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Over 5 million people died in one day, because of that transmission.

The elderly who had cardio problems, died due to heart attacks because their hearts were too fragile to handle the flood of emotions that raised their blood pressure to the limit after the end of the transmission.

Drivers lost control of their vehicles, due to a momentary blankness that assaulted them during the transmission and after it.

This caused tens of thousands of vehicles crashing into each other on the highways and roads worldwide.

Planes Pilots, who were about to land, failed to do so properly, due to the same reason as the drivers.

Planes crashed into each other during flight, as the air traffic control tower did not notify them to change their paths.

Every surgeon who was doing a serious operation made errors, that caused the death of their patients.

Trains collided...and many more catastrophes.


That day the sky rained flames and bodies.

Every road on the world was filled with wails of people begging for help, as thousands of corpses laid on the ground unmoving.

Airports were crushed by some planes who failed to land properly or ones who did not manage to stop on time as they smashed into the airport buildings.

Hospitals were filled with elderly who suddenly died of a heart attack, and patients who died on the operation tables, and much more gruesome deaths...

Yet, that was only the beginning of The Great Chaos.

What followed after was the true chaos.

As 8 billion people were scared **less when they realized that everyone on the entire planet heard the same transmission and not just them individually.

The sheer power needed to do this kind of action was unfathomable in their minds.

The brave ones left their houses to see the chaotic situation that resulted from the decree, while the weak-minded people closed their windows and doors as they read the news on the TV and internet, which was filled with people sharing pictures and videos from the horrors in their countries using a hashtag #Chaos.

The Majority of people believed that the extraterrestrial was not messing around, and they would really invade them if their presidents decided to go to war with them.

And so, they started frenzy buying and looting food, water, and other necessities to hoard them as much as possible due to the fear of an unknown future.

While the prices of luxury materials hit rock bottom, not even reaching 5% of their original prices.

Gold, silver, gems, metals, concrete, and all those resources that had no value in the face of survival were thrown in the market like some cheap rocks to be traded for other important resources.

Yet no one bothered to buy them or pick them.

After all, who would waste space on a piece of metal that only had value in peaceful times

And these times were definitely not peaceful.

Meanwhile, the presidents and kings of the countries in the world were freaking out even harder than the civilians, since they were used to living in the center of attention and having peak authority in their country, controlling the faith of the population.

Yet now everything turned into a huge joke as they heard the decree.

They knew they were not prepared for war.

Just a small taste of the invaders\' power managed to kill 5 million worldwide instantly.

So, they could only gather at the United Nation meeting to make a decision.

7 days later...

The countries made a vote to send the UN spokesperson to scout their spaceship and make a decision based on the information he received.

Half a day later.

The spokesperson left their spaceship with fear and a hint of excitement in his eyes.

No one knew except the world leaders what he saw and heard there.

The only thing known to everyone was that the spokesperson chose the 3rd choice, which was joining The Supremacy Games Alliance.


Felix who was deep in his thought suddenly woke up from a cold breeze.

He realized the sun was about the set.

So he closed his journal that was filled with details of his plan and returned to the hotel.

The moment he reached there he saw servants, maids, and bodyguards crowding over a small area and gossiping with hushed voices.

He walked to that spot with curiosity in his face.

As he reached, he started wiggle inside the crowd.

Let me through; let me pass through, ** who stepped on my leg!

When the bodyguards heard Felix\'s voice, they started to push others to make a path for him to walk through.

Soon after, he saw a man wearing a construction outfit with some metal hooks by the waist, lying on the ground with one of his arms bent in the opposite direction, while one of his knee caps was snapped in half.

Next to him were one male and one female, wearing doctor white coats.

One was pushing a needle inside the bloodstream of the man who was broken like a vase and the other was checking his broken limbs.

Felix had a bad feeling after seeing this scene.

He poked Jack who was next to him and asked out loud, Tell me what the hell happened here in my absence, I do not tolerate my people being harmed in any form.

Jack replied back with a whisper, Young master this is Kled, the only repairman on the island.

Unfortunately, he had an incident when he was fixing the elevator.

He continued while scratching his head in confusion.

For some reason, he was rushing to fix it as fast as possible like he was in a race with someone.

Yet, The most amazing thing was that he spent only 3 hours to fix it.

But just as he wanted to celebrate, the metal pole that he was hanging from broke in half, due to rust corroding its interior.

Because of that, he fell down.

He sighed in relief, Thankfully, the elevator roof was near him, so he was badly wounded but not flat out dead.

Leila summoned the Island hospital doctors to check on his condition.

Felix stiffly listened to Jack retelling the events that transpired in his absence.

I see, Fortunately, he did not die, go inform Leila to take care of his medical bills in my name, and make sure to serve him whatever he desired in the hospital.

Jack who thought that Felix was being kind replied with his chest out, As you wish young master, it\'s truly our blessing for being your subordinates.

Felix smiled wryly and thought, \'I doubt that.

If it was not for me forcing Leila to take extreme measures to fulfill my request, he would still be fine.\'

He turned around and walked towards the elevator while frowning his eyebrows.

\'This is my second lapse of judgment.

I\'m still not used to the fact that earthling\'s bodies are still fragile that can die with a single mistake.\'

He stared at the elevator for second and said under his breath, Mister Kled, Don\'t worry it won\'t be long before your body returns to its peak form again.

Just wait a while, as The Invitation is just up the corner.

\'It\'s time to start adapting to my weak body or else I will end up dead from overestimating my own strength sooner or later.\'

He glanced at the elevator one last time and walked towards the stairs.

He planned to climb them to reach his suite, which was on the 30th floor!

Just as he started to climb with determination on his face, he saw Leila weeping while sitting on a stair.

Felix sighed at this sight and sat next to her.

He patted her shoulder gently and apologized, I am sorry for making you go through this.

Kled Injuries are completely on me, so don\'t beat yourself up over it, since I will take care of everything soon.

Without waiting for her to replay, Felix climbed the staircase.

As he climbed further and further away, he heard her say out loud, young master Felix, the elevator is fixed why didn\'t you use it

Because I don\'t deserve it, you guys use it.

From now on, I will only use the stairs to atone for my mistake.

Meanwhile, his true thoughts were actually to start training his stamina continuously by using them.

After all, he couldn\'t just wait and do nothing, simply because he knew that the invitation would arrive 15 days later.

It\'s better to train in order to get his body a little bit ready for the hellish pain that would come when he tries to awaken by integrating a bloodline.


15 minutes later...

Felix dropped on his knees while taking in sharp breaths each second after reaching his floor.

He tried to call for the servants, but his dry hoarse voice didn\'t manage to travel far.

So he gave up and lay there on the ground, with his chest rising up and down.

\'Can I really do this each day It seems impossible with my stamina.\'

He shook his head and tried to stand up.

\'Get a grip Felix, you were lazy in your previous life and that cost you dearly.

It\'s time to start taking integration seriously.

And the first step is conquering those stairs of doom.\'

Afterward, he walked slowly towards his suite while leaning on the wall as a support.

A couple of minutes later.

He removed his clothes and wore a pajama then dropped on the bed with eyes closed shut and relaxed expression.

He was truly dead tired.


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