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Chapter 829 – Red Mercy at lt Again.

‘Indeed, his wounded pride will never let him live in peace. Voiceless snickered,He will pressure himself to prove his worth again before all.

This will result in him making many mistakes.

‘We just need to play it safe and take advantage of those mistakes. Truthhunter supported.

The space worms knew exactly what they were talking about.

They had fought against a few dragons in their past games within the platform, making them understand that none of them could accept being humiliated.

They were certain that Red Mercy would be making moves to kill them alone without informing his teammates.

As they expected, Red Mercys thought process was wholly different from what he strategized with his teammates.

‘If I find them first, I must kill them before the battle noise attract those two f*ckers. Red Mercy thought inwardly with a frigid expression.

His team had decided to split up to cover more grounds during their search for the space worms.

Though, they made sure that no one should engage when they locate them but ping off their location as fast as possible.

When it came to survival, it was close to impossible to kill a dragon who was fully focused on defending.

Meanwhile, the space worms didnt intend to hide forever in their spatial pocket until they see someone around them.

They might be fearful of their lives due to their trash physical and mental defenses, but they werent that passive in their fights.

They also decided to split and seek to locate Red Mercy.

Because they were jumping through spatial pockets, they were free of worry.

“Both teams are sweeping the entire map for each other.” Micheal commentated while displaying six screens, “Red Mercy will clash soon with Starfollower, while Summerspirit will meet with Truthhunter…This will be interesting.”

As he said, it didnt even a few seconds before Starfollower had spotted Red Mercys monstrous figure flying in his direction.

Because space worms looked through their antennas by drawing surfaces with spatial waves, he managed to identify Red Mercy even when he appeared as small as a pebble from a distance.

‘Found him boys. Starfollower notified while jumping back in his spatial pocket.

It didnt take his teammates even a split second to join him after receiving his message.

They simply opened two wormholes connecting to Starfollower position and traveled through it.

Wormholes were simply too overpowered for long-distance travel.

‘Lets begin before they decide to regroup. Voiceless said.

The other two nodded and waited until Red Mercy got a bit closer.

The moment he neared the range for their external space manipulation, they all jumped back to the real-world and surrounded Red Mercy from three directions!

“Space distortion!”

Before Red Mercy could react to their sudden triangle formation, his expression got twisted after sensing that the surrounding space was being distorted forcefully!

It appeared wavy like it was a mirage made from heat, but it was merely space getting wrapped!

“Red Mercy is in a pickle again!!” Micheal yelled with a delighted look.

A pickle was downplaying Red Mercy situation by a lot.

Felix and the rest of the viewers knew that Red Mercy had landed himself in a death trap!

Crack! Crack! Crack!!

Even with his abnormal defensive scales, the viewers could still hear his bones and joints snapping against his own will!

How could he defend himself against an attack directed at space itself!

‘F*ck! I will get killed like this! Red Mercy knew that he wasnt far off from having his brain blown out if he didnt counter-attack.

Instead of focusing on resisting space distortions, he channelled all of his focus on his flame manipulation.

Then, he shouted furiously, “HELLFIRE BURST!”

Abruptly, his scales opened up widely and released magnificent burst of hellish crimson flames!

The flame burst spread out rapidly in every direction akin to an explosion!

The space distortion affected the flames, making them appear wavy, but nothing else!

They still traveled towards the three space worms, burning their skin even when the flames were tens of meters away from them!

‘Pull backk! Truthhunter yelled out as he jumped within a spatial crack instantly.

The other two were forced to retreat too with fearful expressions, knowing that a single touch by those flames, and they would turn into ashes.

Unfortunately, after they retreated within their spatial pockets, Red Mercy was released from the space distortion.

His bones were cracked, and his wings were damaged pretty badly, making it hard for him to sustain his flight without wincing in pain.

Yet, at least he escaped from the death trap.

Knowing that he could be put in another one easily, he kept releasing his flames around him, covering more than seven hundred meters!

This range was too big for the space worms external manipulation, making them understand that they could only rely on their internal manipulation.

‘He is wounded badly, fire spatial blades at him! Voiceless shouted while jumping outside his spatial pocket.

Without further ado, the other two took positions, creating a triangle formation around Red Mercy again.

Then, they opened their mouths widely and released invisible blades at him!

They might be invisible, but the viewers couldnt help but suck a deep breath at the sight of the space being slashed continuously!

Yet, instead of leaving permanent damage in the spatial structure of the area, the space recovered almost instantly after the blades traveled past it.

When Red Mercy saw his flames being split by those blades, he knew that if they landed on him, he would lose more than a limb!

‘Flames Jets!

Instead of trying to block them, his feet and wings began releasing a massive amount of condensed blue flames, pushing him into the sky without requiring a single flap!!

“Tsk, he actually decided to escape.” Micheal clicked his tongue.

He wanted Red Mercy to keep fighting and hopefully end up dying under the hands of those space worms.

He was still not over the quarter-finals.

‘Red Mercy, are you the one fighting! Summerspirit yelled loudly.

‘Stop being such a d*ckhead and wait for our arrival! Nethercutter cursed.

They werent deaf.

The hellfire burst was loud enough it crossed many kilometers, making them suspect that it was Red Mercys doing.

After all, most of the space worms attacks were silent.

‘… Red Mercy ignored their messages and hardened his expression.

“Hmmm He is returning” Micheal raised an eyebrow in confusion after seeing Red Mercy circling back to the battle location!

“Pride is really a curse.” Felix shook his head in disapproval at Red Mercys idiotic decision.

In his eyes, he should have retreated and waited until his bones heal back.

Then, regroup with his teammates and wait for the space worms to resurface again.

Yet, he was doing the total opposite.

Felix understood that Red Mercy was trying to kill the space worms before his allies arrival.

‘He is coming back, what do we do Starfollower asked.

‘We cant retreat. Voiceless said,The moment the other two arrives, they will never leave his side again and force him to be a team player.

It will be ten times harder to kill them then.

‘I agree, he must die now. Truthhunter nodded.

Upon making their decision, they focused on Red Mercy and started firing off more spatial blades at him.

Red Mercy kept evading them easily due to his elemental thrusters, boosting his speed immensely.

Instead of continuing to approach them, Red Mercy began circulating hundreds of meters above them, focusing mostly on evading their attacks.

While he was doing so, a small dark red orb was being created in his throat carefully.

Because he was doing it so slow, no one noticed him.

The indication of dragon breath being created was the scales on a dragons neck start expelling some light.

But in this case It was as dark as the night, making the space worms continue assaulting him from a distance, not realizing that he was preparing his killer move!

“I think he is buying time for his allies!” Micheal commentated with a surprised look, “Red Mercy actually used his brain instead of his guts in a battle Its a miracle.”

The viewers thought the same since they had expected that Red Mercy would charge at the space worms immediately.

When the space worms figured that Red Mercy had no plans to attack them, they started to consider retreating for real.

After all, they couldnt kill him with their external manipulation since his flame range far surpasses theirs.

This meant, they would get toasted if they dared to use it.

As for their internal manipulation They could utmost use those ranged blades and hope that one land on him.

The rest of their abilities required their enemy to be in their manipulation range.

After all, they were space elementalists, and they needed their enemies to be on theirspace to affect them.

If it were any other race, they would have a much easier time playing with them to death.

Alas, dragons were a different breed.

‘Its time.

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