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Chapter 931 A Miniscule Chance

Fortunately for him, Carbuncle couldn\'t care less about his already lost gemstone manipulation or even the rebirth opportunity from the egg.

I don\'t mind helping you if it\'s not much of hassle. Carbuncle picked another joint and lit it up before asking in a carefree manner, I will not be stuck in the egg after the deed is done, am I

You don\'t have to worry about that part. Lady Sphinx assured, It has already been tested.

The fact that Nimo could have his consciousness leave the egg as he pleased was enough proof to guarantee that Carbuncle could do the same.

Good, I would rather not remain here for more than seven days. Carbuncle said while puffing out three smokey rings causally.

Felix forced down his rising happiness after hearing so...Everyone had the same reaction as no one thought that Carbuncle was even more rushed to return to his slumber.

Why are you in such a rush Lady Sphinx shook her head, Death ain\'t going nowhere...At least, spend a couple of years experiencing this era before making your decision.

What\'s the point Carbuncle asked calmly, One day later or a hundred years later...If my fate will be returning to the embrace of death either ways, why delay the inevitable

In other words, if his crippling depression wasn\'t cured, those couple of years would serve as nothing but a reminder of his meaningless life.

If so, what\'s the point

Jörmungandr and Thor understood him the most from everyone else here.

What Felix and the others were clueless about, was the fact that when they wake up their wisps of consciousness, the version being born was the one right before their death.

This signified that their crippling depression follow them along at its highest peak!

As for other primogenitors, who entered the illusion world and slept in it for eons It acted as healing process to their main consciousness.

So, when they woke up, life appeared brand new and full of possibilities again, giving them a slight push in the right direction.

Naturally, the illusion world didn\'t fix them permanently, but simply offered them a temporary way to ignore their meaningless lives.

Eventually, the great depression was going to hit them all again when they grew bored with the SGAlliance Era...

We can\'t hold you back if you want to leave. Thor smiled bitterly, If it wasn\'t for conflict with the Darkin faction and my burning desire to murder them, I know for a fact that I won\'t have spent another day here.

Jörmungandr nodded in agreement.

Unlike him, who was somewhat soft, making him decide to stay for an entire year alongside Felix because of his begging, Jörmungandr knew that Thor would have bounced away the second he was awakened.

Hell, Felix should have felt relieved that he awakened Thor while Jörmungandr was around...If it wasn\'t for him, Thor might have taught Felix a painful lesson before returning to his slumber.

At the moment, Carbuncle had no reason or purpose to carry on existing as a mere wisp of consciousness.

Jörmungandr and Thor intended to go away peacefully after they quest of hunting the Darkin faction gets concluded.

As for him There was nothing holding him back.

At least, that\'s what everyone believed...But Lady Sphinx.

What if I told you that there might be a miniscule chance of bringing back your wife from the dead Lady Sphinx shared with a serious expression.

Everyone quietened down and turned to stare at Lady Sphinx with stunned expressions, not knowing how to react.

Wife Bring from the dead Their minds were consumed by questions.

The only one with a different reaction was Carbuncle...His carefree and lazy attitude was nowhere to be seen as his expression screamed with so many emotions, it was hard to guess what was going through his mind.

In the end, he suppressed all of his rising emotions and spoke with a rigid tone, Lady Sphinx, I hope that you have weighed your words before sharing them...I really do.

Felix felt his heart skip a beat, knowing that it sounded just like a threat.

He didn\'t know about Carbuncle\'s wife and from his reaction, it was more than enough to let him discern that she was his reversed scale.

You know me. Lady Sphinx replied composedly, I am a rational person...If I said there is a miniscule chance of her revival, it means that I have run the simulations in my head and created a valid theory to make it happen.

I just wanted to share it since I know how much your wife meant for you.

Lady Sphinx could never forget the day Carbuncle approached her with a request that only gods could achieve.

He literally offered her his everything in return to find a method to revive his deceased wife...Unfortunately, at that period of time, Lady Sphinx was still ignorant about many, many things.

One of them was the spirit realm.

She was still at the second level of the truth vision, making her eyes unable to penetrate the fabric of reality and see through the spirit realm.

Because she was the pioneer in most secrets around the universe, naturally, the rest of the primogenitors were just as ignorant as her.

So, Carbuncle\'s request truly sounded like an impossible wish to fulfill, making her send him with an apology.

But now She was equipped with the right tools and knowledge to at least make a decent attempt, no matter how impossible it seemed.

You have rejected me once instead of taking advantage of my weakness to take everything from me. Carbuncle softened his tone, I apologize for lashing out...No one deserves my trust more than you.

You ought to feel doubtful. Lady Sphinx shook her head, My theory might be sound in paper, but there is less than 0.001% of it succeeding.

It\'s very, very low but at least there is a chance...As you said, as long as there is a chance, there is hope. Carbuncle\'s expression turned blissful at the image of his deceased wife resurfacing in his mind.

Not every primogenitor was like this, but there were a few peculiar ones, who fell completely over heels for one person in their lives.

Carbuncle loved his wife more than anything in this universe, making him feel like he could go through everything without an issue as long as he had his wife by his side.

Alas, his wife was neither a primogenitor nor from a race with an eternal life.

After he used every single known method to increase her longevity, he was forced to accept the reality...His wife was a mortal and mortals die eventually.

After she was gone, he sought many ways to bring her back...Naturally, the first one was seeking the Life primogenitor\'s help.

Unfortunately, Lord Quetzalcoatl had emphasized that he could do nothing for the people, who already spent their entire longevity.

He could revive her, but she would die right away because she already spent her last second in this world.

In other words, her soul now belonged to the spirit world...Even the people that Lord Quetzalcoatl had revived to piss off the Guardian of spirits and souls had died unexpectedly.

Some in accidents, some due to sickness, some were murdered...etc.

He never actually revived anyone, who died after his mortality caught up to him.

That\'s the realm of laws...The guardian of the spirits and souls had complete control over them.

I am quite curious too about your theory. Fenrir asked composedly, Mind sharing it

It\'s simple really. Lady Sphinx clarified, I am able to create almost identical clones with just a bit of DNA.

So, if you still possess some DNA of your wife, that will be a good start.

Have you found a method to create clones with the same consciousness Carbuncle\'s eyes brightened up.

No. Lady Sphinx shook her head.

I see...

In honesty, even humans were capable of creating such identical clones.

The issue was that those clones had no consciousness whatsoever, making them act as mere empty vessels...Even Lady Sphinx struggled with creating clones with active consciousness.

It was like the universe deemed the creation of clones as unacceptable.

All I want is the vessel. Lady Sphinx said, As for the soul We will be taking it directly from the guardian of souls and spirits.




Everyone was left at loss for words.

\'She is betting on Asna\'s relationship with the guardian of souls and spirits!\' Felix thought speechlessly.

Don\'t look at me like this. Lady Sphinx shrugged her shoulders at their obvious skepticism, I have already told you that there is a miniscule chance of it succeeding.

It\'s up to Carbuncle whether he wanted to stick with us until we try it out or he can return to his slumber after bestowing us his gemstone manipulation.

I simply gave him the available options.

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