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Chapter 874 The Awards Ceremony

“Why wont we dare” Thor wasnt fazed at all by his outburst, “We took a vote on it.

Are you certain about not accepting the verdict”


Manananggal could only eye him murderously, knowing that nothing he said was going to change the outcome.

Whenever the primogenitors gathered, all decisions that affected them were voted on by everyone.

Since it was extremely difficult for them to be biased against each other due to their neutrality, the decisions taken were always honored.

If Manananggal decided to keep causing a scene and not accept their decision, he would be truly shunned out of the circle for real.

This had nothing to do with Felix or even the game.

All of them simply believed that Manananggal needed to be punished at least a little for ruining the game like this.

“Lets go brother.” Wendigo frowned as he patted Manananggal, “It looks like ourfriends arent thinking straight today.”

No one bothered to comment at his snarky remark…They simply watched them disintegrate into light particles while still seething.

“Are we really doing this”

The moment they left, Jorōgumo had gotten cold feet and decided not to contact Micheal.

“It has to be done.” Aspidochelone stressed, “His biased actions have made us looks like fools before our descendants.

If he doesnt get punished, everyone will start thinking that our interferences are the norm and this will affect their performance in the future games.”

“Indeed.” Thor supported, “I understand his hate for us, but taking it on our team in such an unsavory way is truly unpleasant…If their teams have landed against my copy, I would have never blocked them like that.”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Seeing that no one was against it, Jorōgumo could only respect their decision and contact Micheal, telling him exactly what he needed to say during the awards ceremony.

‘Mother, I wont get in trouble for this right Micheal gulped fearfully at the thought of making such a damning announcement.

‘Stop being a scaredy-cat and do it. Jorōgumo chided,Will he dare lay his fingers on you in my presence

‘As you command…

After five minutes break, the award ceremony had finally started.

All the teams were required to remain in the arena since the award ceremony would include even the rewards for the best three performers in the entire event.

Under the envious eyes of the players and the applause of the viewers, the dragons began accepting their prizes one by one until prince Dominos turn arrived.

Since he wasnt here, and he clearly refused to acknowledge his prize, everyone thought that it would be given to the second-best performer in the team.

“Cough, under direct orders from the ancestors, it has been decided that elder Manananggal will be receiving the last treasure…”

Micheal felt like his back was being pierced by three sets of eyes with each word that came out of his mouth.

He wasnt imagining it at all as the Darkin faction continued watching the stream after they left the gathering, believing that their peers might hold back from embarrassing Manananggal like this.


“They really did it…Those motherf*ckers really went for it.”

Shocked and peeved, Saurous could only stare at the dumbfounded and horrified looks of the viewers after hearing the announcement.

As for Manananggal, he was too angry to even comment.


When the crowd noticed that Micheal was being for real, they all exploded in a frenzied reaction, not daring to believe that prince Dominos joke was actually taken seriously by their ancestors!!

“Sheesh, they really did him dirty.” Felix raised his eyebrows in surprise as he glanced at the primogenitors lounge.

‘He deserves even worse. Asna laughed in amusement,Still, this is good enough to ruin his week.

Neither did Felix nor the rest of the players thought that the primogenitors would take action against Manananggal.

After all, he was one of them, and it wouldnt look good to make an example of him in front of their descendants.

Only now were they reminded that each primogenitor had a strong unbreakable character…They could play politics but when it was time to take actions, they wouldnt hesitate to act even against one of their own!

“Lets carry on with the ceremony.” Micheal hastened the ceremony, not daring to piss off Manananggal even further.

“Throughout the entire event, we have witnessed many wonderful battles and extraordinary performances…To award those players, who pushed themselves to the limit, the ancestors have prepared those special goodies.”

Micheal beamed three shimmering treasures that made the players salivate just by the sight of them.

“For the third-best performer, you will be rewarded with perfect photographic memory potion.” Micheal announced while highlighting the potion.

All the players glanced at the primogenitors lounge with hopeful eyes, knowing that they would be the ones voting on the three best performers.

“So, what do you think” Siren inquired while glancing at her peers.

“If Prince Domino was still here, I would have voted for him.” Kumiho said.

“Indeed, his performance in the last game does warrant him to win at least the third prize.”

If prince Domino participated in the other two games, he would have had much better chances at being the first or second rank in the event.

“I guess we can vote on Rotspawn or Webor for third place” Thor praised, “They did well in both games and if it wasnt for that retard, they would have won two games back to back.”


“Sounds good to me.”

“Pick one then.”

The primogenitors agreed with his opinion.

Compared to the other players, those two had been pretty active in both games and actually reached the top in them.

Still, only one of them could be chosen since the second and first place had already been decided.

After a brief discussion, they had decided to name Webor as the third-best performer because of his cute personality since their performance was truly too close.

“Quieten down everyone, I have received the verdict.” Micheal raised his hand in the air to silence the noisy crowd.

When he saw that everyone was staring at him intensely, he smiled widely and pointed his finger at Webor, “Congratulation Sir Webor, you have been selected as the third-best performer in the event!”

Clap Clap Clap!

A thunderous applause followed as both the players and the viewers werent disappointed with the decision…Webor enjoyed great popularity due to his sweet and chatty personality.

“Congratulation.” Felix smiled while patting Webor in the foot, truly happy for him.

“You are about to have perfect memory, you better read some books, or I beat you up.” Barbyclaw warned.

“Heheh, I really didnt think I will win something.” Webor smiled foolishly as he took in their teasing.

Soon, the applause died down and Micheal took the opportunity to introduce the winner of the second rank.

“Summerspirit, your performance has been brilliant in both the second and third game, which pleased the ancestors.” Micheal beamed a golden small ring and smiled, “They felt that no one is more deserving of this ring than you.”

No one was shocked to hear his name, knowing that he was the only one who reached the finals of the tournament and also the winner of the last game.

Summerspirit nodded respectfully at the primogenitors lounge and refrained from making a scene even though he had won a ring with a habitable dimensional ring in it!

Such a treasure couldnt be bought or traded even if one wanted since it was crafted personally by elder Cyclope.

“Last but not least…”

Micheal beamed a small slip of normal-looking paper and held it in his hand like he was touching the most precious treasure in his life.

“A piece of Lord Osiris death note…Capable of extinguishing the life of any person with their names written on it.” Micheal explained while breathing a bit ruggedly.

Although it was merely a UVR copy, he felt like he was holding the fates of everyone in the universe…Technically, not everyone since Lord Osiris had limited its use to only those below race leaders and such, but it was still a big deal.

“The MPV of this years event and the owner of this extraordinary weapon is…”

The moment Micheal paused, everyone turned to glance at Felix with mixed looks.

A few were happy for him like Selphie and his teammates, but the majority were looking at him like the grim reaper walking among them.

Everyone knew that Felix was the most consistent performer in all three games…Even the haters had no way of disparaging his achievements as he was the only one to win two games back to back and get robbed out of the last one.

If he wasnt robbed, he would have been one of the first players to win three games in the history of the yearly gathering!

“Not needing any further introduction…” Micheal extended his palm at Felix and hallowed passionately, “Give another round of applause to your unanimously decided MVP, LANDLOORD!!”

Clap Clap Clap…! Roar! Roar!

Some clapped, some roared, some screamed…All it mattered was that no one pulled back in their cheering besides the three known hateful races!

“Thank you.” Felix smiled faintly as he waved his hand in appreciation.

Not a single human was in the stands, yet he was still shown love and support…Thoroughly different from what he went through at the very beginning of the event.

‘Heh, they are most likely scared of the death note. Asna chuckled,At the moment, everyone will try to either befriend you or f*ck off from your path.

When Felix had received the death notes slip by Micheal, he also felt that the atmosphere had changed around him.

The viewers were still cheering and the surrounding players were clapping their hands too…But, he could see true dread in their eyes.

In fact, some of them refused to even look at him straight in the eyes.

‘So, this is the power of a god of death. Felix smirked while pocketing the slip of paper,Not bad, not bad at all.

Although he appreciated the feeling of power it gave him, Felix wasnt planning to keep the death nots piece.

He was going to trade it in for a favor from the primogenitors!

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