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Chapter 776: Blasted Into Oblivion!

“It looks like Landlord has decided to join the crowd in the forest.” Sage Marshal said while pinpointing the camera on Felix.

He could be seen free-falling from the sky above the forest.

With a single scan, Felix had spotted two humanoid red auras engaged in combat below him.

Felix had recognized that the red auras belonged to an orc and a vampire after using x-ray vision on them.

Vampire might possess the same height and body figure as humans, but their skeletons were still a bit uniquer than them.

Knowing that he would be found out soon if he crossed the hundred meters height, Felix glided away from the fight location.

When he was about to collide with the trees, Felix fired off multiple bursts of electromagnetic waves, creating a small field around him.

The waves reacted against the weak repulsive nature of diamagnetic materials around him, allowing Felix to levitate above the ground.


Felix quickly deactivated the electromagnetic waves, knowing that his energy was being consumed at a rapid pace due to the weak diamagnetic materials around him.

In other words, they were extremely low in iron minerals to assist him in levitation.

‘Good, they havent noticed me. Felix thought as he watched the ongoing fight from at least a kilometer.

Instead of remaining here, Felix rushed towards them while making sure to make as little noise as possible.

He wasnt worried about being found out since he still had fourteen minutes more on his camouflage.

In a short while, Felix could be seen lying on his stomach while on top of a massive branch.

The leaves and branches had him completely covered, allowing him to zoom on the battle that was a few hundred meters away.


Felix exclaimed in his mind after realizing that the vampire fighting the orc was Manananggals champion!

Felix truly did not expect running into him this early.

Well, if he didnt commit a thirty kilometers teleportation, he might have never met him until the 2nd phase like he anticipated before.

‘I should take him down now before he regroups with Sunny and partner against me. Felix decided in a heartbeat.

He didnt actively seek a fight with champions this early, but he could not reject such a free ambush opportunity.

Meanwhile, Manananggal and Saurous didnt seem too pleasant by the current development.

They might be looking down on Felix in public to irritate Thor and Jörmungandr, but they knew that Felix shouldnt be underestimated.

He had displayed that he was capable of fighting against a winter wolf in a hand-to-hand battle.

In addition, he survived a successful assassination.

They would be fool to be still giving him ** before other primogenitors.

Thats why they refrained from commentating on Felixs upcoming ambush…They couldnt afford another slap in the face.

While Felix was watching the fight and planning ahead his next move, Bloodcoral was going full ham against the Destroyer…His platform name was written above his head as a tag.

“Save yourself the trouble and just surrender!” The Destroyer shouted at Bloodcoral while swinging a gigantic spiky club in his direction!

Whoosh Whoosh!

Two shockwave blasted at Bloodcoral, forcing him into taking cover behind a towering tree.

‘Tsk, his armored artifact is really a pain in the ass. Bloodcoral clicked his tongue in irritation as he eyed the bulgy orc.

He was wearing a brown armor that was covering his entire body.

It was affixed with at least five futharks with different colors.

This artifact had made it almost impossible to pierce the Destroyers skin.

Orcs were already known for having a thick skin that was hard to penetrate.

Adding an armored artifact with a weapon artifact had boosted their strength by at least 40% in the games!

So, they shouldnt be underestimated at all.

“Come on out, you blood sucking bat.” The Destroyer cursed as he charged barbarically at the tree.

Bloodcoral created a gooey string from his blood and shoot it at the next tree.

Then, he pulled himself swiftly like a spider and began examining the Destroyer from above a branch.

He had a red horrific scythe placed above his shoulder.

It had long sharp bloody teeth and three red futharks stones attached to its handle.

‘The Bloodcursor. Felix frowned after spotting the weapon.

He had seen from Bloodcorals previous games what this weapon was capable of.

Felix had trained hard against Bloodcorals copy to avoid getting touched by it.

Thats because the instant the scythes teeth touched his skin, they would sink in and inject Bloodcorals blood into his bloodstream!

When that happen, it would be a fight against his own body to expel the foreign blood cells before they end up killing him from within.

‘If I want to take him down, I need to strike his feet. Bloodcoral pondered while staring at the Destroyers feet.

He was wearing shoes that werent part of the armor.

Since he didnt see a futhark attached to them, he knew that they were just regular shoes.

‘Lets begin.

After figuring out his target, Bloodcoral started bombarding the Destroyer with sharp weapons made out of crystallized blood.

Boom Boom!

The Destroyer smashed them apart easily with a single wave by his club!

The ones that landed on him didnt even scratch his armor.

The Destroyer had chosen to enhance the armor durability and toughness with the attached futharks, instead of giving it a few useless abilities.

“Bloodcoral really at his wits end here.” Sage Marshal commentated, “The Destroyer is known for pushing his opponents into despair by his indestructible defenses!”

Uncaring about the scene he was projecting to everyone, Bloodcoral kept on bombarding the Destroyer from every direction.

The Destroyer carried on breaking them apart into little pieces that fell on the ground.

While The Destroyer was busy swinging his club left and right, those little pieces melted and returned to their original form!

Then, the blood drops began merging together while turning gooier.

Soon, they shaped up as a red blanket on the ground, unbeknownst to the Destroyer!

“Enough! You are just wasting our time!” The Destroyer shouted furiously while still blocking the useless barrage, “Either fight or leave!”

“I am fighting.” Bloodcoral smiled faintly while jumping from the tree branch.


The Destroyer entered a swinging stance, preparing to smash Bloodcoral into oblivion.

Alas, just as he wanted to swing his club, a bloody red gooey blanket launched from beneath the dead leaves and covered his face!

The Destroyer didnt even try to remove it from his face, knowing that Bloodcoral was just a few meters above him.

So He swung his club even though he couldnt see **.

Unfortunately, Bloodcoral expected as much and changed his direction mid-flight by pulling himself into another tree!

Before his feet touched the wood, he projected another gooey string at the ground near the Destroyer and drew himself in that direction!

It didnt take even a split second for Bloodcoral to land near the Destroyers feet and assault them with his scythe!

As he predicted, the shoes werent artifacts.

They got ruined immediately and exposed The Destroyers feet into the dreadful teeth of the Bloodcursor!



Not wasting this opportunity, Bloodcoral injected triple the usual dose of his blood into the Destroyers bloodstream!

The blood travelled from the handle and touched upon the futharks, adding three types of deadly poisons to it before they reached the teeth.

Only then did the blood enter the Destroyers bloodstream and began reigning havoc!

“You bloody c*nt!”

The Destroyer ripped the gooey blanket apart in fury after sensing that his bloodstream had been contaminated.


Immediately, he attempted to strike on Bloodcoral.

Alas, Bloodcoral didnt get greedy and retreated just in time.

After he landed on a tree branch, he eyed the Destroyer, who seemed to be breathing ruggedly.

“Save yourself the trouble and surrender…You are done for.” Bloodcoral used the same words against the Destroyer.

“F*ck y..Cough! Cough!” The Destroyer leaned against his club and began coughing large amounts of gooey black blood.

He could feel that his organs were shutting down one by one rapidly like his body had been hit by the worst plague ever recorded!

“The Destroyer has been had beautifully by Bloodcoral!” Sage Marshal praised, “Now, he just needs to chill from distance and keep controlling his blood externally to cause as much damage as possible.”

Just like humans, vampires also had their own unique styles of fighting.

Some of them preferred using their semi-morphing and fight up close with their claws and sharp fangs.

Some preferred fighting from a far with blood projectiles.

Meanwhile, Bloodcoral had mastered the corruption type of fighting.

As long as he injected his blood through his opponents, they were done for unless they could get rid of it in the first second.

Alas, it wasnt that easy.

The foreign blood cells merged with the Destroyers bloodstream, making it almost impossible to remove them without harming his own blood cells.

As expected, the Destroyer had ended up surrendering against his will after feeling that his heart was about to blow up.

‘Another elimination in the bag.

Bloodcoral relaxed a little after seeing the Destroyer turning into light particles while flipping him a big green middle finger.

Alas, the moment he lowered his guard, Felix blinked right behind him akin to a ghost and punched him at the back of his head with a fist covered in void energy!!

Bloodcoral didnt expect to be ambushed right after he won a hard fought battle…This resulted in him being unable to evade the punch in time.


His head was blown into oblivion while his body got hurled away and smashed into the opposite tree and remained stuck there for all to see.




The viewers could only stare at Felix wiping his bloody hand with dazed expressions.

They knew that Felixs ability to blink behind opponents was too overpowered and would result in this outcome.

Yet, when it happened right before their eyes, they still were left speechless by it.

It happened so fast, Sage Marshal was still congratulating Bloodcoral over his victory!

‘One down, two more to go. Felix thought indifferently as he eyed Bloodcorals corpse.

He really couldnt get any more dead…

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