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After three days the fatty blue worm brought Felix his delivery and left swiftly.

Felix immediately took the bloodline first and called Asna to prepare for the integration.

He was impatient to start.

After setting all of the potions necessary near him, he took the large needle and injected half the bottle in his heart, followed by the remaining half.

Asna already became proficient in reading memories and filtration, thus it took merely a couple of seconds before she found that the epic tier 5 he bought had a 12% of the Jörmungandr bloodline!

Hahahha!! Felix laughed in elation after finally hearing some good news.

He was truly about to lose his ** after failing 3 times to find a single drop of the ancestral bloodline within the previous bottles during the last three months.

Due to this, he got surpassed by the hard-working Noah and Olivia who already reached lesser purity a month before, while others were quite close to it.

Felix struggling to reach the lesser purity raised some suspicious bells in the elder\'s minds.

After all, Felix\'s affinity was not bad, but actually the third-best one in the family.

So for him to not reach lesser purity even after reaching the end of the training camp was truly strange in their opinion.

But they did not question him or scold him.

They simply left him be and do as he pleased.

The only thing they knew was that, if he didn\'t reach lesser purity next week by the end of the camp, he would get ganged up by them and beaten up for wasting the legendary bloodline potential.

Fortunately, that wouldn\'t be a problem anymore after obtaining 12% all at once.

Felix requested Asna to only use exactly 6% to merge with, leaving 6% for later.

He had no reason to torture himself anymore by adding as much as possible to lower the integration periods.

Because he currently had a 94% affinity rating, which meant he could integrate every few days without waiting too much.

Asna did as he asked and watched with a bored expression Felix grit his teeth with bloodshed eyes, enduring all of the pain without screaming anymore like a little girl.

This greatly saddens her, as she felt like another fun part of her already dreadful life was removed.


15 minutes later...

Felix did not pass out this time from the pain, but still, he lay on the ground with shallow breaths.

After a while, he moved his hands with difficulty and grabbed the rejuvenation potion.

After drinking two of those, he stood up and did his stretching routine to relieve his joints, then went to take a shower.

10 minutes later, he sat on the floor in a meditation position composedly.

Let\'s begin. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, diving deep within his memories to read the newly obtained information that he just unlocked.

It was time to see if he would unlock two abilities like before, or merely one ability like everyone else.

After a few seconds, Felix opened his eyes and grinned widely showing his crystal white teeth.

He blinked for a few moments without saying anything.

Just bathing in the euphoria of knowing that all of his efforts, struggles, and millions of SC thrown down the drain, were damn worth it after seeing the two active abilities that he unlocked.

*Poisonous Aura* and *Poison bomb*!

He said the names with clear agitation in his voice, as he knew that there were a few abilities that had only poison on it, without the classification of the type of poison used.

For example in normal situations, the *Poisonous Aura* should be a weakness, paralyze, or dizziness inducement aura and this was the same in the case of *Poison Bomb*.

But when the abilities only had poison without classification, it signified the horrifying truth, that Felix could use all types of poison in his aura and bombs.

This was the same as having hundreds of abilities in only two active abilities, it merely depended on Felix\'s way of using them.

That\'s why he was glad he continued treading on this path that kept rewarding his effort each time he reached a milestone.

Truly the Primogenitor Bloodline, the ruler and controller of poison element did not disappoint at all.

Felix suddenly logged in the UVR, impatient to test them in the Ability Measurement Center.

After a while, he reached the center and paid for the VIP room like before.

After entering, he was greeted by the same monotone AI.

Dear Sir, what types of abilities you want to test, physical, elemental, or mental

Elemental please. Felix answered.

Which element do you desire to test

Poison element.

As you wish sir.

Immediately after, the entire room got wider like before, but this time it got split into 4 areas.

The first one for testing offensive poison abilities.

The second one was for testing defensive poison abilities.

The third one was for testing environment adaptation abilities.

Lastly an area for testing the details of the poison used, such as the toxicity level, the period it took for the poison to take effect, or such information.

Felix went for the offensive area, as both of his abilities were attacking types.

The moment he stepped inside, the AI asked him.

How many training dummies do you need

Ten for now, and put them a meter away from each other, until the last dummy is 10 meters away from me.

As you wish sir.

Shortly after, ten silver dummies were created in front of Felix in a straight line.

Do you want them to have AI or remain stationary She asked

Stationary for now.

After Felix answered the last question, he shook his muscles to relax and exhaled a long breath.

Then called softly, Poisonous Aura.

The moment he activated the ability, his dreadful slits thinned until only a single line could be seen.

Then without a warning, a dark Purplish mist emerged furiously from all of his body pores until it reached the 8th dummy and stopped spreading further.

However, it remained active in an 8-meter diameter around Felix.

Just as Felix wanted to analyze his ability, his vision got muddled, like he was about to faint.

Felix knew what happened and deactivated his ability swiftly, not daring to continue having it on.

What the f*ck! how could it consume all of my energy in mere seconds. He breathed ruggedly with frowned eyebrows.

However, his doubts were soon cleared after hearing the AI scanning details.

Dummy number 1, 2, 3…8 were poisoned by 87 types of poisons.

Do you want me to name them Sir

Speechless, Felix stopped breathing at once after hearing the massive number of inducements he threw all at once.

He thought that his poisonous aura was utmost going to have 15 inducements or so, as he read before that there were legendary bloodlines that allowed the user to switch between either 3 inducements or even 5 inducements max.

So, he believed that his bloodline should at least have 15 inducements since his bloodline belonged to the primogenitor.

Yet, it turned out that his thinking was still limited to what he read, as he actually had a whopping 87 types of poison!

No wonder his energy did not last for a mere three seconds.

After all, his tank capacity was still quite pathetic to use this ability to its full potential.

\'Am I actually allowed to use any inducement I want\' His eyes couldn\'t help but brighten up at such a thought.

He knew before that it might actually be possible, but Felix was quite a pessimistic person, thus unless he saw it with his own eyes, he would not dare to believe it.

But now, what else could he say

87 inducement was enough to clear his doubts.

However, there was one minor doubt still stuck on his mind, and that was the current shown number of inducements, was it limited due to his body strength and energy tank, or that was just the total number in his possession

He knew that in the universe there were a lot more poisons than the mentioned number.

Whatever, 87 inducements or billion.

It wouldn\'t matter much if I wasn\'t able to use them properly. Felix smiled wryly and requested the AI to bring his energy back to full capacity for the second round.

He understood pretty clearly that he shouldn\'t be thinking about lusting for more inducements but to actually master using the ones that he currently had.

Otherwise, Asna would beat him up for not giving justice to the primogenitor bloodline.

The AI did as told, and soon Felix was back in shape again.

Alright let\'s try this again.

But this time I will only use Paralyze Inducement Aura,

Full of anticipation, Felix eyed at the dummies in front of him and called out loud, Paralyze Aura activate!


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