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Chapter 861 – Refusing to Come Out!

“It looks like you havent told him anything about me.” Pleased, Erebus smiled while glancing at Lady Sphinx and the rest of Felixs masters.

“Thats only natural.” Lady Sphinx replied calmly.

Since there wasnt really any rule or contract that enforced keeping the primogenitors information within the circle, no one would really know whether someone spread them or not.

It all depended on mutual respect.

“Even if they were told about your abilities, what can they do against them” Saurous sneered, “The copy will never leave the shadow realm when it can simply pull others to it.”

“Indeed, if the Erebus copy refused to leave the shadow realm, there is really nothing much they can do to harm it.” Lord Quetzalcoatl supported.

“They cant deal with shadows on the outside either since they are being powered by an entire realm.” Wendigo added salt to the wound.

The normal citizen believed that the shadow realm was born with the universe just like the void realm.

The primogenitors champion and other informed individuals were certain that the God of Shadows had created the realm for the sake of giving his descendants a place to live together.

But the real truth Erebus had created the shadow realm for the sole purpose of strengthening himself!

When fighting other primogenitors, he realized that he could never inflict harm to them with his shadow abilities.

They were simply too weak.

So, he worked extremely hard to create his ultimate ability, the shadow realm.

Although it was called a realm, it wasnt as perfect as the void realm that was completely mirroring the universe.

The shadow realm exists only when there were shadows to be used as gates.

But, this was more than enough for Erebus since he simply needed access to his shadow realm to empower his abilities!

Unfortunately for other shadowborns, they could never take advantage of the shadow realm due to not having Erebus ultimate ability.

“They are lucky that your copy possess only 1% of your original strength.” Mannangal said, “Otherwise, a single shadow of a tiny needle would be enough to delete the entire city out of existence.”

“Well, if they managed to impress me with a strategy or a tactic, I will consider giving them a pass.” Erebus chuckled, “I didnt consider that my copy will use my most obnoxious fighting style.”

“Its obnoxious alright.” Saurous grinned while eying Felix, “But, that little bastard deserve to have a small taste of what his opponents feel.”

“Thats a bit harsh…But, you are right.”

Felix had been giving hell to their champions with his void abilities and especially the loathsome fighting style of firing abilities from the void realm.

Now, it was his time to be on the receiving end!

While the primogenitors were discussing him, Felix had just regrouped with his teammates after they were allowed to reenter the floor.

Currently, they were hiding deep underground with frustrated expressions.

They had already updated each other with everything they had seen or felt.

“I cant believe we have been taken to the shadow realm.” Rotspawn sweated a little, “I swear we didnt feel even an ounce of spatial fluctuations.”

“Thats normal.” Nina sighed, “The shadow realm might be in a different dimension, but it doesnt require space cracks or such to access it.

The shadows acted as open gate for everyone to access.”

“What do we do now” Webor wondered nervously.

“Nothing changed.” Felix replied, “We have to try baiting out Erebus.”

“But how” Rotspawn knitted his eyebrows, “I dont see him ever stepping out when he could dominate us with his abnormal strong shadows on the outside.”

None of them forgot how impossible it was to get rid of that shadowy suit.

“Next time, I will allow myself to get caught.” Felix informed, “I need to see if I can scout the shadow realm.”

“You will get killed just like us.” Nina shook her head, “I advise against it.”

“Same.” Webor nodded, “I know you have blink ability and can jump in the void realm, but he will not allow you even the time to activate them before you find yourself in front of the gate.”

“Still, I need to try.” Felix smiled, “We have infinite respawns, so nothing we do is wrong.

Doing nothing is the only wrong thing at the moment.”

Felix knew that he couldnt remain hidden within the void realm and simply watch from afar, hoping that Erebus copy might grow bored and come out of its own.

He needed to be proactive even if it was going to lead to his death.

They were given infinite respawn for this sole reason…Die and try again until you finally defeat the copy or at least impress the primogenitors.

After his decision was made, the others stopped going against him and decided to wait for him.

“It seems like Landlord is planning to have a go on his own.” Micheal commentated with a wide smile, “This will be fun.”

Soon, Felix returned to the surface of the city and started examining the surrounding area, marking every single shadow that caught his eyes.

More than three hundred shadows even though this is the area with the fewest number of shadows in the city.

Felix narrowed his eyes in focus, knowing that he could be attacked from almost all directions at any given moment.

Since he had shown himself in the open, he knew that Erebus copy would be forced to make a move on him whether he liked it or not.

If it wasnt designed as such, Erebus copy wouldnt even bother to engage with Felix in combat since his goal was to stop them from climbing the tower.

Phew Phew Phew!

As expected, the shadows nearby Felix had all turned into cannon launchers, as they kept firing shadowy spheres at him with different sizes!


Felix activated his supersonic mode and started evading them, knowing that if he was touched by one of them, they would stick to him akin to glue!

If many of them got stuck on him, he would end up in the same situation as his teammates.

Although Felixs goal from this fight was to get caught, he didnt want to actively do so without trying to force out some new abilities from Erebus copy.

“Landlords fine footwork is always a pleasant experience.” Micheal shook his head, “But, if this is all he can do at the moment, he should retreat and come up with a real strategy.”

When the shadowy projectiles were deemed useless against Felixs speed and intuition, Erebus copy had decided to step it up a notch.

Whoosh Whoosh…!

Under the surprised looks of the viewers, tens of towering humanoid and monstrous creatures had emerged from within the shadow pools!

This again! Felixs lips twitched after recalling Jrmungandrs poison puppets.

He was traumatized by them in the past three days, making him unable to underestimate those shadowy puppets.

Szlzlzlz Szlzlzlz!

Still, he wasnt afraid of them one bit…He created two long and thick whips made out of golden electricity.


Felix launched himself at the nearest shadowy giant puppet and swung his electrical whip at his head!


Thunderous noise boomed as the electrical whip passed by the shadow puppets head, severing it in a clean manner.

Yet, it didnt die or disappear as some viewers believed…It merely remained standing for a split second before a new head had grown from its neck.

Then, it lowered its head and glanced at Felix with its empty shadowy sockets.

Without an ounce of mercy, the shadow puppet tightened its gigantic fist and swung it at Felix!


Felix dodged it by pulling himself with his electrical whip towards a light pole…Felix climbed to the top and stared at the incoming shadowy puppets with a deep frown.

How is this ** fair He complained,When I hit them, my attacks pass through like they were ghosts.

When they attack me, the force is enough to crush the asphalt.

Alas, b*tching about his situation wasnt going to change anything.

Those puppets werent going to wait for him until he figured out a method to deal with them.

Boom Boom Boom!

They kept thrashing the place, trying to hit the illusive Felix at any cost.

Obviously, Erebus copy didnt just send them alone without back up.

He continued to fire his projectiles while also using the same tentacles, hoping to capture Felix.

There was so much going on, the viewers were both awed by Felixs maneuverability without using his teleportation; and at the same time, fearful to be in his situation.

This was the first time they saw the true terror of shadow element at the right hands!

Even the shadowborns were ashamed that they were incapable of switching the properties of their shadows just like Erebus copy.

Unbeknownst to them, they could never do it without having control over the shadow realm.

He is really adamant at staying inside even though I am clearly giving him hard time. Felix cursed in irritation.

He even used his void abilities and took care of a few shadow puppets, hoping that his demonstration of strength would make Erebus copy reconsider coming out.


F*ck it, its time to pay him a visit. Felix finally had enough and decided to enter the shadow realm!

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