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Chapter 954 In The Blink of an Eye

No one paid attention to Felix\'s absence anymore as they were attracted to the ring on top of the altar.

Everyone had awed expressions as they watched the clouds revolve around the peak of the altar.

When the stream camera was zoomed on the ring, most of the viewers sucked a deep cold breath at the sight of visible spatial waves.

Everyone knew that they were spatial waves since the space inside the ring was getting distorted constantly until it was impossible to see through it.

Rumble Rumble!!

It looked like the spatial waves were strong enough it caused the atmosphere to switch its temperature as a thunderstorm appeared unexpectedly.

With each flash of lightning, the ring gets illuminated, showing new mystical scenes on the other side!

It took more than thirty seconds for the spatial waves to cool down...This in turn forced the thundercloud to settle down and for the clouds to return to their previous peaceful state.

However, the peak of the altar was now utterly different.

The ancestral dimensional pocket is open! Red clan head Bymid announced thunderously, Prepare for entry!

Let\'s go. Prince Domino ordered coldly while spreading his wings widely.

Without an ounce of hesitation, he took off towards the dimensional gate and was followed by his teammates.

The rest of the teams remained on the ground and waited for their turns.

They weren\'t allowed to barge in the dimensional pocket at the same time since it was quite unstable.

If it wasn\'t for so, it would have been possible to send as many as possible inside.

Alas, the gate\'s energy was enough to support only forty entries.

This translated to twenty participants since they would be required to exit the same dimensional gate.

After prince Domino and his team went inside, Red clan head Bymid waited for exactly thirty seconds before shouting, Next!

See you there, losers. Arentis winked at the two princess and took off into the sky.

His face is really thick to call us that while losing five times in a row. Princess Chozzus chuckled in amusement.

Yeah... Princess Anastasia replied with an absentminded expression.

Knowing that she was thinking about Felix\'s absence, princess Chozzus didn\'t know how to comfort her.


Stay strong sis, I will go ahead. Princess Chozzus gave her a bitter smile before departing with her team.

Good luck on your harvest...

Now that only the white clan team was left behind, everyone\'s attention landed on them.

The fact that they were still short a member had pissed off many dragons.

In their eyes, if Felix had ditched them, they should provide the opportunity to another competent royal dragon instead of waiting for him until the last second.

Next! Red Clan head Bymid yelled, uncaring about the white clan\'s predicament.

\'Now what\' Forgo sneered, \'Are we going to waste our team here and hope for his arrival\'

\'We only have seven days to gather bloodline treasures and find the wine jar.\' Tando shook his head, \'Let\'s request for replacement from the clan head.\'

\'I think the same.\' Chemmed nodded.

Anastasia didn\'t reply to any of them as she was deep in thought about their next move.

\'Ana, take your team and enter.\'

Anastasia suddenly turned towards the head clans seating with a stunned expression, not expecting her father to give her such an order.

\'Are you certain, father\' Anastasia said with a worried tone, \'Even if he manged to enter the dimensional pocket a few seconds after us, he will be thrown in different location.\'

Teams had to go in together to avoid being separated by thousands of kilometers if not more.

\'I would rather take such a risk than accept another defeat.\' Clan head Kyrsun said coldly, \'Go for it and give it your best.\'


Without an ounce of hesitation, Anastasia spread out her wings and took off towards the dimensional gate.

Forgo and the rest were dumbfounded by her actions, but they still followed her instinctively.

You have truly grown mad. Green clan head Azesdirth frowned at Kyrsun.

No one minded your team losing every time, but you will truly get a nasty backlash from this. Black clan head Ygos sighed in exasperation.

As he said, the dragons went absolutely nuts and started cursing the white clan officials, head, and even the team.

Hell, even the white clan dragons didn\'t spare their own leaders from the barrage of furious remarks.

White clan head had just shown them that he would rather bet on an unreliable human than pick one of them.

No one minded our lose...But I did.

I always did.

The fact that you said this is enough proof that no one respect us anymore. Clan head Kyrsun eyed him frigidly, I am a royal dragon as much as you.




The clan heads were left unable to respond to his outburst...They knew that he was right to feel frustrated and displeased by their remarks.

Dragons were known to be one of the most competitive races in the universe.

The royal dragons were even more competitive than red dragons.

Yet, clan head Kyrsun was being told to just play along and please the crowd instead of actually aiming to win the ceremony.

All of this because of their innate weakness against their fellow peer.

Clan head Kyrsun was simply sick and tired of using their attributed sacred flames as an excuse for losing.

While the head clans understood his motives and stopped bringing the matter anymore, the rest of the dragons were still giving him sh*t for it.

Just as the situation was starting to get out of control, a sudden void rift opened directly in front of the dimensional gate!


Before anyone could react, a shadowy figure had burst from the void rift and entered the dimensional gate in the blink of an eye!

Everyone kept looking at each other with dumbfounded looks, trying to seek confirmation that their eyes weren\'t playing tricks on them.

The dimensional gate turning dimmer was enough proof that someone did enter it!

Little bastard, took you long enough. Clan head Kyrsun sighed in relief and relaxed his tensed shoulders at last.

He didn\'t need to guess as it was obvious that no one else but Felix would dare enter the dimensional pocket without receiving permission!

Thank god! You almost gave me a heart attack, idiot.

Selphie was also relieved that Felix had made it...She really didn\'t know how to face Anastasia anymore if her crush had bailed on them.

As for the dragons One by one, they started to quieten down.

They were still pissed at the white clan officials and head for taking such a decision, but thankfully, Felix entered a mere thirty seconds after his teammates.

On the opposite, life had finally returned to the stream chats as everyone started celebrating Felix\'s arrival...Especially, his fans.

The elder dragon was the only one, who didn\'t show a single hint of emotions throughout all of this.

Neither did he ask nor did he bother to think too deeply about any of this.

He was simply too high up, everyone\'s actions and decisions appear as meaningless as pouring water on a bucket with a hole.

All of this and he will still not be able to help you win the ceremony. Green clan Azesdirth snickered faintly.

For once, I agree with the green lizard. Black clan head Ygos approved calmly.

We will see about that. Clan head Kyrsun smiled, For now, let\'s send in the signal tower and see what they are up to.

A humaniod red dragon flew towards the altar and beamed two medium-sized signal towers, which were linked with a long thick hardened cable.

Without hesitation, he threw one of them inside the dimensional gate and situated the other next to it.

After a couple of seconds, the humaniod red dragon informed the clan heads that the connection had been established successfully.

Immediately, they contacted their sons and daughters via Queen Ai.

\'Send out the nanodrones.\'

Abruptly, twenty small holographic screens appeared before them...Each screen was showing a participant from high above, focusing on him mostly.

The clan heads enlarged the holographic screens until everyone was capable of watching through them without much difficulty.

There he is.

Selphie showed a loving smile as she focused on a screen, that was displaying Felix waving his hand in greeting at the camera.

Before the dragons could curse him, Felix bowed his head at the camera and apologized with a sincere tone, I\'m sorry about the delay...I will make it up to the white clan with my efforts instead of excuses.

With the established connection, Felix knew that he could have apologized to the clan head telepathically, but he refused to cover up for his screw-up like this.

He knew that the clan must have taken some backlash after waiting for him even when the teams had already gone through the gate.

So, he owned them at least a public apology.

\'Don\'t worry too much about it and do your thing.\' Clan head Kyrsun stressed, \'Nothing else will matter if you brought us the victory.\'

\'That\'s what I intend to do.\' Felix assured him with faint smirk and started his journey through the dimensional pocket, not planning on wasting his time on the outside world.

If the dimensional pocket could be described in two words, they would defintely be mystical and vibrant!

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