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Chapter 929 The Return of The Asgardian Faction!

Such a magnificent and abnormal phenomena had to be man-made. A middle-aged man with a long wooden horn at the back of his neck asserted while eying the ice world in wonder.

Unfortunately, he spoke somewhat aloud in the wrong place and timing as the table behind him was currently occupied by five prestigious researchers in the ice world existence.

Brother, with all due respect, you cannot spew such nonsense without a proof. One of the men on that table warned politely.

Why is that The one horned middle-aged man knitted his eyebrows in displeasure, It\'s my mouth and my freedom of speech.

Does that mean I can curse you as much as I want and get away with it Another researcher interjected calmly.

How is cursing the same as what I just said The middle-aged man started getting annoyed...He was in a vacation, hoping to relax, and now he had to deal with a bunch of assholes.

We have spent decades of our precious time to research the ice world and seek an answer to its mysterious origin. The first researcher said, You proposing that such a magnificent creation was resulted from life forms instead of the universe, simply sh*ts on all of our efforts and struggles.

I would rather have you curse me than spew such a bullsh*t without a proof to back your words.

Where the f*ck is your proof, then The middle-aged man couldn\'t help but snap at them.

How dare you question the universe There are so many other mysteries that can\'t be explained either.

Are we supposed to give credit to \'mysterious beings\' every time we fail to explain phenomena

The researcher refuted instead of giving out a proof, knowing that his current theories were just theories without evidence.

If you can\'t tell me how is it possible for this cosmic world of ice to come out of nowhere naturally, then there is nothing to discuss here. The middle-aged man turned around, too irritated to debate with them.

Tsk, no one takes responsibility for his words anymore. The researchers scoffed and refocused on their own discussion.

I can feel it, I just need one more piece and my theory will be complete...The Royal Academic Award is mine. One of the researchers squinted his eyes at the ice world, feeling like he was merely a inch away from solving its mystery.

Keep dream...

Just as one of the other researchers wanted to retort, he was forced to swallow the rest of his sentence from sheer disbelief and shock at the horrific sight before him.

He wasn\'t the only one reacting this way.

The waiters dropped plates, the customers stopped chewing, and some even had their drinks spilling down their chin, too stunned to swallow anything!

Who could blame them

The magnificent ice world was breaking apart into giant fragments before turning into bluish mist.

Everyone\'s brains short-circuited at such unbelievable scene.

It was like seeing a star breaking apart into spreading flames instead of undergoing a supernova right before their eyes!

By the time they woke up from their daze, the ice world no longer existed and was replaced by a much bigger spherical blue mist, making it impossible to see within it.

What just happened... One of the researchers mumured while eying the blue mist, feeling like he was in a dream.

You just lost your job... The horned middle-aged man replied subconsciously without even looking at him.

Before the researcher could react to his snarkily remark, the entire restaurant was consumed by high-pitched screams and glassware breaking!

Everyone\'s second reaction was mass panic as they started running away to their spaceships or cruises, hoping to get the f*ck out of here as fast as possible!

Although the process of the ice world breaking apart appeared quite peaceful and harmless, there were still doubts that it might have actually exploded and the shockwave was fast approaching!

The same mass paranoia was on going throughout all the space stations, creating utter chaos!


Inside the blue mist, Fenrir could be seen stretching his limbs with a composed expression, uncaring about the mayhem he had caused.

After he was done stretching, Fenrir looked around him with his penetrative dreadful eyes.

Even though the space stations were so far away from him, he was still able to zoom in his vision until he was capable of seeing even the tourists\' wrinkles.

Each time his vision landed on someone, he freezes in his place like he got targeted by a predator.

Fortunately, the feeling lasted less than a split second, making those people forget about it as quickly as it appeared.

In a few moments, Fenrir left the tourists alone and gestured with his finger for Mistress Candace and Noah to follow him.

He turned around and burst through the blue mist akin to a meteor, heading in the opposite direction of the space stations.

He was so fast, no one managed to spot even his trail.

The only one capable of chasing after him was Mistress Candace...She reduced her speed to match his and stayed behind him, not knowing where he was taking her.

He must be heading to the nearest deserted planet. Thor shared.

Because Fenrir\'s wisp of consciousness had been removed from Noah\'s mind, there was no way to talk to him.

He couldn\'t even log in to the UVR since he didn\'t have an AP bracelet on him.

So, the smartest decision was to group up at the nearest planet.

Fortunately, the journey didn\'t take less than ten minutes due to their amazing speed.

After Fenrir entered the planet\'s atmosphere, he morphed back to his humanoid form and landed on top of a rocky mountain.

A split second later, Noah walked out from a void rift while wearing a nanobot spacesuit.

Master, welcome back. Noah bowed his head respectfully.

Although Fenrir was standing before him in his flesh, he felt not a single ounce of pressure, making him get comfortable.

Ahm. Fenrir made acknowledgement noise while staring at the yellow smoky sky of this planet.

It was clearly not habitable for any life form, yet Fenrir was breathing causally...For primogenitors beings, oxygen was no longer a necessity.

Without being asked, Noah took out Fenrir\'s AP Bracelet and handed it to him.

Keep it on you. Fenrir said, I will not be using it with my main consciousness.

Noah nodded in understanding and returned it to his wrist.

Fenrir split a wisp of his consciousness and touched Noah\'s forehead with a finger.

A moment later, Fenrir appeared in his space of consciousness again.

How are you feeling Lady Sphinx asked him the moment he appeared next to her.

Could be better. Fenrir answered.

Log in, the others are waiting for you. Lady Sphinx smiled faintly.


While Fenrir was being celebrated by Thor and the others, the news about the sudden disappearance of the ice world had gone absolutely viral on a universal scale.

Every news outlet ignored whatever story they were working on and placed their entire focus on this inconceivable piece of news.

Most commoners were merely curious about the cause, not putting too much of their focus on such a useless story that wouldn\'t affect their daily lives whatsoever.

However, the researchers went absolutely nuts over it, feeling like the universe was playing a trick on them...Especially, the researchers with a lifetime of knowledge about the ice world, hoping to be the first to truly figure out its origin.

Nevertheless, the true individuals impacted by the news were none other than the primogenitors.

All of them reached out to Thor and Jörmungandr, hoping to get more details about Fenrir\'s situation.

They knew that the ice world had disappeared but no one had spotted Fenrir or his corpse.

Unfortunately, neither Thor nor Jörmungandr replied to their messages, leaving them dying with curiosity.

Another three primogenitors were currently dying as well...Dying from pure fury.

HOW THE F*CK DID HE WAKE UP WITHOUT US KNOWING! Saurous shouted with bloodshot eyes as he smashed the table before him.

Stop wrecking my room and sit down. Manananggal massaged his temples, Our subordinates situated around the ice world have told us that they haven\'t seen anyone approaching the ice world.

He must have woke up on his own.

Is that even possible Wendigo frowned, All of us have our own safety protocols...We know that activating it means that it\'s impossible to regain consciousness ever again on our own.

They were always worried that Thor or Jörmungandr would save Fenrir from the ice world.

That\'s why the moment they reappeared in their lives, the first thing they did was place their subordinates in those space stations to keep an eye on them.

They thought that the moment Thor and Jörmungandr decided to save Fenrir, it would take them a long, long time due to the ice world chill being deadly even to them.

This would buy them some time to make an appearence next to the ice world and hopefully ambush Thor and Jörmungandr successfully.

Then, how do you explain what happened

I don\'t know. Wendigo knitted his shadowy eyebrows, All I know is that the Asgardian Faction has finally gathered together.

Wendigo, Saurous, and Manananggal eyed each other with a serious expression.

They said nothing to each other as their expressions were more than enough to let them recognize their situation.

The return of the Asgardian Faction signified one thing...The ignition of their eternal conflict!

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