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Chapter 939 An Unexpected Cheap Shot!

He still has void domain...How is this even feasible!! Arentis was on the brick of pulling his hair out from all the inconceivable sh*t Felix kept on drawing fight after fight.

Weren\'t humans capable of etching only one ability per bloodline Princess Chozzus wondered in surprise as well.

Yes. Princess Anastasia reasoned, I believe he has yet to reach 99% in his bloodline integration to replace void domain.

If he etched his void immunity, he can technically still utilize void domain at the moment.

Oh, now that I recall, humans can do that.

Upon hearing her explanation, Arentis\' confusion was cleared out.

Only the dragons reacted this way due to their lack of understanding of the bloodline system.

As for the stream viewers No one even thought that it was strange and just cheered on Felix\'s third victory.

Now that Felix had exposed his capability to use void domain, all the challengers felt their chances to win their battles goes from 80% to 10%!

That\'s because Felix had shown that he was already on par with them when it came to foundational strength...Moreover, he had Danbconite skin that allowed him to resist their elemental flames!

Hahaha, he just keeps getting better and better.

I am starting to think that we actually have a shot to win the upcoming ceremony with his involvement.

Let\'s not jinx it, he still has twenty-seven fights.

The clan head Kyrsun and the officials were truly at cloud nine at the moment...The more Felix performed gloriously, the better their chances at securing the upcoming ceremony.

For the next battles, Felix hadn\'t dropped the ball and disappointed them.

The fourth challenger had his skull brutally smashed by an enlarged leg.

The fifth challenger was split in a half by the crescent axe thrown at him during chaotic fight.

The sixth challenger decided to ambush Felix...Unfortunately, it didn\'t go as well as he hoped since he was dealing with the master of ambushes.

The seventh...The eighth...The ninth...The twelfth...

Felix kept going through this list without exposing any new ability in his arsenal.

The void domain, hypersonic speed, size manipulation, Crescent battleaxe, True poison, and Danbconite skin were more than enough to handle those tough royal dragons in a one vs.

one format.

The moment Felix reached the fifteenth challenger, Arentis\' expression was already beyond fuming.

He finally was forced to accept the reality that he had shot himself in the foot with his insane wager!

Nice bet...I expect a great harvest from you in the ancestral dimensional pocket. Prince Domino rubbed some salt on his wounds with his remark.

F*cker, you have to be alive to get them. Arentis threatened with a murderous expression before exiting the island.

There was no point to continue spectating the contest when he had already known that his bet was lost.

Plus, it wasn\'t fun for him at all to see Felix demolishing royal dragons left and right until the stream viewers started feeling bad for them.

Looks like he will be really gunning for you in the ceremony. Princess Chozzus giggled.

Nothing changed then. Prince Domino replied indifferently.

He already knew that prince Arentis considered him as the greatest threat in the ceremony and was going to use everything in his powers to take him down.

After all, the white clan team wasn\'t even considered in the picture while the red clan team weren\'t as strong as other two clans.

Though, the tides were changing in favor of the white clan with Felix\'s appearence...


Three hours later...

He has actually reached me... A humanoid red dragon mumured with a dazed expression while staring at the twenty-nine blacked out names in the holographic list.

He was called Berga and also ranked at the peak of radiant.

When he saw his name at the bottom of the list, he truly believed that he wasn\'t going to see Felix\'s face.

After hearing about that the challengers would stay fighting even if they defeated Felix, he felt glad that he was at the bottom since he would need to win just one fight.

Now He had no idea what to think...

\'F*ck this, I will let him come to me while I prepare the most powerful flame orb I can muster.

If I am not killing him, I might as well take him with me and hope to earn the slot in that way.\'

Berga decided to ignore tactics, strategies, or such and simply nuke the entire island.

As a royal red dragon, he was completely capable of achieving this if he was given enough time to prepare.

Who could blame him for going this far

The last ninety-nine battles had assured him that he wasn\'t going to handle Felix...Since it was too shameful to forfeit the fight, he would rather kamikaze with Felix.

The moment he got teleported to the opposite side of the island, the first thing he did was fly as low as possible.

\'This should be enough.\'

He stopped after reaching half a kilometer above the surface of the island...Then, he opened his mouth widely and started channelling all of his flames into a small dot.

The dot started growing and changing color with every new wave of flames it absorbed.

What is he doing Doesn\'t he know that flame orbs are useless in the air Selphie wondered while watching the battle from the VIP guests\' seating.

All the previous challengers never bothered to utilize their flame orbs since they knew that Felix would easily evade them in the air.

They couldn\'t really explode them manually without being in the explosion range.

This drove the rest of the viewers to wonder about Berga\'s motives too.

Uncaring about what others thought about him, Berga continued pumping more flames into his orb.

It was now as big as a football ball and had exhausted more than 20% of his energy.

\'This should be big enough to cover a ten kilometers radius.\' Berga narrowed his eyes, \'I need more.\'

He knew that Felix would start seeking him out after he realized that he wasn\'t meeting him in the middle of the map.

So, he had enough time to go for more.


Only after putting more than 95% of his entire energy pool inside the flame orb did Berga finally called it a quit.

Surprisingly, the flame orb didn\'t continue growing bigger.

In fact, it had gotten much smaller, reaching the size of a marble!

That\'s because when the flame orbs reached a certain height, the dragons start condensing the already condensed orb even further to bring down its size as well as it increases its explosiveness.

Berga hid the flame orb within his throat and waited for Felix to reach him...He could see his infrared aura, approaching him from a distance.

When the white clan officials and heirs saw this, they finally realized that Berga\'s end game was to blow himself with Felix!

In other races\' perspective, it was a masterful move since the requirement for obtaining the slot was simply defeating Felix!

It didn\'t specify that the other challenger had to be alive after defeating Felix!

However, in the eyes of the dragons, it was nothing short but a disgraceful d*ck move.

The white clan didn\'t specify the rules since it believed that all the royal dragons would be too proud to pull out any shenanigans.

In fact, most of the rules added were to limit Felix from pulling a fast one on the challengers since he was a \'cunning human\'.

How the tables flipped!

How shameful. Displeased, Prince Domino cursed as he eyed Berga\'s defiant expression.

It\'s really a cheap move for a royal dragon.

No matter how desperate are we for the sacred bloodline treasures inside the dimensional pocket, it doesn\'t give us an excuse to ignore our pride. Princess Chozzus frowned her eyebrows, I will make sure to ask the clan for a proper discipline when this ends.

As for the white clan officials They were suddenly worried about his strategy actually working!

\'We are most defintely no going to give him the slot even if he killed the kid in that manner.

He should feel happy that we haven\'t stopped the fight and disqualified him.\' Dissatisfied and disgruntled, Clan head Kyrsun narrowed his eyes at Berga.

Oblivious to the rage he had drawn out of almost everyone, Berga placed his entire focus on Felix, who was merely a few kilometers away from him.

Although Felix had already stepped far too deep inside the explosion radius, Berga was still holding himself from firing the concentrated tiny flame orb.

\'That\'s it...Get lower...A bit more...Good, good...\' He kept murmuring in his mind as he watched Felix diving towards the ground.

\'Is he planning to fire a flame orb at me after I get get closer to the ground\'

However, Felix got skeptical at his peacefulness and refrained from getting closer to Berga.

He kept a decent two kilometers distance from him, knowing that it was outside his manipulation range.

In other words, his flame orbs were deemed useless.

Alas...The instant Felix decided to test the waters by some ranged abilities, Berga opened his mouth widely and aimed it at the ground.

\'Huh Why is he aiming beneath him\'

When Felix zoomed on Berga\'s eyes and saw the hint of insanity in them, it finally clicked in his mind...


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