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Chapter 898 Creating An Opportunity Through AFacade

Not even the green dragons entertained the thought that he was telling the truth…They knew prince Dominos personality fairly well, making them certain that he would have actually come all the way here to put Felix in his place than do such a crazy thing.

Another issue they found about his story was his strength.

Sure, he was strong enough to slay red dragons, but they knew that it would impossible to repeat the same feat against royal dragons.

Dont even mention the elite royal dragons participating in the ceremony.

Their foundational strength was simply a chasm that couldnt be crossed by Felix anytime soon.

As for his void domain and other killer moves

They knew that all of his strategies were now in the open and had been studied by everyone interested in creating defensive measures or counter-attacks against them.

Hell, they doubted if he could even slay royal dragons at the radiant rank with the same abilities and strategies.

“I understand your reasons for doubting me.

But, I am really telling the truth.” Felix still maintained the same sincere smile even though he was under their barrage of doubts.

Unfortunately, everyones expression turned cold the more Felix stood for his story…This time, none of them bothered to even spare him a couple of curses as they all dissipate away from him.

Seeing that Felix was left all alone in such a disrespectful manner, naturally attracted the other guests attention and made them wonder about the reason.

The spread out dragons from Felixs group felt no obligation to cover for his lies as they exposed him to anyone who asked them.

One by one, the news carried on traveling from a group to another until the entire hall knew about Felixs proclamation that he was invited to join the ceremony by prince Domino.

‘I dont get it…Why did he lie Does he have anything to gain from it Anastasia frowned as she asked Selphie telepathically.

As one of the white clan heirs closest in age to prince Domino, she knew him even better than some of his clan members.

There was no doubt in her mind that prince Domino absolutely didnt invite Felix to his team.

First, he was too proud to do it on his own.

Second, for such a decision to include a human in an all-dragons ceremony, he needed an approval from his clan head.

There was no way the head clan would allow Felix join his clans team when he had many other black dragons as candidates.

‘I dont think he lied…Felix doesnt need to make such a lie to look cool before others. Selphie defended Felix with a worried expression, not liking the sight of him being shunned in his own party.

Just as Anastasia wanted to explain her reasoning to Selphie, her eyes landed on prince Domino stepping into the great hall from the corridor in his dragonoid form.

He looked as cold and easy to piss off as always.

His arrival in the party had shocked the guests since they knew that he had left the white clan city after his meeting with Felix.

They all thought that he had returned to his clan.

Without an ounce of hesitation, prince Domino ignored everyone and went straight for Felix.

The moment he stood before him, he asked casually, “Why arent you mixing with the others”

“Well, no one wants to have me around after I told them about your invitation.” Felix sighed, “Even though I rejected it, it looks like troubles still follows along.”

‘This prick is seeking death.

‘He actually brought it on his own…Crazy!

‘The hell, dont tell me he was telling the truth

The dragons ears were pretty sensitive to noise and speech, making them able to pick up what Felix said even the ones at the furthest side of the hall.

The fact that everyone stopped their conversations simultaneously to listen to them made it much easier.

When prince Domino saw everyones startled expressions and focused eyes on them, he wanted nothing more but to bust Felixs mouth apart to stop all this crap he kept spewing.

‘Hold it in…Hold it in…

Alas, he could only keep his emotions in check, knowing that their deal would crumble if didnt act his part.

“You still wont reconsider my invitation” Prince Domino asked coldly, “I am willing to pay you immensely for your assistance.”




Everyone went as quiet as mice after hearing prince Dominos direct confirmation!

They all doubted their ears, making them look around him with stunned expressions, wanting to see if they were the only ones tripping over here.

Alas…No one matter how they tried to deny it, the truth before them stood as tall as a mountain.

‘How can this be Anastasia and the white clan officials were even more shocked than the rest.

Anastasia simply felt that prince Domino would never do such a thing while the officials were shocked for a different matter entirely.

‘Prince Domino came all the way to invite him to his team…Does he know something we dont!

‘Maybe, he has increased his strength significantly in the past months after the event

‘This must be taken to the head clan as fast as possible!

The officials conversed with each other with agitated looks.

In their eyes, they would be considered as the greatest fools if Felix had gotten recruited into the black clans team when he was being their guest for an entire week.

They never bothered to consider Felix as a potential candidate since they had judged him as weak asset after they watched his latest games.

With everything he showed and displayed, they still believed that he wouldnt push their team forward and help Anastasia in topping the ceremony.

Thats why no one mentioned the ceremony in his presence for the past week…Even Anastasia felt that he wasnt strong enough to be part of her team.

But now Everything had changed!

One of the officials swiftly went to inform the clan head, who wasnt attending the party.

This was more than enough to show Felixs position in the white clans heart.

He was a guest but not an important one for even the clan head to greet him personally.

“Tsk, Its your loss then.”

Prince Domino turned around and left the party after seeing that Felix had gotten the reaction he desired.

‘Thanks alot for the help.

‘Just f*cking fight me after this, or I swear I will torch you during your sleep!

Dont be so feisty. Felix chuckled in his mind as he watched prince Domino disappear through the corridor.

‘Now, lets get out of here before the questions start raining on me.

Felix eyed everyone and acted like he was aggrieved…Then, he swiftly exited the hall, returning to his room from the same staircase.

‘Felix… Seeing Felixs disgruntlement made Selphies heart ache for him, not realizing that he was faking the whole thing.

‘I am going with him. Selphie informed Anastasia before chasing after Felix.

‘Selphie, wait. Anastasia knew that Selphie was upset with her and everyones terrible treatment in his own party…Being shunned like this even though he was telling the truth made her feel guilty as well.

If only she realized that Felix orchestrated the entire scene to push his value significantly before the three clans!

The black clan almost never bother to invite someone to join their team…It was always the other way around.

When they do invite another dragon, there was simply no other option but to accept it…The benefits were too great to passed by even for the richest royal dragons.

This without mentioning the honor and glory of assisting the heirs in their quest.

Felix being approached already put him in the eyes of everyone, but to reject the invitation It made him desirable even more!

Back in the courtroom, the clan head Kyrsun had called for an abrupt meeting with the rest of the officials after he was updated with what happened in the party.

“Its really hard to believe, but I dont think prince Domino had a reason to lie.” Clan head Kyrsun said.

The officials nodded in agreement.

“If the black clan wants him in their team even though they had already other stronger candidates, this only means that he has something we dont know about it yet.” Clan head Kyrsun narrowed his eyes, “We need to get him in our team no matter what.”

“We do agree too, but will he accept our recruitment even though he rejected the black clans team” One of the officials doubted.

“Maybe he rejected them because he is waiting for our invitation” Another one suggested, “He does have a good relationship with the princess.

Perhaps, he felt that it would be improper to assist another clan instead of us.”

“Enough guesses.” Clan head Kyrsun ordered, “Call Anastasia and tell her to bring him here…We have to get to the bottom of this.”

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