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Chapter 875 Good News and Bad News

In Felixs eyes, there was no point in keeping the death notes piece.

It was much better to use its deterrence to keep others in check.

After all, how would they know whether he had it or not if he didnt expose the fact that he traded it for a favor

If it was able to kill even race leaders or beings above them, then he would never trade it with anything else.

Alas, he had no use for a weapon that was capable of killing those within his own reach.


After the ceremony ended, the teams were told to join the after party if they were interested in participating.

Felix was planning to pass on it since the primogenitors would be having their own separate after party.

Instead of wasting his time in it, he went to take a long night of sleep after being awake and active for three days straight.


The Next Morning…

Felix could be sitting with his masters and Asna at a long rectangle table that was headed by the ever so mysterious Lord Khaos.

“Whats the purpose of this meeting.” Lord Khaos inquired calmly.

“I have traded my MVP reward for a favor.” Felix requested with a firm tone, “I would like to receive it from you.”

“Hmm…” Lord Khaos looked at him for a few seconds before nodding, “What do you desire”

“I was wondering if you can make a suit that is immune to void energy” Felix asked with a hopeful tone.

Felix was thoroughly over getting nude every time he needed to enter the void realm or use his void domain.

Although his shame had died a long while ago, it didnt mean that he liked going nude.

He would rather trade the death notes piece for a more practice suit that would keep his integrity for the next years.

“If it thats your request, then there is no need to waste a favor for it.” Lord Khaos assured, “I will make one for you in the upcoming days.”

Felix was delighted to hear so.

Although he came for a suit like the symbiote suit, he didnt really know if it was possible for Lord Khaos to make it.

Now, it wasnt just confirmed, he would be getting it for free He was truly over the moon!

“Thank you lord.” Felix bowed his head in appreciation, not planning on rejecting his good will.

He knew that Lord Khaos must have been pleased with his performance in the event to hand him this reward.

Lord Khaos nodded at him and asked, “How is little Nimo doing”

“Great actually…Wait, let me bring him.” Felix swiftly teleported Nimo from the playhouse in his UVRs room.

Eee Eee!

The moment Nimo saw Felix, he jumped in his arms and began rubbing against him cutely.

His size had already grown to almost the size of a dog, making Lord Khaos pleased by his growth.

“Good, keep taking care of him well.” After checking on Nimo, Lord Khaos nodded at Thor and the others, then he teleported away.

“For the love of me, I have no idea what plans he has for Nimo.” Thor scratched his beard in intrigue.

“We dont need to worry about any of this.” Lady Sphinx said composedly, “By the time he would have a use for him, Nimo would have already gained intellect surpassing most races and strength capable of bringing galaxies to ruins…At that time, Nimo can take care of himself.”

“I kinda dont want him to grow…He is already losing his cuteness.” Asna pouted while rubbing her face with Nimos soft black fur.

Eee Eee!

“Are you whining” Asna narrowed her eyes at him dangerously, “You already forgot about your mothers love”

Ee Eee…

Although he didnt inherit his memories, he still remembered Asnas bullying deep in his soul.

Knowing that he couldnt do anything to her, he eyed Felix with a beseeching look, seeking to be rescued.

‘Take one for the team… Felix looked away, ignoring Nimos rescue calls.


After Felix secured the suit from Lord Khaos, he was left with an unused favor.

He decided to keep it with him for now, knowing that there would come a time when it could be his savior.

“Lets see what I missed.”

Felix opened his email inbox and started to read through the important ones sent to him by his subordinates, earthling teammates, and his family.

In his family side, nothing much occurred besides his grandfathers restaurant chain had exploded on federation wide.

Robert didnt ask anything from Felix or his subordinates…Everything happened organically due to the federation leaders giving him full access to their territories and facilitating the opening of branches.

When your grandson was the leader of an entire federation, there was no such a thing as roadblock anymore…

Robert wasnt the only one benefiting from Felixs status as the rest of his family also went on their merry ways with other businesses and projects.

None of them failed even if they had the worst idea for a project due to everyone opening the way for them, hoping to gain some favor from Felix.

Felix was informed about such things, and he didnt care much…As long as they didnt use his name wantonly and to bully others, he had no problems with them earning a living.

On the side of the earthling team, nothing much happened…Everyone was still working hard to integrate with their primogenitors bloodlines.

Felix had ordered to refrain from restarting the climb until they at least reach 60% of their integration.

“Hmm, looks like nothing major occurred in the federation too.” Felix digested Mr.

Rodrigas reports in a few seconds and closed them with a pleased expression.

He knew that as the indirect leader, he would need to be on top of every major issue that arose in the federation.


Rodrigas wouldnt be allowed to make decisions on them by the rest of the federation leaders even if he was his representative.

Thankfully, his overbearing title as the void commander was like a judgement sword above everyone, making them behave properly.

After dealing with the federation reports, Felix finally opened Malaks emails.

“So, they agreed to sell the entire planet for 15 billion SC” Felix rubbed his chin thoughtfully, “Its a little above the budget I set, but Its much better than me dealing with it personally.”

If it were before the game, Felix wouldnt mind going to that the fisherman clan and teach them a quick lesson on how not to be too greedy.

But now He was feeling rushed to increase his strength and he had no time to deal with unnecessary drama just to save a couple of billions of coins.

So, he contacted Malak and gave her the green light to purchase the planet.

“I will get it done as fast as possible.” Malak assured.

“When they sigh the contract, tell them to give you the scanned version of the hammers remains.” Felix requested.

“Will do.” Malak said, “You can expect it in a few hours.”

“Good work.” Felix nodded and hang up.

Now that he had secured the remains of Thors hammer, he needed to show its scanned version to elder Cyclope.

It would help him with assessing the damages much better and seeing the best possible way to salvage it before the real thing get delivered to him.

A few hours later…

Felix could be seen standing with elder Cyclope and the rest of his masters in his modified UVRs room.

All of them were staring at a towering pitch-black mountain that pierced the sky.

This was Mjölnir in its cosmic form, a weapon capable of slaying the gods!

Felix was simply awed by its mind-blowing size while Thor, Jörmungandr, and Cyclope were sighing in melancholy at the horrid state of Mjölnir.

“I have mistreated you…” Thor apologized while caressing the surface of Mjölnir, making him resemble an ant touching an elephant.

“Maybe its soul will be restored after using it to make a new weapon” Cyclope tried to comfort him, knowing that it pained Thor more than what he showed.

“We both know that isnt possible…” Thor smiled bitterly while pulling away from it, “Please, dont mind me and do whatever you need.”

“I will be assessing the damages now.” Cyclope nodded and placed his palm on Mjölnir.

Since they were in the UVR, and they were dealing with a mere scanned version of the real deal, it meant that Queen Ai could easily give out any data that came from her scan.

Still, Cyclope refused to use her as he was an old-fashioned forger, who trusted in his experience and hands more than anything else.

So, Felix and the others could only watch him touch here and there for the next few minutes without even opening his eyes.

After fifteen minutes passed by, Cyclope finally removed his palm and teleported next to them.

“I have good news and bad news.” Cyclope looked at Felix and shared without nonsense, “The good news is that there is an ample amount of the core material…Which meant, I can recreate a hammer that can stretch to the same size too.”

Before Felix could get siked at hearing so, Cyclope hit him with the bad news, “Unfortunately, all the mixed in materials were absolutely destroyed.”

“What does that mean” Nervous, Felix gulped a mouthful.

“Naturally, you will need to bring either bring the same materials or ones with equal value.” Cyclope smiled, “Thats of course if you still want me to make you a masterpiece instead of a normal divine weapon.”

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