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Chapter 818 – Crescent Battleaxe.

After Felix got the information he wanted about the spirit realm ticket, he ditched the gathering to start preparing for the next game.

Since he knew that artifacts were allowed in the games, he started training with his crescent battleaxe.

“Look at this beauty.” Felix placed the axe on his lap and caressed it gently, not helping himself but admire its dignified appearence.

Eee Eee!

Nimo got jealous and jumped on Felixs lap too.

He showed him his belly and gave him a puppy look, clearly asking for patting as well.

“You know I cant say no to that look.” Felix chuckled as he scratched Nimo belly, making him squirm around in happiness.

After feeding Nimo his daily dose of love, Felix picked him and placed him next to his playhouse.

Nimo went to wrestle with a couple of pets over toys, thoroughly ignoring Felix.

Felix knew that he couldnt be there always for Nimo when his schedule was always busy, so he created company for him in his UVRs room.

As for his growth It was slow, but there was progress.

After dealing with that little troublemaker, Felix returned to his training room and requested, “Queen, please place a couple of dummies in here.”

A moment later, the area around Felix was packed with static dummies.

Felix lifted the crescent battleaxe with one hand and placed it on his shoulder.

Then, he eyed the furthest dummy from him and hurled the axe as hard as he could!


By the time Felix blinked, the battleaxe had already cleaved the dummy from a five kilometer away and was returning to him at the same speed, not losing its momentum at all!

Albeit it was a bit terrifying for Felix to see the axe splitting the wind on its returning trajectory, he still extended his arm and caught it by the handle!

“Truly amazing.” Felix praised in admiration.

The crescent battleaxe was designed to always get caught by the handle when reaching the thrower!

The fact that it was able to cleave someone from five kilometers and return in less than two seconds was honestly too good to be true.

“Lets lace it now.” Felix grinned faintly as he placed his finger next to the sharp blade.

Black gooey liquid exited his finger as he run it across the entire blade.

Then, he requested the Queen to create another dummy a bit further than the previous one.

Instead of throwing the axe immediately, Felix decided to use one of the active abilities engraved on the futharks.

The battleaxe was embedded with twelve futharks.

Some of them were engraved with passive abilities that gets activated automatically during use.

Such acceleration futhark that helped the battleaxe at least triple its speed in its travel.

Or toughness futharks that made sure that the battleaxe wouldnt break easily.

The boomerang effect was also based on a passive futhark.

As for the active ones There were just three futharks.

Felix had already read them after he was given the full details about the battleaxe by the Queen.

“Lets test out the targeting futhark first.” Felix requested the Queen to activate it.

Just like nanosuits, Queen Ai was needed to activate the futharks since no one was able to control them directly like Dwarves.

‘Its on.

After hearing her confirmation, Felix aimed the crescent battleaxe at the furthest dummy and mumured,Lock on him.

‘Its done.

It didnt take even a moment before Queen Ai assured him that the target had been locked.

Felix knew that she wasnt bull**ing him since he could see that the futhark responsible for the ability was shimmering brightly.

Soon, he turned around and aimed at the ceiling of his training room.

Then, he threw the battleaxe in a single clean motion!


“Will you look at that.”

Felix grinned at the sight of the battleaxe suddenly curving from its direction and making a long wide half circle before reaching the targeted dummy and decapitating his head!

The poison wasnt even needed when the axes sharpness was off the charts!

The best part It continued traveling on its journey in a circular path until it was caught by Felixs hand!

“Not bad, not bad at all.”

The more Felix used the battleaxe, the more it grew on him.

It was simply too perfect for his battle style, if we didnt include void abilities.

Felix knew that he wouldnt be relying on void abilities forever.

So, the faster he mastered poison and lightning, the quicker he would get accustomed to a permanent and defined fighting style.

The fact that the battleaxe could be used as a ranged weapon as well as in melee made it possible for Felix to be flexible in his fights.

Felix spent the next eight hours doing nothing but playing with his battleaxe, appearing like a kid who wouldnt get enough of a new fun toy.

In those eight hours, Felix had created many new strategies that wouldnt have been possible without the battleaxes uniqueness.

Felix was most definitely going to be using them in the upcoming three vs three tournament if an opportunity presented itself!

Three days later…

Felix had been summoned to the arena with the rest of the chosen champions, who would be representing their ancestors.

This time, Felix was standing above Webors head while accompanied by Rotspawn.

Since this would be a three vs three tournament, the rest of the team had to watch the game from the stands.

“Welcome back Landlord, Starfollower, Gasmouth, and Dusthand.” Micheal greeted with a faint smile, “I am glad you have no issues with playing two games back to back.”

Felix wasnt the only player, who was planning to participate in all three games.

After all, nothing would help those players secure the MVP in the event besides having three spectacle performances in all three games.

“Shall we see the tournament brackets” Micheal inquired while displaying a holographic screen for the tournaments brackets.

Since there were only twelve teams participating in the tournament, the brackets placement was a bit weird.

“As you can see, during the semi-final, a team will be promoted straight to the final without needing to fight.” Micheal informed, “We have decided that the team with the best performance in the quarter-finals would be the one promoted to the finals straightaway.”

No one seemed to have an issue with that.

In fact, they would have protested if it was left to luck or such.

“The Queen will be responsible for randomizing the brackets placements.” Micheal said as he displayed a secondary hologram.

This one was showing the names of all teams.

It appeared as such:

//Saurouss team: Horrorscreamer, Duskbringer, Highbane

Manananggal team: : Leafsnarl, Warforge, Mistlash

Wendigo team: : Mildshine, Hellsworn, Humblebinder

Lord Dunes team: Starfollower, Sageslayer, Truthhunter

Jorōgumos team: Dusthand, Fallenstone, Spidermummy.


Aspidochelones team: Landlord, Webor, Rotspawn.

Achlys team: Gasmouth, Simplespirit, DeadlyMist//

Soon, the teams began shuffling until no one was able to recognize their own team.

Then, they were placed in each bracket in a randomized manner.

‘Hmm, we are facing Fog Crawlers in our first round. Felix thought inwardly after seeing his opponents.

‘Damn it, I hate those guys! Webor complained with an irritable look,Its impossible to hit them within the fog, and they always keep making me feel like crap with their mental attacks.

‘Stop whining, at least we didnt end up against dragons or the battle space worms in our first round. Rotspawn sighed in relief.

‘True, but we still need to be careful from those fog crawlers.

They can turn us against each other in the blink of an eye if we let down our guards. Felix knitted his eyebrows as he peeked at Gasmouth, Simplespirit, and DeadlyMist.

Just the appearence of fog crawlers was enough to give nightmares to anyone.

They resembled dragonflies with their crystal wide thin wings and long narrow abdomen.

Unlike dragonflies, they had eight pupiless white eyes spread out all over their head, giving them full view of their surroundings.

This made Felix understand that he was being watched at this moment by them even though they had their heads facing the front.

The creepiest part about them must be the gloomy gray fog that was being emitted constantly from two glands on their thin shoulders.

The fog wasnt dispraising by the wind, but it kept revolving around them, making them seem like they were floating in air…

“I hope it will be an enjoyable battle Miss Achlys.” Aspidochelone smiled politely while nodding his head at gorgeous blue-skinned woman, who was sitting on a cloud of a fog.

She was in a beautiful humanoid form, but primogenitors knew her true monstrous appearence.

An appearence that was harrowing enough, kids would cry just by a mere glance at her pictures.

“Likewise…” Achlys replied softly.

Although the primogenitors were chatting between each other, creating a small ruckus, Aspidochelone managed to hear her voice crystal clear.

After this interaction, no one else bothered Achlys, making her return into the darkness of the room.

They knew that she was absolutely not fun to interact with…Hell, even Lord Osiris wasnt as depressive as her.

“The battles will start from the left side of the brackets.” Micheal disclosed, “So, check your current placements in the tournament and be prepared to fight.”

“Not too horrible.” Felix mumured.

His teams placement was in the center of the brackets, which meant they would be the third battle for today.

As for the first fight It was actually Cherufes team against Wendigos team!

“Im willing to bet two divine treasures that brother Cherufes team will wipe the floor with those three in the first fifteen minutes of the game.” Thor grinned as he proposed, “Who will take me on”

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