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Chapter 769 – The Return of The Legend!

“Lord Khaos!”

Everyone was shocked by his sudden appearance….Even Lady Sphinx, Thor, and Jörmungandr didnt expect him to be interested in watching Felixs game!

“Lord Khaos, your addition truly brightened up the council.” Kumiho immediately flattered him, not daring to commit to her previous question.

Lord Khaos was highly respected and feared within the primogenitors circle…While the primogenitors might consider Felixs void abilities as a joke, they would never think the same before Lord Khaos.

‘What the f*ck is this Is he considering taking that kid as his champion too Saurous expression wasnt too pleasant.

‘Who knows I am just a bit irritated by the thought. Manananggal narrowed his eyes at Lord Khaos.

Having Lady Sphinx as an ally to Thor and Jörmungandr was already getting on their nerves.

Now, even Lord Khaos might be changing his stance

The thought was honestly quite frightening.

Manananggal knew that even if all three of them fought against Lord Khaos simultaneously, they would have their asses handed to them.

Void element at the right hands was simply a nightmare to fight against.

“Dont mind me everyone.” Lord Khaos expressed, “I will be leaving shortly.”

“Why leave” Aspidochelone requested, “You are already here, please stay until the end of the game.”

The other primogenitors besought him to stay as well.

It wasnt that easy to meet Lord Khaos personally and most of them had spent many years without seeing his face.

“Then, I will overstay my welcome.” Out of politeness, Lord Khaos nodded in agreement.

‘Felix will probably get disowned by Lord Khaos if he ended up embarrassing him in his first game. Thor shared telepathically.

‘Well, its a good thing he isnt aware that he is being watched by him. Jörmungandr said,The last thing we need is adding more pressure on him.

‘Do you guys think that he came here because of his void domain Lady Sphinx guessed,He knows about the human bloodline system, so he must have known that Felix had inherited his void domain mastery.

‘Highly likely. Thor nodded,He must be here to defend Felix when he exposes his void domain.

The other primogenitors had no idea that Lord Khaos had mastered his void domain.

If Felix used it in the game, the Darkin Faction would finally start taking Felix a little seriously.

After all, the void domain was an ultimate ability that was capable of killing even primogenitors…Only five primogenitors managed to master such a horrific ability.

It would be foolish to keep Felix unchecked with such a weapon.

However, if Lord Khaos backed him up, no one would dare lift a finger at Felix…At least, not personally.

‘Enough guessing, the game is starting. Thor said as he watched tens of players getting summoned batch by batch into the stadium.

What a stadium it was.

Its scale was at least three times bigger than in the platnuim games.

Yet, not a single seat was left empty!

Hundreds millions of live spectators were stacked next to each other, making them appear like bees in a hive.

The instant Felix got teleported into the field, at least a quarter of the audience exploded into frenzied cheers!






Felix had been gone from the SG Platform for more than four years now.

For those hardcore fans, it was an excruciating long four years.

So, the instant the news of Felix joining a diamond game went viral, none of them dared to miss out on watching this game live.

Hell, some fanatic fans were out on a limb to get a loan just to secure a ticket!

The tickets for diamond ranked games were worth a kings ransom…Even the worst seat cost at least half a million SC!

Yet, quarter of the live viewers were here for the sake cheering on Felix.

Felix was more than grateful for their neverending support.

“Much appreciated.” Felix smiled while nodding his head at his fans.

He would be lying if he denied missing this feeling.

Felix recognized that he wasnt just representing himself but an entire race…A race that never stepped foot inside a diamond game.

Without a single doubt, Felix knew that at least 70% of humans were watching this game.

He was absolutely right.

Almost all cafés and restaurants in the Milky Way were streaming the game live.

They were packed with customers, who were broke to buy a streaming subscription, or simply preferred watching the game with others.

If public places werent their thing, there were many websites streaming a pirated version in the dark web.

As for the upper echelons Who would dare miss out the game of the indirect federation leader

If by some chance he died in the game, everything would be changed in the galaxy.

Felixs influence had already taken root in all three empires, whether he realized it or not.

“Arent you a little superstar in your galaxy.” An Orc commentated mockingly while walking past Felix.

Some players envied Felixs popularity as well…Just because they were diamond ranked players, it didnt mean they had billions of fans.

It was all about charisma and personality.

Most of those players were capable in the games but lacked these two aspects.

At least, they werent as bad as the dragons, heavenly turtles, and other races at the top of the food chain.

One would think that they would be the most popular, but it was actually the opposite.

You will never catch a dragon cheering on another dragon unless it was a battle for the throne in their race.

The same applies to the others.

‘I cant believe it, we have more than eighty trillion concurrent viewers in the stream.

Sage Marshal knew that the reception for this game would be crazy, but he never expected it to reach this height.

He was used to commentating for games that averaged a few trillions at best.

This was truly a game changer in his eyes for his career as a judge and an MC.

‘If only humans were as strong as this singularity…We will be rolling in dough. Marshal eyed Felix with a pleased expression, knowing that the stream was dominated with Felixs fans.

After all the players were sent to the stadium, Sage Marshal dropped from his platform and began the interview segment.

He ignored some players like Exodial, knowing that they wouldnt speak a single word.

Instead, he went to Felix first since he was the biggest scoop in this game.

“Sir Felix, can you please express your feelings of being the very first human to join a diamond ranked game in the universal platform” He inquired as he pushed the mic in front of Felix.

“Nothing special really.” Felix said calmly, “This is just a small stop in my journey.”

“Bold words!” Sage Marshal raised his eyebrows, “Are you telling me, you are aiming to reach the peak of the supremacy games”

“Why would I be in the games if it wasnt for so” Felix eyed him weirdly.

Seeing that he was being serious in his claims, the players nearby and viewers from other races couldnt help but laugh in mockery at his haughtiness.

“Peak What a joke.”

“Does he really not know or is he just being arrogant”

“Here I was almost going to be taking him seriously.”

The players ridiculed Felix out loud, not caring if he could hear them.

In their eyes, Felix must have gotten too proud of himself when he became a void elementalist.

Reaching diamond rank was already an achievement worth celebrating for as a human, but to aim for the peak of the platform

That was insanity speaking.

“Haha, I admire your courage immensely, but you do understand that to reach the peak, you still need to climb two more ranks and then have an individual fight with the current top ten strongest players in the universe, right” Sage Marshal shared.

“So Is that supposed to scare me” Felix replied nonchalantly.

“Kinda” Sage Marshal said with a questioning tone.

“You guys dont need to worry too much about my goal.” Felix smiled widely as he pointed at his brand logo on his t-shirt, “You just need to purchase my merchandise to support the cause.”

‘Shameless f*cker.

Upon hearing so, Sage Marshal lost interest in interviewing Felix immediately.

He realized that all of this bull** to aim for the peak was most likely just a hook, so most viewers would be focused on him.

When he does so, he hit them with an advertisement for his brand.

“Tsk, crafty humans.”

“They will do anything to get more money.”

The players criticized Felix after thinking the same as Sage Marshal, not realizing that Felix was being one hundred percent real with everyone.

From the get go, Felixs goal was always reaching the peak of the platform.

He never bothered to think about it when he was at lower ranks, but now that he was getting closer and closer…The dream was within his grasp.

The prizes, wishes, primogenitors bets, popularity, honor, pride, representation of an entire race…All of this things were mere cherries.

The real cake was becoming the number one player in the entire platform.

Felix wasnt doing so for the giggles…A hefty reward accompanied such an achievement.

It was becoming the eleventh ruler of the SGAlliance!!!

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