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Chapter 920 The Replacement Enhancement and The Mental Test

It\'s not bad, I guess.

Even Felix had to agree that it made him look much more stunning.

Still, he didn\'t spend another second before the mirror, admiring himself.

He swiftly returned to his bedroom and cleaned the ground...Then, he sat in a mediation position and closed his eyes shut.

Before he could log in to the UVR and use his wings without breaking stuff, Felix had to check on his first two passives!

In the past two days before he started his integration, he already requested from Asna to help him etch his void immunity within his 1% human bloodline.

After all, he couldn\'t replace his void bloodline with 15% essence without losing his void immunity and interdimensional senses.

The only reason everyone preferred etching abilities after the replacement process was due to the mutations.

When one etch an ability, it meant keeping the mutation responsible for it permanently...This meant cutting off any future mutations that could occur for that specific body part.

No one wanted to keep a mutation before making sure that he wasn\'t getting a much better one for that body part.

In the case of Felix, he had to do it since he was at risk of losing void immunity.

Gemstone Immunity and Gemstone Concentration.

In a few moments, Felix opened his eyes with a satisfied expression.

Gemstone immunity ensured that Felix would be immune to any effect caused by the attributed gemstones.

As for the other one It allowed Felix to condense gemstones into smaller versions but carry a much larger power and effect.

Felix couldn\'t imagine how well this passive would work with his various attributed gemstones!

Knowing that he needed active gemstone abilities to make it happen, Felix shelved the the passives for now and focused on what matters.

It\'s time to test out my wings and my enhancement boost. Felix smirked faintly before logging in to the UVR.

Because of the replacement process mentally demanding, Felix preferred focusing on getting to the right mental state instead of wasting time, fooling around with his new increased strength.

It wasn\'t like he didn\'t feel it...He just ignored everything until he succeeded in his replacement.

Now that it was over, it was time to unleash the beast!


After Felix entered his UVR\'s room, he went straight for the machine responsible over testing physical strength.

However, just as he wanted to deliver a serious punch, he realized that his wings were of a great hindrance.

I can\'t find out my current peak physical strength unless I adapt to my wings first. Felix said while glancing at his folded crystallized wings.

Let\'s leave it for later.

Knowing that adapting to his wings wasn\'t going to happen in a few minutes, Felix moved on to the rest of his enhancements.

Well, they weren\'t that many since there was nothing to test about his elemental capacity and mental capacity.

The moment the etching process ended, he was able to sense straightaway how much both of his tanks were capable of holding.

Both of them had been boosted tremendously due to his insane improvement to his body limitation, enabling him to take more from the primogenitors\' enhancement.

The only one left was his mental defenses as it needed to be experienced personally to gauge the new limitation.

Should I try blocking empyrean hive officials\' mental attacks Felix wondered boldly.

Before the enhancement, Felix\'s mental defenses were capable of resisting against even radiant ranked hive officials.

The Matriarch Fairy ten hours long ritual was simply too godly.

Now, Felix felt that he should be able to block even empyrean hive officials.

Without further ado, he started off against low tier empyrean hive official.

Because the empyrean rank was the apex rank, anyone capable of reaching it was either very much well known throughout the universe or possessed a fairly high position in his race.

In this case, Felix picked a copy of an ant official that was ranked in the top twenty hierarchy of his own race!

Give it all you have. Felix squinted at the dummy\'s soulless eyes, making him feel like he was dealing with the real thing.

However, after a few seconds of useless eye contact, Felix couldn\'t help but raise his eyebrow in bewilderment, \'What\'s taking him so lon..WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK!!\'

Felix was forced to recoil as far as he could with a terrified expression after cosmic head of the ant appeared right in front of him.

Its millions of eyes were all staring at him, making him feel smaller and smaller.

In reality, he was indeed shrinking little by little while the surrounding area kept twisting like it was made out of jello.

Felix ignored the gigantic ant head and looked at his arms, which were turned into bloody chainsaws.

\'I don\'t like this...\' Felix sweated bullets after seeing those chainsaws getting closer to his face without a single ounce of control on them.

He kept doing his very best to order his arms, but the more he struggled, the faster they approached his face.

\'I am hallucinating, this isn\'t real...this isn\'t real.\' Knowing that it was hopeless to make them stop, Felix turned to his second strategy.

He knew that as long as he was 100% certain about his situation, he wouldn\'t be harmed at all.

\'It worked\'

Felix\'s eyes brightened up a bit after seeing that chainsaw dealt absolutely no harm to his face even when it passed right through it.

Now, that it checked out, Felix kept reinforcing the feeling of his fakeness about the surrounding reality.

He recognized that his mental defenses had failed to stop the attack, but this didn\'t mean that he couldn\'t power through it.

\'This isn\'t real...This isn\'t real...This isn\'t real.\' Felix kept repeating in his mind while staring at the millions of gigantic horrifying eyes.

The more he repeated it, the weaker the hallucination started to get.

In the end, the hallucination had completely fallen apart, returning Felix back to his modified UVR\'s room.

The ant official dummy had a nose dripping with blood, making Felix smirk faintly, Not the best, but it\'s good enough to survive in the empyrean rank.

You really need to restart your climb. Asna said, I doubt anyone will be a match for you in your next five games.

True, you will be at peak radiant rank in no time. Thor praised too.

You have been missing from the action for a couple of years now. Lady Sphinx added, I need you to go back there and win me more monoliths.

Haha, I will, I will, let me master my wings first.

Felix laughed in amusement at their eagerness while turning his back on the official ant dummy, not realizing that the ant was glitching a tiny bit.

He knew that there was no point in testing his mental defenses against even higher ranked empyrean hive officials.

Just the lowest tier had given him this much trouble.

This should be easy with all my flying experience.

Felix took a deep breath and ordered for his wings to open up.

As expected, his first attempt ended up in failure as the right wing opened up while the other remained folded.

That\'s a start at least.

Patient and collected, Felix carried on with simple orders...Such as spread widely, cover him like a blanket, swing left or right, flap once...etc.

He wanted to avoid flying until he got the basics down.

After six hours of repetitive boring hard work, Felix was finally confident that he could take up to the skies.

However, before doing so, he wanted to take a short break.

Master, can you continue from where we left about the root gemstone. Felix asked while chugging down a bottle of water.

Forget about that and go to the games. Lady Sphinx repeated, I need you to win me more monoliths.

This time, Felix didn\'t laugh.

I mean, I can play one today. Felix replied with a small frown.

He would be lying if he said that he wasn\'t weirded out.

It was inconceivable in his mind to hear Lady Sphinx push him into fights and ignore educating him.

It simply went against her entire belief.

Can I hear more about the royal Carbuncle at least Felix said, You refused to let me watch his memories to avoid violating his privacy and incurring his irk.

So, I really don\'t know much about him.

Forget about that and go to the games. Lady Sphinx repeated like a broken record, I need you to win me more monoliths.

The moment he heard so, chills coursed on Felix\'s spine.

It was peculiar at the start but when it happened twice, he figured out that something wasn\'t right.

Asna, tell me about the ones imprisoning you.

I can\'t, wanna have s*x instead Asna replied with a naughty tone.

Yep, that\'s cap.

Now, Felix was 100% certain that he was still f*cking hallucinating!

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