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Chapter 943 The Gemstone ManipulationBestowal! l

You\'re joking right

In the end, Lara was the first to disapprove of his insane claim.

None of them dared to believe that Felix was on the brick of promoting to Sage rank while they were still stuck at Master rank...Especially, when he looked to be spending most of his time on his strength and fights.

Why would I lie Felix smiled wryly, If I put my entire focus on potion-making, I would have already mastered a few 4 star rank five potions.

Felix wasn\'t bull**ing one bit.

He had wasted too much time on his strength improvement, he barely developed his potion-making.

You are still bragging! Naima crossed her arms in vexation, Do you think it\'s easy to reach Sage rank Currently, there are barely twenty Sages witches around the universe, and they all had reached it after spending hundreds if not thousands of years in mastering the art of potion concoction.

Do I look like a witch Felix eyed them weirdly, Why do you keep using your standards on me Have you already forgotten that I have left the academy after concocting a 5 star rank two potion You think I will remain in that level for years

The witches were left at loss for words, not knowing how to retort against his convincing remarks.

Only now did they remember that Felix\'s concoction path was too unorthodox, allowing him to bypass many of the witches\' limitations.

Although they started to believe him, it was still too much for them to accept.

You\'re a cheat, it really makes no sense... Lara sighed, I thought I am doing good enough by almost getting promoting to grandmaster at this age.

Naima and the others couldn\'t even speak since they felt quite embarrassed to expose that they were still at the bottom of the Master rank.

Potion-making wasn\'t as simple as Felix make it seem due to all of his advantages.

Look, I brought you gifts.

Seeing that the mood was getting gloomy, Felix beamed a couple of rank 4 potions and passed them over.

This should be helpful to you. Felix explained with a faint smile, It\'s a potion from a new recipe that helps improve your mental capacity for the next three to five years, depending on your previous mental capacity.

This did the trick alright as all the girls stopped moping around immediately after hearing about its effects.

Where did you get this Naima asked with an elated expression.

I concocted it from a recipe by my master. Felix answered truthfully without getting too much into details.

You concocted it...

Of course he did...

What am I doing with my life...

When they heard so, their happiness was short-lived as they were reminded again of the difference between them.

\'You\'re doing it in purpose.\' Asna giggled happily, quite pleased to see the girls getting bullied like this by him.

\'I am not.\' Felix\'s eyelids twitched and switched the subject again, Enough about me and tell me more about your stores.

I heard that all of you now are bosses of your own labs and workshops.

I own a one-story lab and four assistants. Karry went first, Currently, I am focusing on large commissions for rank one potions to grew some capital before moving on to the second rank potions.

Smart. Felix praised, knowing that it was hard for witches to attract customers when they were just starting.

So, it was difficult to get money if they straight out started with rank three potions and had absolutely no review or reputation.

After all, the customers were risking their own materials and also fees to get their potions.

It was only smart to choose the best of the best even if they had to wait a long while before their turn arrive.

Lobna did the same as Karry.

I\'m renting a one-story workshop, and I am selling two primary rank three potions. Naima said next with a low tone, appearing quite reluctant to share this with Felix.

I see...

The moment Felix heard so, he instantly figured out why Naima\'s shop was struggling as proclaimed by Lara.

She lacked reputation to push her business against her competitors, who were concocting the same potions.

As for Lara She had a Sage witch as her master, which was more than enough to make everyone be confident to put their commissions on her book.

I\'m pleased with what you girls have achieved. Felix smiled as he suggested, Give me the names of your stores and I will give them to my agent.

She will use my platform to promote your stores and help you increase your reputation.

No, no, no, that\'s too much to ask for. Naima waved her hands in worry, I would rather not disappoint the costumers brought by your promotion...They might end up blaming you for it.

Naima understood that he was doing this mostly for her since Lara didn\'t require more customers and the other two girls weren\'t focusing on rank three potions at the moment.

I don\'t give a ** about what they say. Felix shrugged his shoulders, I have trillions of fans.

Losing a couple doesn\'t matter to me.

Plus, I am quite confident that you will satisfy more customers.

Felix truly believed in Naima\'s potential...She was simply not given an opportunity to demonstrate it because of her weak background compared to some witches.

If he was was able to give her a small shove in the right direction, then he would do it gladly.

She stood by his side when he was outcasted and discriminated by the academy...It was simply his time to return the favor.

Thank you, Felix.

This means a lot to me...Truly. Naima bit her lips hard, trying her best to keep her emotions in check.

Don\'t be crying on me now. Felix picked up the glass of wine and handed it to her, I\'m here to have some fun with my girls...So, bring out your wild side!


Three hours later...

Felix returned to the castle and went straight towards Lady Sphinx\'s lab after he had his fun with the girls.

He intended to visit Queen Allura too, but when he called her, she informed him to come in night as she had a few meetings to take care of.

As for the academy Felix didn\'t even bother to visit it...He was done with it the moment gave it the middle finger after his departure.

The instant Felix entered the lab, he was met by Lady Sphinx.

She was wearing a lab coat while walking back and forth from a station to the other.

Get nude and drink the potions on the table next to you. Lady Sphinx said calmly without even glancing at Felix.

Nice to see you again too. Felix said under his breath while beaming his nanobots clothes.

Then, he went to the table and picked four potions, two seemed to be made from poison while the other two had electrical discharges coursing on the liquid.

Without needing to ask, he knew that their main purpose was to weaken his lightning and poison affinities.

After drinking them, he walked towards a big glass tube right in the middle of the lab...It was filled with a bubbly green liquid that was emitting electrical discharges.

Just as Felix wanted to ask about the content, Lady Sphinx chided him, Get in already, the liquid is losing its potency.

Upon hearing so, Felix didn\'t dare to dillydally anymore.

After the lid was closed on him, an oxygen mask connected itself with his nostrils and mouth since he was completely submerged in the liquid.

Then, two long metallic chains emerged from the bottom and two more from the top...Felix helped himself wear them and started testing their toughness.

With his current strength, he knew that it wouldn\'t be hard for him to break apart the chains.

Summon both of your elemental inscriptions.

Felix nodded his head and swiftly thought about it...Just like tiny snakes, the inscriptions began to manifest entirely on his body, leaving almost no gap!

Are you ready Lady Sphinx inquired.

Felix nodded lightly then close his eyes shut and dove into his consciousness.

There, he saw Carbuncle floating on the consciousness lake with a pack of joints in his hand and two attached in his mouth.

He was blowing rings into the air with a sleepy expression.

Elder, it\'s time. Felix\'s eyelids twitched at the sight, feeling like Carbuncle was simply too nonchalant about the entire bestowal.

Get close...Let\'s get it over with...I can\'t believe I am doing this twice now... Carbuncle yawned as he gestured for Felix to approach him.

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