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Chapter 951 The Green Clan\'s Desperation

While Felix was grinding his lightning affinity, the four royal clans were just as hard working on the upcoming ceremony...Especially, the green clan.

No other clan was taking this more seriously than them due to losing five cycles in a row against their rival black clan.

In the case of the white clan, no one expected them to win, and they were somewhat excused due to their attributed flame not helping them against dragons.

As for the red clans

Everyone knew that they merely participate in the ceremony to gather as much bloodline treasures as possible to enlarge their tiny royal gems and hopefully awaken a new type of attributed flame.

The only ones without an excuse were the green clan, making them unable to accept being defeated by the black clan.

At the moment, a meeting was being held inside the courtroom of the the green royal palace.

Arentis and his teammates could be seen sitting together while facing the officials and the clan head.

If we win this cycle, nothing else will matter before or after it. Clan head Azesdirth said with a firm tone.

He resembled Arentis greatly with his dark green scales, giant gray royal gem in his forehead, and authoritative cold dark slits.

Everyone nodded their heads with serious expression...The previous cycles were led by heirs of the officials and elders, making them incomparable in importance to this one.

So, they knew that if they won against prince Domino, princess Chozzus, and princess Anastasia, their previous losses wouldn\'t be even mentioned anymore.

With the addition of that arrogant human, we have some variables added in this cycle to take advantage of. Arentis mentioned coldly.

Are we though His teammate frowned, I have seen prince Domino\'s interaction with the dragonslayer, they seem pretty close.

Same, they might even band up against us if we managed to secure the Ancestral Wine Jar.

Trust me, those two arrogant pricks aren\'t friends at all. Arentis sneered, I have no doubt in mind that domino will target that human in the ceremony.

He doesn\'t show interest to anyone unless he is seeking to crush them.

That\'s kinda true as well.

When his teammates thought about prince Domino\'s proud and rigid personality, they felt that it made more sense for him to see Felix as his prey instead of a friend.

That\'s why I suggest we help out prince Domino to find the human whereabouts in the dimensional pocket. Arentis snickered, Whether he likes our help or not, he will trust our coordinates.

No matter how the green clan desired to win the ceremony, there was no way they would lie publicly and embarrass themselves like that.

So, if Arentis did indeed come in touch with prince Domino and handed him the coordinates of Felix, he would trust that they were real.

What if he recognizes our strategy

It\'s not about what if. Prince Arentis assured, Prince Domino will defintely see through our intentions, but he wouldn\'t care if he truly wanted to defeat that human.

Arentis was betting on prince Domino\'s personality to act up.

As his proclaimed rival, he knew everything about him, making him understand that prince Domino would never let go of his prey if it was in his sight.

Even if my assumption is wrong, we have nothing to loss. Prince Arentis shrugged his shoulders, We will be searching for the ancestral wine jar to win the ceremony anyway...We just have to include that human into our search list.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

They had seen Felix\'s strength in the contest, making them know that he would give prince Domino and his team a hard time.

Let\'s say a fight did erupt between the white clan and the black clan.

Are we going to third party it or take advantage of their conflict to seek the ancestral wine jar Mynni asked calmly.

She was the second in command of the team due to her position within the clan and also her uncanny control over her soul devouring flames.

I don\'t know yet, both options have pros and cons. Arentis knitted his eyebrows and looked up at his father.

Just as he wanted to ask him about his opinion on the matter, he shook his head at him.

This made Arentis take a moment to think thoroughly about both options before coming out with his decision.

We will keep searching for the ancestral wine jar. Arentis shared with a firm tone.

Why so Clan head Azesdirth asked.

It will give us a bad look if we ambushed any of the teams and ended up winning the ceremony.

No one will recognize our win, and it will be for naught. Arentis clarified, On other hand, if we avoided their battle and kept on our search, we will have a better chance to find the ancestral wine jar and defend it against an already exhausted teams.

Even if we didn\'t find it, one of our opponents would be removed and the other team would be missing a member or two at minimum.

Good. Clan head Azesdirth nodded in approval.

The officials and his teammates were also satisfied with their general strategy.

It might seem tacky for proud royal dragons to use such schemes, but the green clan was truly desperate for a win.

If they didn\'t lose five times in a row, they wouldn\'t have even brought out this discussion and just went full ham on any team they meet.

Alas, desperate times call for desperate measures.


Days went by then months...Before long, the day of the ceremony was merely around the corner.

Sir Felix, we really have to get going if you want to make it in time. Cadence sighed in frustration as she watched Felix manipulate the lightning bolts around him akin to a snake charmer.

His range had truly improved by a large margin as he was able to control even lightning bolts, which were around hundred meters away from him!

It might not seem like a lot when compared to dragons and other monstrous Elementalists, but this was Felix\'s first eight months in training his external lighting manipulation.

This was all because he entered a trance a couple of times, helping him advance like he had jet boosters on his back.

Felix\'s talent might be trash, but his concentration was truly top-notch!

At the moment, he was in a trance yet again, but it truly came at the worst possible moment.

The ceremony was about to start in a week while the distance between Thor\'s galaxy and Icarius galaxy should take between six and eight days depending on Candace\'s performance.

Candace really feared not being able to deliver Felix in time, making him miss out on the entry to the dimensional pocket with his team.

Felix! Get your ass up already! Asna scolded in annoyance after seeing that Candace kept getting ignored by him.

Alas, even her voice wasn\'t able to break Felix from his trance.

Just leave him be. Thor said, He is in a trance for more than twelve hours now.

I doubt he will keep it up for a couple more.

Honestly, Thor didn\'t want Felix to have his trance ruined as he would lose out a substantial improvement.

It might be just for a few hours, but those hours would get him the same results as month of hard work if not more!

Fine, but if he missed the ceremony, it\'s on you.

Don\'t worry, it will be fine. Thor drunk a mouthful of wine as he mumured, I think...

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