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Chapter 877 The Beginning of The GreatJourney

“Lady Yggdrasil will probably give you some of her original ancient roots if you used the favor.

But, for the ancestral dragons scales, you need to figure out a way to obtain them.” Thor said.

Felix was a bit surprised to hear that the goddess of nature was Lady Yggdrasil.

But, thinking about it closely, it made sense.

Nature goddess was a title that couldnt be given wantonly to anyone.

“No, I want to avoid using my favor so soon.” Felix shook his head, “I will try other methods first…I have great rapport with her daughter and she might favor me a bit more for it.”

“Heh, you are dreaming kid.” Cyclope chuckled, “You still dont understand the true value of the ancient roots.”

“You must have seen Lady Yggdrasil by now right”

“Who hasnt” Felix nodded.

In this universe, it was rare to not know the famous World Tree, who carries the elvish nine realms.

Thats because her size was as big as half the Milky Way!

Though, the public believed that the World Tree was some primordial cosmic phenomena instead of being an actual living entity.

The only thing certain was that the elves worship the world tree and treat her as their goddess.

They had no qualm with executing anyone, who dared to speak ill about her…Especially, if they were foreigners in their land.

“Knowing her cosmic size that would put anyone in this universe to shame, how much do you think her first ever born roots are valued by her and others”

“When you put it like that…” Felix smiled wryly, understanding Cyclopes point.

Still, he wasnt planning on using his favor now for it…There was no rush since the rest of the materials hadnt been gathered yet.

He wanted to keep this favor for special emergencies only.

“Anyway, I dont care how you get the materials, just bring them as fast as possible, so I can begin the forging process.” Cyclope said.

“I will try my utmost best.” Felix assured with a determent tone.

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“Good, here is my address.” Cyclope informed while sending him a long string of lines, “Deliver Mjölnirs remains swiftly.”

“Will do.”

The moment Cyclope heard his confirmation, he nodded at everyone and excused himself from Felixs UVR room.

The moment he left, Asna, Mistress Candace, and Nimo teleported next to them.

Although Cyclope was an honest and respectable primogenitor, it was still better to keep him in the dark about Asnas and Nimos identity.

“So, what is your plan” Asna inquired in curiosity while eying Felix.

To gather those precious and coveted materials, a plan was a must to not waste time…After all, each material was placed in a different galaxy, that werent close to each other one bit.

Felix knew that he would be spending years on each galaxy until he managed to secure them somehow.

“I will start with the Ancestrals dragon scales.” Felix decided calmly.

“Hmm, isnt better to start with the roots” Mistress Candace titled her head in confusion, “Its better to take advantage of that lasss love for you before it evaporate due to Miss Asna.”

“True, true.” Asnas nose reached the ceiling after being complemented indirectly like this.

Felixs eyelids twitched as he watched those two vixens allying against Selphie.

“First, I am not a monster to do that to Selphie.

Secondly…” Felixs expression turned serious, “I have to enter Icarius Galaxy as fast as possible to gather the required natural treasures for my devourer sixth mark.”

Felix knew that he couldnt dilly-dally any longer about replacing his bloodline.

His current strength wasnt to his satisfaction whatsoever.

However, just because he was rushed, it didnt mean that he would do it right now without reaching his targeted mark.

If he did so, he would end up regretting his decision immensely due to losing a large chunk of enhancement during the replacement.

“Well, the fountain bath is also going to boost your strength significantly.” Mistress Candace disclosed.

“I know.” Felix nodded, “Thats why I am saving it for my 5th replacement.

The all rounded enhancement is too good to be wasted on a mere fourth replacement.”

If Felix took the fountain bath while he was at merely third stage, he wouldnt truly benefit from it that much.

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Thats because the fountain bath didnt give equal enhancement to everyone…It depended on each persons strength and limits.

Felix preferred increasing his limits first before going for it to truly not regret anything.

“I understand.” Mistress Candace dropped her suggestion at once.

“Its best if you go now.” Thor disclosed, “I dont mind you skipping training your lightning affinity.

You need to prioritize materials first.”

At the moment, Felix was actually traveling towards Thors galaxy in hopes of increasing his lightning affinity after he mastered poison conversion technique.

He intended to stay even a few years in his galaxy until he mastered both conversion techniques.

But now Kicking off the forgery was a priority since the process itself would take a century or more.

He could do whatever he wanted then in that period.

“Understood.” Felix nodded.

Without further ado, Felix requested the Queen to change his destination to Icarius Galaxy.

‘There are no nearby wormholes leading to Icarius Galaxy…It is advised to head to the closest civilianized galaxy and start the journey from there. Queen informed.

“I forgot I am in the middle of nowhere.” Felix eyed Mistress Candace and requested, “I will have to rely on you.”

“Its my pleasure.” Mistress Candace smiled.

Traveling through the void realm would shorten the duration to a mere month if he still took the wormholes in his way.

Otherwise, he would take at minimum four to five years even if he used all the wormholes leading to Icariuss galaxy.

Thats because there were only four wormholes leading to Icarius galaxy, and they were connected to the Witch empire, Dwarven empire, metal empire, and lastly, Sages empire.

If it wasnt for the SGAlliance treaty of having the dragons being always connected with those four utilities races for protection, the dragons wouldnt even bother to link with any other galaxy.

They prefer remaining in seclusion and away from other races…Which was why their galaxy was on lockdown, making it impossible to access it without an approved visa.

‘Three galaxies, three races, three materials. Felix smiled faintly as he glanced at the sky,Its truly going to be a long journey…

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