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Chapter 858 – Finally Caught Up!

Countless giant flaming boulders had been hurled into the sky, piercing through the dark clouds.

A torrent of lava surged from the volcanos mouth and began spilling over it, rapidly falling towards the forest.

To make matters worse, the eruption had caused more lava to surge from the cracks on the volcano and ground!

Yet, neither Felix nor the viewers were eying the spilling lava…All of them were allured by one of the most magnificent phenomena that could be observed.

The clouds had been set aflame by the flaming boulders!

This resulted in the oil rain to experience the same fate, making it seem like the sky was raining drops of fire!

“Take cover!!” Felix yelled out loud the moment he woke up from his daze.

Webor and the others didnt hesitate to create gigantic umbrellas made out of solidified earth, protecting them from getting touched by the rain fire.

Just to be extra safe, they covered themselves with a muddy skin, making sure that their tainted bodies with oil wouldnt catch on fire anytime soon.

With 20% fire resistance reduction, they knew that heat wasnt going to a pleasant experience.

Meanwhile, Felix simply engulfed himself in a type of brown sticky poison.

It was capable of attaching itself to the oil drops and pull them from his skin.

Before the fire rain could touch it and set everything in flames, Felix extracted it and threw it away.

‘Electrical field!


Rampaging electricity surrounded him, smashing anything that it touched, from rocks, trees, and even the fire raindrops.

This was Felixs idea of a proper shield since he couldnt wear his suit or hide within his void realm.

As for his void domain He was unable to use too since it required him to open a void rift to fuel it.

But anything related to interdimensional was banned in this game!

“Captain! No need to waste your energy, just come hide in my shell.” Webor proposed.

“Dont worry about me and prepare for impact!” Felix responded while glancing at the falling meteors.

The hundreds of giant flaming boulders had finally penetrated the clouds and started descending all over the floor!

With a simple scan, Felix had recognized that not a single area was safe from their landing zone.

Boom Boomm!!

Just when things couldnt get any worse, giant lava pillars began to burst from the ground, forcing them to evade them at all cost.

It was effortless for Felix due to his size and speed, but the same couldnt apply to his teammates.

Although they get warned by the tremors, they were still having difficulty evading them when they kept popping all over the place akin to mushrooms.

“F*ck, this is getting too hard!” Rotspawn cursed in irritation.

“The moment you feel the tremors of the lava pillars, use your earth manipulation and harden the ground above them!” Nina advised while using this plan to keep the lava pillars from surfacing.

It worked great since the only reason the ground was unable to contain the lava was due to its feeble quality.

If hardened, the lava would have no choice but remain underground obediently!

The others copied her strategy and made sure to use only on the lava pillars that were actually threatening them.

This helped them switch most of their focus back to the falling meteors.

“Here they come!”


The instant Felix shouted, two gigantic meteors struck tens of meters ahead of him.

Felix guarded his face while toughening his skin, preparing for the heatwave to smash through him.

‘F*ck, so hot!

He handled the shockwave just fine, but the heat was truly unbearable.

After all, he wasnt wearing symbiote suit and his already trash fire resistance had taken another hit with the reduction.

Unfortunately for him, the meteors werent going to wait until he adapted to the heat as they kept bombarding the surrounding area.

The viewers were surprised to see that not a single meteor had actually targeted him.

In the eyes of the viewers, Felix seemed like he was getting lucky.

But in reality, Felix was creating the safest path for him to reach the edge of the forest by simply studying the meteors trajectories and predicting the lava pillars with his infrared vision.

‘Two will land fifty meters to the right side, one will land behind me exactly two seconds later, three will land consecutively at sixty, seventy, and ninety meters ahead, two lava pillars will pop out to my right and left in two seconds…

With such predictions, he wasnt forced to make large movements to evade the meteors or the lava pillars.

He simply increased or reduced his speed while still sprinting in an almost straight line, appearing like a man who was watched over by the goddess of luck!

On the other hand, his teammates had a thoroughly different method of dealing with the meteors.


They kept using their earth manipulation to change the meteors trajectory, forcing them to land further away from them!

If it wasnt for their numbers being too much and their focus being split to deal with the lava pillars, they would have been able to actually stop them midair the moment they enter their manipulation range!

“It looks like Landlords team has dealt with the meteors situation, but what will they do about the approaching lava” Micheal commentated while displaying the spilling lava continuing to fill up the floor.

At least half of the volcanos surrounding area had been fallen under the jurisdiction of lava.

Based on its slow but steady speed, the viewers realized that it wouldnt be long before entire floor fall victim to this catastrophe.

After a short while, Felix and his teammates finally reached the towers wall…It was pitch black, making anyone, who was looking it, start tripping that they were staring into the void.

“What now, captain” Webor inquired while staring at the approaching the lava from everywhere and the incoming meteors.

Just because they reached the end of the floor, it didnt mean that they were out of the meteors strike zone.

“Now, we build a base.” Felix ordered swiftly, “Girls will be responsible for protecting us from the meteors.

Boys, you start building a solidified hill immediately to gain some height over the lava.”

“Smart, as long as they keep repairing the hill, the lava will pose no dangers to them.” Selphie smiled as she watched Felix stand causally above Webors head while giving orders.

Honestly, Felix wanted to do more than just give orders…But, in this floor and with the limitations imposed on him, he was quite useless.


Felix dropped those thoughts and focused on the rising gigantic hill underneath them.

It was big enough all of them were able to stand on it comfortably.

Still, they kept improving on it until it was turned into a fortified castle!

“Captain Felix, the meteors shower is running thin.” Barbyclaw disclosed in delight.

“It was about time.”

Felix nodded while glancing at the sky.

As she said, there were a mere couple of meteors still falling down.

As for the inflamed cloud It had already been replaced by the volcanos dark smog, making the atmosphere even more depressing.

“Its here.” Felix eyed the lava sea underneath him causally, completely confident that the fortified castle wasnt going to be affected heavily by it.

With everyone focusing on repairing the damages, there was nothing to fear anymore from this floor.

The lava pillars had stopped a while ago, the meteor shower had ended, and the sea of lava was as peaceful as normal sea.

“Phew, if it was this tough on us, I dont dare to think about what will happen to the others.” Webor sighed with an exhausted expression.

“Dont underestimate them.” Felix shook his head, “They will find a way to manage even if they dont have the same advantages as us.”

Sure not everyone could build a hill to stay safe from the lava, but Felix believed that there were many other options.

If the players truly were at their wits end, they could always climb the wall to avoid the lava.

There was no way a survival challenge would be created without a small chance of surviving it.

Sometime later…

“Look, the lava is cooling.” Webor shared while pointing at the sea of lava.

It shouldnt really be referred to as a sea of lava any longer since it was starting to resemble cracked ground.

“I guess we are close to the concl…”

-Congratulation challengers.-

-You have successfully survived the volcanic eruption and met the conditions to climb to the fourth floor.-

-Time taken…Calculating…15 minutes and 21 seconds-

“Another floor conquered by Landlords team!” Micheal expressed feverishly.

“I cant believe it, they have really caught up to Sirens team and Kumihos team!”

“It didnt take them even twenty minutes!”

“The other teams are still at the first and second floor…”

The viewers shared the same sentiment as Micheal, feeling that Felixs team climb was simply too fast.

Even the doubters had been silenced.

Sirens team and Kumihos team were more ahead than the rest by a whole hour, yet they were still caught!

“Those two teams are still struggling in the fourth floor.” Micheal wondered in anticipation, “Do you think Landlords team will be able to surpass them and be the first to enter the ancestral floor”

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