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Chapter 892 Coming A Long Way

The green dragon clan was considered as the police of the empire while the red clan represented the red dragons throughout the universe and gave them a voice against the other three royal clans.

As for the black clan They were responsible for approving any of the decisions taken by other three clans that could affect the empire as a whole.

In other sense, they were the head of the snake since the current Elder Dragon was from their clan.

The white clans responsibilities were truly unworthy of the tyranny and authoritative that dragons should own.

Dragons were born to rule, dominate, eat, f*ck, and sleep, just like kings…Not manage the economy and businesses.

“Well, all I can promise is that I will do my best as the captain.” Anastasia smiled wryly, “But, dont put your hopes too much.

I am not confident in being able to take down Prince Domino and Prince Arentis.”

“Those little monsters have truly developed quite well over the years.” Clan head Kyrsun expressed, “Thats why the other four teammates need to be adequate to take them down.”

Since Anastasias sacred flames were oriented towards healing instead of causing damage, this meant that she would be considered as the support of the team.

In other words, her teammates truly had to be the best of the best to handle the other three heirs.

“I will leave choosing my teammates to you, elders.” Anastasia informed, “If I dont like anyone you picked, I will tell you about it.”

“Thats fine by us.”

“Oh, I almost forgot, the dragonslayer has arrived, and he is currently staying with me and Selphie.” Anastasia shared casually.

“The dragonslayer That human child” Clan head Kyrsun raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“Why did he come Why is he your guest”

“It is unclear to me why he visited our galaxy, but he is a close friend with Selphie, and she asked me if he could stay with her.” Anastasia answered.

“He most likely came to buy natural treasures cheaply.” One of the officials guessed, “As a human with a title that enabled him to receive the same treatment as dragons, he will most defintely take advantage of it.”

“Well, he can buy all he wants, its not like he can smuggle them outside without paying the customs.” Another official shrugged his shoulders carelessly.

Although Felix was receiving the same treatment as dragons, he would still be required to pay a sizeable number of coins for each natural treasure he decided to take with him.

Thats because even the red dragons were under this rule.

“He will buy what he needs to use and leave it at that.”

All of them nodded in agreement.

They knew that humans couldnt eat every single natural treasure in sight as their bodies were incompatible with many of them.

In their eyes, the quantity of Felixs purchases would never hurt their market even if he went ham.

If he decided to empty the market and resell them, he would need to pay the taxes just like the rest of the vendors.

If only they knew that Felix possessed the devourers heart and was planning to unlock tens of affinities, They would most defintely find a reason and kick him out of the galaxy!

“Treat him well, he is the first player to challenge red dragons and slay them.” Clan head Kyrsun said with asserted tone, “He has earned our respect.”

“Agreed, the news will go public soon, and we dont want the other clans to speak ill of us if we mistreated him.”

“How about we set party to welcome him” One of the officials proposed, “We held one for the elves ambassador, and it wont look good on us if he didnt do the same for him too.”


“Thats only proper.”

“I think we should make it public and set it in seven days to give time for the other clans to participate.” Clan head Kyrsun smiled, “If we are doing so, we might as well go all out since this is the first time we are having an actual dragonslayer amidst us.”

Everyone else supported his suggestions, believing that it was the right thing to do.

‘I just wanted to keep them updated…

Seeing that her father and the officials had already decided to make it happen, Anastasia could only hope that Felix wouldnt get bothered by it.

After all, she didnt know whether he wanted to keep his whereabouts hidden or not.


A few hours later…

Felix could be seen standing before two long tables that were packed with many batches of materials and glassware equipment.

Two silver cauldrons were situated in the middle of them.

“Sister Anastasia really didnt lie, this is ten times better lab than the one I own.” Felix nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the cauldrons and the equipment before him.

He knew that only Sages would be able to get their hands on such high quality equipment since they were crafted personally by Dwarven forgmasters.

Honestly, if Felix requested, he would be given even better lab by Lady Sphinx…But, he never felt the need for an upgrade since the potions he was crafting were still below rank 5.

“When it comes to resources and money, the white clan is one of the richest backgrounds in the universe.” Selphie approved while sitting next to Anastasia.

Both of them decided to watch him concoct potions live after they spotted him heading towards the lab.

Felix didnt have an issue with them watching as long as they didnt ruin his focus during his concoction.

As for finding out that he was concocting tens of elemental potions

Felix had already told him that he decided to unlock most of his elements to assist him in picking the next bloodline.

They didnt find it too weird since they knew about Felixs primogenitors bloodline path.

“I will be starting now ladies.” Felix requested politely, “I hope you sit a bit further and refrain from talking loudly.”

Both of them nodded in understanding and went to sit near the wall, putting a considerable distance from him.

Then, Felix beamed a material that was capable of turning into a bubble and seal him with the lab inside…It was also able to purify the air to avoid any complications from arising.

Without further ado, Felix started preparing the materials exactly as the recipe required from him.

This wasnt the first time concocting the elemental potion as he practiced it numerous times during his climb to the grandmaster rank.

The materials for the elemental potion were the same ones that he spent so much effort in gathering the first time.

It was quite surreal for Felix to see himself preparing those materials.

He still recalled when he commissioned Witch Hala to make the elemental potion for him.

She had 50% success rate, one of the highest of any master potioneer.

Yet, Felix was still nervous as hell of her failing since his future was on the line.

Yet look at him now…He had tens of batches, making him unbothered even if he failed once or twice.

Thats if he even failed as his success rate for rank three potions had already surpassed 70%!

When he finally started the concoction process, he left Selphie and Anastasia gazing at him in awe and amazement.

‘He is so fast and precise. Selphie commentated with her eyes brightened up.

‘Easy there…You are about to salivate. Anastasias eyelids twitched after seeing her sisters disgraceful reaction.

‘Still, I have to admit that he is indeed much better than even grandmasters. Anastasia nodded in admiration,He has already reached such a level in a mere few years…As expected of Lady Sphinxs student.

‘If he kept at this pace, I believe it wont be long before he even surpasses Queen Allura. Selphie tightened her hands in excitement.

‘As much as I hate to admit it, humans truly have the potential to excel at everything if given the proper tools. Anastasia nodded, supporting Selphies claim.

Meanwhile, Felix paid no attention to how he was being perceived as his entire focus was put on dealing with the dark reaction.

Because his mental capacity and control had blown up significantly due to the fairies blessings, he had a much easier time saving an insanely large portion of the potion.

After he finished this step, he picked up the saved portion and placed it within a second cauldron that was already filled with the supplement materials.

Felix increased the heat next and closed the lid on the cauldron.

Now, he could only wait and hope that luck wouldnt screw him over and fail the concoction even when he had saved more than 70% of the mixture.

Fortunately, nothing too crazy happened as the cauldron stopped moving at once and emitted a fragment smell throughout the bubble.

The girls werent able to smell it due to the bubble, but seeing Felixs wide smile, they knew that he had succeeded.

“One down, thirty more to go.”

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