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Chapter 932 Welcome to The Poker Club

The guardian of spirits and souls Spirit realm Carbuncle knitted his eyebrows in confusion.

My apologies, I forgot that you have passed along before we discovered about the spirit realm.

Carbuncle knew about the unigin race, but he had no idea about the guardian of souls and spirits since it wasn\'t discovered only after his death.

Lady Sphinx went on and started enlightening him about those matters until signs of regret started to appear in his eyes.

I should have remained longer. Carbuncle sighed.

If he knew about the existence of spirit realm, he would have kept trying to seek ways to enter it and take back his wife\'s soul.

It\'s not too late now. Lady Sphinx extended her hand at Asna and introduced, This is Asna, the origin of laws and one of the unigin race members.

We intend to enter the spirit realm in the future and reach out to the guardian of souls and spirits to separate her soul from Felix\'s.

No wonder I have been picking a unique aura from her. Carbuncle raised an eyebrow in surprise as he eyed Asna.

If he had no idea about the spirit realm, there was simply no way he would have known about Asna\'s existence.

As for our entry method, Lord Quetzalcoatl will be handling the process. Lady Sphinx informed, He has discovered a method to enter the spirit realm just a while ago, and we have earned an opportunity to tag along.

That sounds great. Carbuncle\'s eyes brightened up a little in delight.

Now, he could see that the chances of his wife\'s revival weren\'t truly obsolete.

All the tools were available...The only thing that could cause them trouble was the guardian of souls rejecting their request.

Lady Sphinx had given 0.001% for this mission to succeed due to the guardian of souls\' response.

She knew that it would take a miracle for him to agree since he would be breaching his duties by reviving someone, whose mortality had already caught up to them.

Just like the Paragon of Sins, the universe wouldn\'t look too kindly on him and make sure to give him an adequate punishment for his abuse of authority.

Even though Lady Sphinx had explained all of this to Carbuncle, he was still keeping his faith on their plan to succeed.

If he is going to agree to split your souls, it should be much easier to just give my wife\'s soul. Carbuncle tried to convince himself, My wife isn\'t really a big shot and her soul shouldn\'t attract the universe\'s wrath on him.

Splitting Asna and Felix\'s souls can be done since it wasn\'t natural in the first place. Lady Sphinx shook her head, As for your wife Big shot soul or not, the laws are the laws.

In other words, the guardian of souls would never put himself in a position to get punished just to help out a nobody.

I understand where you are coming from. Carbuncle said, But, we will never know until we meet the guardian of souls personally.

Does that mean you are willing to stay Thor smiled.

I will overstay my welcome for now.

Upon hearing his confirmation, everyone was relieved and quite delighted.

Carbuncle had decided to help them out without asking for anything in return even though they woke him from his slumber to deal with their bullsh*t.

They truly would have felt like crap to see him gone after seven days without doing anything to keep him around.

Although using his wife\'s revival might seem cheap, but it had truly given Carbuncle a new purpose in his life.

Whether they managed to help him revive his wife or not, at least Carbuncle would go down, knowing that he had exhausted all available options.

Welcome to the poker club. Thor chuckled while creating a new deck of cards, Let\'s have a bit of fun, shall we

\'My consciousness space is really turning into a club...\' Felix\'s lips twitched as he eyed everyone sitting on a round table while being served drinks by Mistress Candace.

At the moment, there were seven tenants residing in his consciousness space and having their own magnificent unique buildings situated next to each other.

There was Asna, Jörmungandr, Lady Sphinx, Thor, Lord Khaos, Fenrir, Carbuncle, and let\'s not forget their favorite maid, Candace.

All of this while Felix was merely at the fourth stage of replacement.

Felix started to doubt that his consciousness space might be turned into a small town in the future.

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\'Dear Almighty, give me strength...\' Felix prayed wholeheartedly.


Two hours later...

Felix had just logged out from his UVR\'s modified room with the biggest grin possible...He had just finished testing out his new peak active ability from Carbuncle.

It wasn\'t as deadly as the void domain, but he actually preferred it much more than the domain!

It was fluid, peculiar, extremely hard to defend against, and most importantly, it was lethal!

I told you that it\'s one of the most irritating ultimate abilities around. Thor chuckled.

You got that right. Felix had to agree with him.

Are you planning to use it in the test against those challengers Asna wondered.

Depends if I am forced to rely on it. Felix replied, I will try my best to keep it hidden for the ceremony.

Felix understood that the more abilities remained hidden, the more applicable strategies he would have in the ceremony.

He would rather make the test much harder than it should be if it meant that his chances to win the ceremony increases.

For now, I need to see which ability I am going to replace with my void domain. Felix sighed while sitting on the floor.

Before Felix\'s latest integration, he had already used the genome needle given to him by Lady Sphinx on his void domain.

To his surprise, he had extracted it successfully with just a bit of pain.

Felix etched his void immunity in his 1% instead of the void domain because he didn\'t dare to risk losing his immunity in this process.

If ** goes south, he would end up losing his void domain, but it was much better than losing his void immunity.

After all, the void suit couldn\'t truly be trusted to keep him safe from void energy or when he uses his void domain.

It was still just a suit and could be damaged or even destroyed.

You don\'t have to worry too much. Lady Sphinx assured, I have already run thousands of simulations on your copy in my lab.

From thousands of attempts, there were less than five failures.

Well, I have risked my life for odds much more terrible than that. Felix tried to comfort himself.

So, have you decided on the ability to replace Asna wondered.

I am hesitated between Gemstone Arsenal and Gemstone Golems. Felix answered.

If it was possible to replace passives with the void domain, Felix would have already gotten rid of unlocked useless passive called *Gemstone Detection*.

It enabled him to sense nearby gemstones like a metal detector...It was completely useless since he would be able to do the same effortlessly when he obtains gemstone manipulation.

I think gemstone arsenal have to go. Thor gave his own input, The easiest abilities to be created are those of weapons or such.

On the other hand, you will struggle to create gemstone golems and be able to control them at the same time.

Indeed. Jörmungandr supported.

Felix had to get rid of the easiest ability to create with his gemstone manipulation, so he wouldn\'t feel like he lost anything.

From all of his current active abilities, gemstone arsenal fit the description perfectly.

Gemstone arsenal it is. Felix beamed two genome needles and the imprinter pistol...One needle had the void domain and the other was empty.

Felix took a deep breath and picked the genome needle with the void domain...He placed the tip on a tiny hole at the back of the imprinter, then injected the entire content in it.

After he was done, Felix placed the imprinter to the side and took hold of the empty genome needle.

He poked a tiny hole in his finger and placed the genome needle\'s tip on the drop of his blood.

I just have to wait ten seconds until it analyze my genes again, right Felix wondered while staring at a small screen on the needle...It was flashing with red color.

Yes, the same as before. Lady Sphinx answered.

Truly marvelous job... Felix mumured, If we had this advanced version of the needle, other bloodliners wouldn\'t even need to resort to professional extractors.

Bloodliners were forced to rely on extractors to handle the etching process for them since it required extensive study of genes.

Meanwhile, Lady Sphinx\'s upgraded genome needle take care of the process automatically, making it possible for Felix to do this on his own!

Ting! Ting!

Ten seconds later, the genome needle\'s screen stopped flashing and started showing all the abilities in Felix\'s possession arranged neatly.

From his first bloodline to the latest!

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