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Chapter 896 Prince Dominos Arrival

Back in Forlond Realm, inside the Queens throne chamber…

“Mam, we have a report to make.”

“Speak.” Queen Alfreda nodded at a holographic screen showing a green skinned elf with a stoic expression.

This was one of the three guardians sent to keep an eye on Selphie in secret.

“The white clan has just announced holding a party for the sake of the dragonslayers arrival.” The guardian informed.

Queen Alfreda went quiet for a few seconds before asking calmly, “Is he staying in the white palace at the moment”

“Based on our Intel, its believed that he is staying with the two princesses.”

“Sigh…My intuition was right after all.” Alfreda smiled bitterly.

“Should we bring back the princess” The guardian inquired.

At the moment Alfreda wanted nothing more than to break Felixs limbs and scold Selphie until her ears start spewing smoke.

She absolutely abhorred the thought of her little sister being in such a close approximate to a human when she was clearly interested in him.

Alas, she knew that it was already too late to pull her away.

“It will be too rude to make her return before she finished her official duties.” Alfreda rejected while massaging her temples.

Selphie had been sent as the ambassador for their realm, and she shouldnt be returned until the ceremony ends.

In other words, she was going to be spending four years nearby Felix.

Just the thought alone made Alfreda grit her teeth in anger.

‘Relax, Selphie might be naive, but she isnt stupid to let herself get taken advantage of by that barbaric bastard. Alfreda took a deep breath to regain her composure.

“I will call the clan head personally and tell him to allow you free entry to the white palace.” Queen Alfreda ordered with a cold tone, “So, make sure that scoundrel wont lay a single finger on Selphie.


“Yes Mam.”

“Yes Mam.”

“Yes Mam.”

The three guardians assured with a stern voices before getting hang up on by the Queen.

After they left, Queen Alfreda called the clan head Kyrsun immediately.

If it was possible, she would have simply called to request that Felix get thrown out of the white palace.

Unfortunately, Felix was clearly a special guest to the white clan too…If it wasnt for so, they wouldnt hold a welcoming party for him.

‘Vile humans, scum of the universe, I will be a fool to let my own sister go thorough the same trauma as I. Queen Alfredas eyes oozed with bone chilling hatred as she eyed Felixs holographic face.


On the other side of the capital Zhuham, Prince Domino could be seen standing in his dragonoid form at the peak of a pencil thin dark tower.

The dark tower was long enough, it had penetrated the clouds and was about to cross the troposphere, making him able to see the planets curve.

It was truly a magnificent view, but prince Domino wasnt paying it any attention.

‘Why did he come here Prince Domino frowned as he eyed a holographic invitation to a party held for Felixs sake in seven days.

‘Is he here to increase his strength with our resources Prince Domino wondered while recalling his last meeting with Felix in the event.

When he teleported outside, he believed that it would be a long while before he hears about Felix or meet him again.

After all, he had retired from the platform for now, and he couldnt participate in another event for the next decade just like Felix.

‘Good thing you came.

I have been feeling like ** ever since our confrontation was ruined.

Although Manananggal had been punished exactly as he wanted, he still felt pissed off for months over the notion of having three days of his life wasted on nothing.

‘Time to settle things once and for all. Prince Domino narrowed his eyes coldly at the picture of Felix and jumped down.

He merely kept nosediving without extending his wings to lift him up.

The moment he penetrated the clouds, he disappeared for a few seconds.


When he emerged again, he was in his black dragon form…His destination wasnt the ground but the white clan territory.

He didnt take permission from his clan or bothered to even inform them…He simply acted on a whim.

Three days later…

Prince Dominos arrival at the white clan had been announced thunderously the moment he stepped inside the white palace.

It came as a surprise to everyone since no one expected a heir to make an appearence in a simple party like this…Dont even mention being the first to arrive.

Soon, everyone doubts were cleared as prince Domino ignored everyone else and went straight to Anastasias floor, knowing that Felix was staying with her.

“Felix, prince Domino came here for you.” Selphie informed Felix with a nervous tone.

“Did he now” Felix reacted indifferently.

He expected as much the moment he was told that the party was going to involve the other three clans.

He knew that prince Domino wouldnt miss this opportunity to have a rematch, so he could completely get him out of his mind.

Even though he was knowledgeable about this, Felix still gave the white clan his blessing to expose his whereabouts.

Everything for the sake of his true goal in this galaxy.

“Dragonslayer, I have come to talk.”

As quick as lightning, prince Domino had already arrived before Felixs room while being accompanied by Selphie, Anastasia, Eizi, and some officials.

He was the son of the elder dragon, the ruler of the dragons, and the strongest being in the alliance, no one would dare to block his path.

“Come in…Just you.” Felix permitted calmly.

Prince Domino pushed the door open and slipped inside before closing it shut in everyones faces disrespectfully.

“He is still as impudent as ever.” One of the officials scoffed in irritation before leaving the area, not planning on waiting like some sort of guard…The other officials followed him too.

“Lets head out.” Anastasia said while pulling her brother and Selphie away.

“But, he might be in danger.” Selphie said with a worried tone.

Although she knew that prince Domino wasnt foolish to make a move on Felix within the white clans territory, she was still uneasy about his sudden visit.

Based on her calculation, she realized that prince Domino must have spent three days and three nights straight flying towards the white clan ever since he received the news.

For him to be this eager was truly worrying.

Meanwhile, inside the room, prince Domino and Felix were sitting on a table with two cups of tea before of them.

They had yet to say a single word as they kept merely sizing each other while sipping tea once in a while.

“I want a rematch.” Prince Domino stated abruptly.

“I dont.” Felix replied bluntly.

“Why, you scared” Prince Domino frowned, “We will have it in the UVR without the death penalty.

Furthermore, I will limit my strength to be as equal as possible to you.”

Prince Domino might be too arrogant and proud, but he wasnt a bully…If he was going to defeat Felix, it would be on equal grounds to leave absolutely no excuses.

“Im not you.” Felix said, “I dont fight unless there is something in it for me.”

“A bet”


“What do you seek” Prince Dominos eyelids twitched, not planning on arguing with Felix.

“What I want is something you cant afford to give.”

“Are you trying to provoke me” Prince Dominos expression turned frigid, “In this galaxy, there is nothing I cant get my han…”

“Ancestral Dragon Scales.”

Prince Dominos sentence was cut off abruptly by Felix.

“…You are kidding, right”

Prince Domino felt like Felix was merely giving an absurd reward, knowing full well that he couldnt deliver it, so he could avoid fighting him.

“I wish.” Felix smiled wryly.

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