comprehend what the f*ck had just occurred in his chamber.

He had experienced many ambushes in his life, but nothing was as inconceivable as this.

Felix and Mistress Candace made sure to take advantage of his momentary shock to emerge from the void rift and kick-start their plan!

Mistress Candace used her spiritual pressure to freeze Emperor Rawal while Felix used his overpowering physique to smack Emperor Rawal in the neck.

He made sure to control his strength, so he wouldn\'t snap emperor Rawal\'s neck in half.

Still stunned, Emperor Rawal\'s eyes rolled at the back of his head and fainted immediately.

Knowing that Origin Bloodliners were capable of regaining consciousness in a few seconds, Felix beamed a small bottle that was filled with a dark red liquid and forced Emperor Rawal to drink it.

That liquid was potent hypotension inducement that was able to keep Emperor Rawal stay unconscious for at least ten minutes.

Mistress Candace turned into a spaceship again and Felix didn\'t hesitate to threw emperor Rawal inside it akin to a sack of potato.

Then, he jumped inside, and they entered the void rift.

After they disappeared in it, the void rift was closed shut, returning the throne chamber into its quiet and solemn atmosphere.

Well, the headless standing corpse and two dumbfounded royal guards would have disagreed with that statement.


A few moments later, commander\'s headless corpse finally lost its balance and fell into the red carpet, staining it even more red with the neverending gushing of blood.

The noise forced those two stunned royal guards to make a reaction.

They turned to look at each other and saw the same horror in their eyes.

One of them lifted his shaky finger and pointed at the throne.

With great difficulty, he manged to stutter a single mind-blowing question, Di-Did the emperor just go-got kidn..kidn..kidnapped

The other guard didn\'t know to respond.

He wanted to deny it vehemently and believe that everything that happened was a mere bad nightmare.

Alas, no matter how much he pinched himself, the pain kept reminding him that this was the reality.

A terrifying reality where the Great Commander of the army got killed, and the emperor was kidnapped in the blink of an eye....

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