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He decided to test his ability in the UVR, and not do it in the family gym since he knew that the equipment wouldn\'t be able to handle his newly enhanced strength or provide a concrete measurement.

However, in the UVR there was a building called, The Ability Measurement Center, specifically made to test the bloodliners\' abilities.

It didn\'t matter how unique or strong the ability was, the center could definitely provide necessary help to obtain a precise measurement of it.


15 minutes later...

Felix was inside the building, standing on a large floor packed with all types of humans waiting for their turn to enter the measurement rooms, in order to test whatever ability in their possession.

Felix didn\'t want to wait hours until his turn arrives, so he paid the VIP fees and went upstairs to use the best rooms in the center.

After paying a hefty fine, he took the elevator and entered the room that was designated for him.

Immediately after stepping inside, an AI monotonous voice resounded clearly in the room.

Dear Sir, what types of abilities you want to test, physical, elemental, or mental

Physical please. He answered.

As you wish sir.

The moment the AI finished speaking, the entire room morphed into a wide room with a massive area to move in freely.

Then, all sorts of testing and precise measuring machines were erected all around the place.

Some measured the weight, strength, power, firmness.

agility, endurance, and more.

While others measured sharpness, penetration, and destruction caused by either a morphing passive ability that could turn an arm in a cleaver, or a hand morphed into a hummer, and more of such physical offensive abilities.

After all, just because an element was needed to merge with a bloodline, it didn\'t mean that a bloodliner wouldn\'t unlock the physical abilities of the beast he used.

Everything was on the table when it came to picking abilities from the massive abilities pool.

Felix did not bother looking at the majority of those machines, he simply walked towards the punching measurement machine and took a deep breath, then punched with all of his strength, holding absolutely nothing.

The machine did not budge or make loud noises, it merely did its job silently and calculated the punch\'s force.

Felix lifted his head and glanced at the final calculation that showcased a whopping 2100 BF!

How can this be real He exclaimed in disbelief, not daring to believe that he broke through the 2k mark from just one passive!

After all, 2100 BF meant he had the same physical strength as a 2nd stage bloodliner!

This was the measurement unit used in the UVR for the human bloodline system.

BF meant Bloodline Force, while each 1000 BF signified one replacement stage.

So for Felix to have a whopping 2100 BF before even reaching the lesser purity, it made him a beast wearing human skin.

In his current integration level, he supposed to have only 150 BF!

If he told anyone that he actually received a 1950 BF boost from *Super Strength* passive, they would probably roll their eyes in his direction, totally ignoring his bull**.

1950 BF

What a joke! The largest ever recorded *Super Strength* passive boost was merely 900 BF! That was even from a legendary tier 7 bloodline!

Felix knew so as well, thus he kept clutching his fist then releasing it over and over again, not daring to believe that his pale thin hand was holding such a fearsome force that could slap a commoner to death.

After a few moments, he got his ** together and decided to continue his testing.

He did a standard three punches using only 50% of his power.

Yet the final result was 3 different calculations.

Felix sighed after seeing this, as he knew that his control was quite bad and needed to be worked upon.

Otherwise, he would keep wasting his energy while throwing punches imprecisely like a monkey.

Even worse, harm the people who were close to him if he lacked control for a split second.

Commoners and bloodliners never hang around much in real-life due to this.

After finishing his punching test, he decided to measure his leg force, as well as his defense.

He walked towards a machine that had 5 kicking pads installed on it.

Each with a specific height to test any leg techniques he wanted.

But Felix focused only on the middle pad, totally ignoring the others, as he absolutely had no idea how to fight in melee form using martial techniques.

His style of fighting was a more elemental range based than physical melee based.

That\'s why; he was not excited much after finding out that he obtained a physical type passive before.

But, that\'s all changed after seeing the gigantic boost he received, which could overwhelm anyone by pure brutal strength without relying on techniques.

Felix kicked pad using all of his force, then retreated back, waiting for the results to appear.

A few seconds later, a staggering 2800 BF was shown on the screen.

Not bad.

Satisfied, he nodded his head with a content smile on his face.

He wasn\'t surprised by the number, as he knew that a full-blown kick was always stronger than a punch.

However, punches were roughly 6 times stronger when one had a proper technique in punching.

In a nutshell, punch was better than kicks in a fight but kicks were much more powerful in terms of power.

Thus, balancing their advantages and disadvantages.

Felix did not linger more in front of the machine, but directly walked towards the defensive platform, that had all kind of ways to test a bloodliner defense and resistances.

Felix did not try them all but chose only four machines:

One for skin defense against heavy attacks, such as punches, legs, and flat weapons.

Second for skin defense against sharp weapons or abilities.

Third, for mental defenses against mental type abilities, such as *Mind control*.

Lastly, one used for poison resistance testing.

Felix chose the last machine merely to see his body reaction against different types of poisons, and not to see if he had total immunity.

Since the viper gland was enough for him to make that decision, based on his long experience dealing with poison and toxins.


After an hour or so, he finished testing all of them and realized that his defenses increased immensely, as now he could resist a full-blown attack of a bloodliner in the purification realm just by his physical defenses.

However, for the 1st stage and 2nd stage bloodliners, he had to be careful against them, since one sneaky attack on his vitals could actually heavily wound him.

Those were just physically based attacks, as for defenses against mental type abilities, Felix was absolutely naked before them.

The passive didn\'t cover for his mental strength as well.

That was a whole other passive.

Meanwhile, the poison Immunity turned to be just like he expected, as not a single poison inducement managed to affect him.

The only difference he found was that each poison had a different flavor, some tasted like orange juice, some like barbecue sauce.

Hell, he even began to worry about how he was going to identify if he got poisoned or not by someone when everything tasted so delicious.

After this round of testing, Felix decided to return back to the punching machine and start training controlling his strength before he gets kicked out of the room.

He didn\'t pay for VIP treatment just not take advantage of it.

1 hour later...

He logged out from the UVR satisfied by the whole experience and the passive abilities that he unlocked, which would definitely make him bully low Elo scrubs within the Supremacy Game.


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