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Chapter 791: Promotion To Diamond Rank

“Indeed.” Thor nodded, “Everyone will want to have you in their team instead of being against them due to your void domain.”

“I see.” Felix nodded, “For now, just postpone accepting any of their offers.

I still need to understand how hard the games will be.”

“Telling you about it wont help you much.” Lady Sphinx informed, “I have just emailed full recording of the previous events.”

“Thats helpful, thanks.”

After receiving it, Felix exited his consciousness space and glanced at one of the videos.

However, he didnt commit to watching fully now since he still had other matters to handle.

He pushed the hologram to the side and rubbed his hands eagerly.

“Queen, show me the list of my earnings.”

//>Winning Wish(Diamond rank)

>Total Streaming Revenue (1%): 2.2 Trillion SC(With Taxes)

> Unique Title: The Dragon Slayer(Click to read all of its benefits)

>Game Points collected solo: 4000 GP//

“2.2 Trillion…”

Felix knew that the amount was going to blow him away due to the insane amount of concurrent viewers…But still, he absolutely didnt expect to cross over the two trillion marks!

All of his games combined from both of his lives wouldnt even amount to twenty percent of this number!

“Phew! I dont even known what to say.” Felix could only thank the paying viewers for showing such a large interest in his game.

“Soon, you will realize that coins are worthless.” Lady Sphinx commentated, “When you reach a certain height, coins will not be able to help you get anything at all…Only treasures will be your currency.”

“I know.” Felix sighed.

“Felix had assigned Malak to handle the purchases of his natural treasures around the universe, by outsourcing from auction hunters.

He had given her capital of three trillions in cash to buy as much as possible.

Those hired auction hunters were now clearing auction houses throughout the entire universe from natural treasures with Felixs elements.

Even with such a large capital, it felt like it was running empty a bit too soon.

There were many expanses that needed to be paid to facilitate the purchases of those natural treasures.

Bribes, deliveries, Intel of items in auctions, paid services, and more…This without mentioning the exorbitant natural treasures in the auctions.

Even when the hired auction hunters used his reputation to earn a few points, they get merely a little discount.

So far, Malak had gathered more than fifteen A graded natural treasures and fifty B graded…The expanse had reached two trillion in total.

If Felix ever wanted to reach the sixth mark or higher in his devourer cultivation system, he would need to keep the cash flowing 24/7.

Felix had already decided that he wouldnt be replacing Lord Khaos bloodline until he reached the sixth mark at least.

So, if he wanted to avoid being stuck at the 3rd stage of replacement for a years and years, he had to use all sources available to buy natural treasures.

“Lets check the prize pool.”

Felix opened the prize pool list and began scrolling down while reading the names of the rewards.

None of them were bad or cheap.

There were plenty of rare artifacts that were worth five figures number of game points.

There were also game coupons that were limited in number highly.

“Hmm, sold out already.”

Almost all of them were sold out even though the cheapest was prized at five thousand GP.

Felix didnt care about them too much since he was earning five coupon after each win due to his winning streak.


Soon, Felix reached an entire section for just natural treasures.

As expected of a diamond ranked pool, only grade B and A natural treasures were placed in it.

Compared to the unreasonable prices in auctions, the prices here were more than fair.

B graded natural treasures cost three thousand while A graded cost six thousand.

Thankfully, eliminating players in diamond ranked games rewards players with eight hundred GP for each head.

Since Felix had eliminated five players directly, he was awarded four thousand GP.

“Let me get this, this, this, and also this.” Felix spent half of his points on buying three A graded natural treasure and one B graded.

Thankfully, he had been saving game points for a long while now.

After being done with this, Felix clicked on his unique title, wanting to reread about the benefits provided.

The dragons werent cheap with their rewards at all!

//>Permanent access to Icarius Galaxy.

>Obtaining a status of an esteem guest.

>Receving the same treatement as a dragon in the galaxy.

>Invitation to major ceremones and gatherings.//

Everyone would die to possess just one of those benefits!

In fact, most diamond ranked players would use a wish in a heartbeat for one of those benefits.

Unfortunately, even diamond ranked wishes werent capable of giving them such treatment.

No one was given permanent access to the Icarius besides the upper echelon of the alliance, workers, and slaves.

As for visitors They had a visa with a duration that depended on their status and reputation.

Usually, it last merely a couple of months before expiring permanently.

Even when they enter the galaxy, not a single dragon would be bothered to deal with them.

Meanwhile, Felix would be welcomed with open arms and treated as a guest in all dragon clans.

He was even invited to personal ceremonies and gatherings that were exclusive for dragons only.

Yet, the best benefit actually being treated like a dragon in the galaxy.

Icarius was known to be rich with natural treasures due to being one of the oldest galaxies in the universe.

Since dragons were already too perfect, most of them didnt need to use natural treasures to further increase their strength.

It happens automatically by simply growing old.

This entailed that natural treasures were as cheap as dirt if purchased directly in the galaxy.

However, that only applied if one was a dragon.

Outsiders would still get ripped off immensely.

Since Felix would be treated as a dragon, he would be able to purchase those natural treasures as cheaply as possible!

Naturally, this applied to almost everything sold there!

“I need to head there when I am free.” Felix grinned faintly, “I cant miss such a free opportunity to clear out their natural treasures stock.”

Since the title benefits were permanents, Felix didnt feel too rushed to head there.

He still had other matters to handle.

For now, he requested Queen Ai to open his profile interface.

//Name of the participant: Unpaid Landlord_6996



Integration Level:

SG Platform: Universal Individual Supremacy Games.

Rank: Peak-Tier Platinum

Games Played: 010

Wins: 010

Loss: 000

Win streak: 010 (click to obtain rewards)

Loss Streak: 000

Eliminations: 068//

Felix ignored the rest and pressed on his win-streak icon.

Luckily, this time four coupons were common and one was rare.

“Nice! A format changing coupon and a tier advancement coupon.” Felix smiled.

Although he wasnt given another surrender coupon, Felix was still satisfied.

Without further ado, Felix used the tier advancement coupon to push his rank into diamond.


-Congratulation on being promoted to diamond rank!-

A large notification appeared in the middle of the room followed by small fireworks in its background.

“One step further.” Felix smiled faintly.

“By the way, are you going to be placed against radiant ranked players in your next games” Mistress Candace wondered with a curious tone.

“Not yet.” Felix shook his head, “My MMR is monstrously high but not to the point I can skip an entire rank.”

“I will probably keep playing against diamond ranked players for another game or two.” Felix mentioned, “Only if I win them will be able to play in radiant lobby.”

“I see.”

Although Felix had won a battle royal game, it didnt mean that he could not lose his next two games against diamond ranked players.

After all, he didnt play even with peak ranked diamond players…Those were players, who needed just a little boost to push themselves into radiant rank.

In other words, they were as dangerous as radiant ranked players.

Sunny was just a little taste of what Felix going to be dealing with in that rank.

Soon, Felix closed all the holographic tabs and opened his inbox.

As expected, it was packed with congratulations from his earthling team, his subordinates, the federation alliance members, the Bardot empire councilmen, the five guild vice-leaders, Queen Allura, the Matriarch, and more.

All of them were congratulating him specifically on getting the title instead of the win!

Thats because a win in diamond rank would never compare to the benefits provided by that desirable title.

Felix replied to them with a unified thank you note and closed his inbox.

This time, he didnt even bother to check the network for the news about him.

He already knew that it was going to be a mayhem.

Instead, Felix dropped everything and went to prepare for his date with Asna.

‘A date Lady Sphinx raised an eyebrow in surprise.

‘When did this happen Jörmungandr thought.

‘Ohohoh, finally some development. Thor grinned with an anticipated look, hoping to see some drama.

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