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Chapter 800: Lord Osiris and Lord Quetzalcoatl

In Manananggals cozy ancient designed living room, Saurous and Wendigo were sitting on separate leather armchairs while drinking tea.

“Did any of you see the list of the participants” Saurous said, “Those bastards have decided to join Aspidochelones team.”

“Killing him will be hard if he is protected by heavenly turtles.” Wendigo mentioned.

“We still need to try our best.” Manananggal mentioned, “The event will be the best place to get rid of him since he cant use surrender coupon.”


“Having heavenly turtles as his teammates can be a little beneficial to us.” Saurous mentioned, “He wont be able to use his void domain if he is close to them.”


Heavenly turtles sizes could reach up to sixty meters at best.

Felix naturally couldnt use his void domain when next to such giant creatures.

“Still, I believe our best shot will be in the individual game.” Manananggal said, “We will have six players all aiming to kill him first.”

In individual game mode, alliances and telepathic communication were blocked since primogenitors were allowed to send in two players.

However, it didnt mean that players couldnt focus on a single target.

“Make sure that your champions understand that their primary target is that little **.” Wendigo said coldly, “It doesnt matter if they lost or died…Just kill him.”

“That goes without saying.”


In the eyes of the Darkin faction members, as long as Felix stayed alive, he would always be that tiny splinter stuck between their nail.

They just had to get rid of it if they wanted their lives to return to normal.


Two months later…

Felix could be seen sitting with his legs crossed above Webors head.

The rest of the team were lining up next to him, resembling a bunch of giants statues.

If seen from afar, Felix wouldnt even be spotted…Yet, he was the captain of those five titans.

Felix had clicked it off with Webors easily compared to the others due to his chatty and chirpy personality.

As for the rest Well, they were forced to get accustomed to him whether they liked it or not.

“Today will be for the ceremony.

Be on your best behavior.” Aspidochelone warned while floating in front of Felix and the rest.

Everyone nodded in understanding, knowing that even their ancestors needed to be respectful in front some of those guests.

“Lets get going then.” Thor clapped his hands twice and teleported everyone to the event venue.

When Felix opened his eyes, he found himself within a noisy field that was packed with champions.

The teams were lining up in straight lines next to each other.

Because of the heavenly turtles towering sizes, they attracted everyones attention immediately with their entrance.

“They really added Landlord to their team.”

“Hm He has been teleported at the forefront.

Doesnt mean he is their captain”

“Wait, are you being serious”

The champions couldnt help but exclaim in bewilderment when they saw that Felix was spearheading the team.

They already knew about his participation in all three games by joining Aspidochelones team, but they never expected him to be their captain!

‘This is too humiliating. Slagwing grid his teeth at the mocking looks they were being given.

He knew that this would happen.

After all, they were heavenly turtles, the second strongest race in the universe and the rivals of dragons.

It simply didnt sit well with everyone to see them being led by a human.

‘Just ignore them. Barbyclaw sneered,Soon, they will regret not having him in their team.

‘Indeed. Rotspawn nodded,I would rather have him as an ally then be against him with those dreadful void abilities.

The practices and many spars in the past two months had made them truly dread Felixs strength and wits.

They had fought with many copies of those teams, and they managed to win against them all with minimum effort due to Felixs strategies.

When it came to wits, cunningness, and scheming, Felix was a top dog in his field.

While the champions were waiting for the ceremony to kick off, the primogenitors were having their own gathering at the top floor of the arena.

“It looks like the majority have arrived.” Jörmungandr said as he walked through the crowded floor with Lady Sphinx.

There were more than twenty primogenitor socializing with each other.

Lord Khaos had drawn the most interest due to the news of his void domain mastery spreading to all primogenitors.

“Both Lord Osiris and Lord Quetzalcoatl are here.” Lady Sphinx couldnt help but raise an eyebrow after spotting those two beings, sitting in the same table as Lord Khaos.

Osiris was an ashy gray skinned human with a long black goatee and pupilless dark eyes.

He was wearing a white tight fitted robe that was held by the waist with a long red cloth.

He wore a weirdly shaped black hat that covered his entire scalp.

Yet, what gives him away as the death primogenitor was his souless cold expression.

He was neither laughing with the others nor speaking too much.

He simply sat with them expressionlessly akin to a block of ice.

Meanwhile, Lord Quetzalcoatl was the total opposite of Lord Osiris.

He was exhibiting an aura that was filled with life and vigor.

He was communicating with the other primogenitors in a lively manner, making it impossible for anyone to believe that he was actually the Life primogenitor!

Appreance-wise, he was taking a humanoid form of a feathery green serpent with two folded wings behind his back.

Just like Lord Osiris, he was also wearing a weirdly square shaped hat.

It was red and was donned with many green lush feathers.

They thought that Lord Osiris might be making an appearence, but they never expected for even Lord Quetzalcoatl to come as well!

“It must due to Lord Khaos void domain mastery.” Jörmungandr reasoned.

Thats the only thing capable of alluring those two beings to emerge from their isolation.

After all, they were part of the original four primogenitors to master their own elemental domains.

“Lets go say hi.” Thor said as he walked towards Lord Khaos table.

When they were spotted approaching the table, Lord Quetzalcoatls eyes brightened up in delight.

“Brother Jurmi! Brother Thor! You guys are alive!” He exclaimed while standing up.

“Lord Quetzalcoatl, were you living under a rock or something” Thor said speechlessly.

“Haha! I have been spending my time in the spirit realm, so excuse my ignorance.” Lord Quetzalcoatl laughed as he stepped forth and hugged Thor and Jörmungandr together.

No one was weirded out by the hug, knowing that Lord Quetzalcoatl was extremely friendly.

After they broke the hug, Lord Quetzalcoatl smiled widely as he eyed Lady Sphinx.

Then, he approached her with his arms wide open, wanting to give her a hug too.

“Dont even think about it.” Lady Sphinx placed a palm on his face and shoved him away.

“Tsk, my intentions were honest.” Lord Quetzalcoatl clicked his tongue after being denied.

“Of course they were.” Lady Sphinxs lips twitched, knowing full well that Lord Quetzalcoatl was too playful.

If he was given even a tiny chance, he wouldnt hesitate to take advantage of her body.

The only reason he didnt have descendants was because he refused to be responsible over the birth of many races with control over life element.

In his eyes, life element wasnt a gift that could be spread out carelessly…Only those deemed worthy were allowed to have control over life.

“I hope you are doing well, Lord Osiris.” Lady Sphinx, Thor, and Jörmungandr greeted with a respectful serious tone.

Lord Quetzalcoatl was the only one overly friendly within the lords circle.

The others needed to be paid utmost respect.

Lord Osiris nodded his head faintly at them in response…Then, he returned to his frozen posture like he was mummified.

After greeting Lord Khaos and the other primogenitors on the table, they took a seat with them and joined their conversation.

“As I was saying, I have freed more than a thousand souls and revived them in new bodies just to piss the Souls Guardian.” Lord Quetzalcoatl chuckled.

“The hell Why are you pissing him off” Thor wondered with a baffled look.

“Well, he keeps kicking me outside the spirit realm every time I sneak inside.” Lord Quetzalcoatl coughed, “I just want to experience the spirits universe.

But he is being a cheapskate.”

“Interesting.” Lady Sphinx raised an eyebrow, “What method are you using to infiltrate the spirit realm I cant even peek at it for a few seconds with my spiritual vision before I get found out by him.”

The rest of the primogenitors had their ears perked up in intrigue as they approached the table.

After all, the spirit realm was one of the many unsolved enigmas in the universe!

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