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Chapter 958 Exploring All Options!

I knew he can do it. Clan head Kyrsun smiled as he watched Felix scanning the surrounding area.

You sure didn\'t help him out Clan head Azesdirth accused with a playful tone.

I will act as you didn\'t say that. Clan head Kyrsun eyed him coldly.

He is right, don\'t be throwing out such disrespectful accusations. Clan head Bymid supported.

Tsk, can\'t one make a joke anymore Clan head Azesdirth clicked his tongue in criticism, trying to play it down.

Clan head Kyrsun ignored his remarks and focused on Felix after seeing him returning to the entrance.

Because Felix was inside the hallucination for a mere minute and no one saw the sh*t he had gone through, the viewers didn\'t really react drastically to his emergence...Especially his fans, who were used to godly and epic plays by him.

\'So, I was attacked by those c*nts\' Felix narrowed his eyes coldly at the sight of millions of nightcrawlers bats twitching on the ceiling and the walls.

When he had broken through their hallucination, they suffered from mental backlash just like any other mentalist in the universe.

This ended up exposing them to Felix as they lost their camouflage.

\'Upgraded Corruption Cloud.\' Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix released a vast pitch-black cloud from his palms and aimed it at the ceiling and the walls.

The instant it reached them, the nightcrawlers bats were all turned into fine dust before getting taken away by the breeze.

It didn\'t take Felix more than a few seconds to erase them from existence.

Then, he turned off his poisonous emission and used his conversion technique to restore all of his lost poison energy in a split second.

With his mastery of poison conversion technique, Felix had absolutely no problems anymore with energy management in that department.

\'I better find something valuable inside.\'

Felix turned around and continued on his journey...This time, he had used his physic shield, not daring to take any chances anymore.

He had learned his lesson.


After sprinting at a subsonic speed for a short while, Felix finally reached the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, he was met with a dead end and absolutely no valuables in the vicinity.

\'Of course, of course.\' Felix\'s eyelids twitched in irritation and turned back, knowing that he could only try his luck with the other three tunnels.

If Felix didn\'t feel like had spent hours in the hallucination, he wouldn\'t have gotten this annoyed since the journey was really quite short.

Still, Felix increased his speed and started going through the tunnels one by one...The right and the left ones were empty as well.

Now, he was speeding through the finale tunnel with a last shimmer of hope.


He reached a dead end again and found nothing to take with him.

\'This can\'t be f*cking right.\' Felix massaged his temples to ease his rising headache.

He had wasted more than fifteen minutes on this mountain and almost ended up getting trapped inside a hallucination.

All for nothing It didn\'t feel good at all.

\'Just take your loss and go search in other areas.\' Asna advised.

\'Not yet.\' Felix rested his chin on his palm thoughtfully, \'It doesn\'t seem right that those bats will gather on this specific mountain in millions while it was void of resources.\'

Felix was informed by Lady Sphinx earlier about the nightcrawlers bats.

Based on his understanding, there was no way a carnivore creatures like them would establish their base in an resourceless area.

After all, how could they lure in other creatures to enter their habitable area if it didn\'t have something to attract them

He even confirmed his theory with a quick search in the data center...The little bits of information about the nightcrawlers bats had clearly stated that they prefer hiding in bountiful caves.

\'You can\'t rely on the information about nightcrawlers from the matter universe and subject it to the ones here.\' Asna retorted, \'In this peculiar dimensional pocket, maybe the nightcrawlers bats have evolved to live on minimal amount of food, making it possible to sustain themselves even in empty caves.\'

\'That\'s possible...But, it won\'t hurt to try everything and make sure that I missed nothing.\'

\'You do you.\'

Without further ado, Felix beamed a spherical potion that was filled with a gooey brown substance.

\'Since my eyes have failed me, I must rely on other senses.\'

This was a rank four potion called Hell Hound\'s Nose...It was capable of enhancing Felix\'s smell temporarily to be more than a million times acute than a normal human!

The moment Felix drunk it, he closed his eyes and waited for the effect to kick in.

It didn\'t take long before Felix was forced to close his nose with a pained expression after his brain got assaulted by millions if not billions of different smells enhanced to the limit!

There was so much, his brain was having difficulty processing them one at a time, causing Felix to alleviate the pressure by shutting his nose!

Thankfully, Felix had already experienced this effect many times in the UVR to prepare himself for such scenario.

\'That\'s brutal...I can smell even the sh*t of animals from kilometers away.\' Felix winced in disgust and tried his absolute best to control the smell.

With time, he started to fade out the smells that were far away from him.

He kept doing so until he was left with the strongest and nearest smells to him.

Then, he moved to the next step.

He closed his eyes and started taking deep breaths, taking in all the smells at once.

After doing this a couple of times, his mind started to envision colorful trails, leading to different destinations.

Felix eliminated the ones leading outside the cave and the ones on the nearest mountains.


Although he was still left with many other smells, Felix managed to lock in on a dark gloomy trail that was leading to all four tunnels.

The smell was too unique as it resembled a mixture of burnt off wood and nasty outdated mayonnaise.

\'I only have ten minutes before the effects wear off.\'

Without delay, Felix took off towards the middle tunnel, where the smell was much stronger.

Why is he returning Didn\'t he waste enough time

Looks like he doesn\'t want to accept leaving the mountain empty-handed.

Poor thing.

Almost everyone felt that Felix was merely wasting his precious time on a voided result...Especially, when he had already checked the four tunnels thoroughly and found nothing.

Felix didn\'t care about the viewers\' opinions and carried on following the smell that was getting stronger and stronger.

In a brief moment, he returned to the end of the tunnel and stopped before the humongous hardened and rugged wall.

Just like last time, there was absolutely nothing on it if it was seen with mere eyes.

However, Felix was grinning widely as he looked at the dark trail being emitted from a few tiny holes inside the wall!

Those holes were even smaller than skin pores, making it impossible to see them...Even if someone saw them, he wouldn\'t think much of them due to the ruggedness of the wall.

Felix opened his eyes and zoomed in on those tiny holes with his quantum vision until he was capable of seeing through them.

\'What did you say Asna\'

\'Tsk, you got lucky.\'

Asna clicked her tongue in annoyance at the shocking sight inside those tiny holes.

They stretched for tens of meters deep within the walls and kept expanding until they resembled small tunnels!

At the end of the hole that Felix was focusing on, there was a cozy pocket that was filled with a dark moss-like substance.

It was on the walls, the ceiling, the ground, everywhere!

\'Master, do you know what is that\' Felix inquired, \'I have no recollection of such substance.\'

\'Neither do I.\' Lady Sphinx eyed the dark substance in intrigue, not bothering anymore with the poker game even though she was thrashing them.

When it came to new discoveries, her attention get stolen instantly.

\'Be careful.\' Lady Sphinx warned.

\'I will.\' Felix nodded with a serious expression.

He knew that when dealing with new types of substances, plants, and lifeforms, it was always better to be on high alert and prepared for literally anything.

If Gems could explode and cast hallucinations, anything was expected in this universe.

Hence, Felix decided to expand the tiny hole as slowly and carefully as possible...He did so by engulfing his hands with potent brittle inducement and starting to dig on top of the tiny hole.

It made him look like he was digging through sand, making absolutely no mess or even loud noises.

The viewers kept watching him with confused and baffled expressions, having no clue what he was aiming to do.

He is really persistent. Clan head Bymid chuckled.

He is just an idiot, who is destroying the environment of our sacred grounds for no reason. Azesdirth sneered.

Some dragons were beginning to feel the same when they saw that Felix had dug for more than ten meters and wasn\'t planning on stopping.

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If it was another dragon doing so, they honestly would have given a sh*t.

But, Felix was a human.

No matter how much they respected his strength, it still didn\'t feel right to see him violating their sacred grounds for no clean purpose.

Oblivious to the rising displeasure he invoked in the crowd, Felix continued digging his way towards the hidden pocket.

Because the distance was at least seventy to eighty meters long, Felix had to reinforce his tunnel with white adamantine gemstone pillars.

After a short while, Felix finally reached the point, where the already established tunnel was big enough to support him.

This discovery had shocked the viewers alike, making them finally realize that Felix knew what the f*ck he was doing.

Felix entered the tunnel and started to crawl on his stomach while still followed closely by the nanodrone.

However, because of the tightness of the tunnel, everyone ended up staring at Felix\'s tight ass wiggling forward.

This is quite shameful...But, why can\'t I stop looking at it Ashamed and somewhat excited, Selphie mumured while covering her eyes and peeking from gaps of her fingers at the stream.

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