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Chapter 960 The First Clash!

Your clan\'s luck truly knows no bounds. Clan head Kyrsun said with a disgruntled expression as he watched Arentis and his teammates rushing towards the ruins\' site.

Don\'t congratulate him now. Clan head Bymid chuckled, There is a high chance that the ruins entrance might lead to an already discovered area of the lost first dragon city.

Since the dimensional pocket gets changed immensely after every cycle, it was expected to assume that some previous discovered entrances would be hidden by different environments.

In worse cases, the entrance might be newly discovered, but it would lead an already cleared out zone.

It won\'t happen if you don\'t jinx it. Clan head Azesdirth retorted in irritation.

Arentis and his teammates weren\'t thinking about any of this...The only thing coursing on their mind was the trove of bloodline treasures within the ruins.

Meanwhile, on the northern side of the dimensional pocket, prince Domino and his teammates had just arrived at the Erraga mountainous chains.

While his teammates went to do a quick search for any valuables, prince Domino stood up on the peak of the highest mountain and used his infrared vision to the max.

\'Someone was indeed here.\' Prince Domino narrowed his slits at the residual heat radiation left by Felix deep within the mountain.

Dragons infrared vision was remarkable but royal dragons infrared vision was on another level as it allowed them to spot even the lowest recordings of heat.

\'Guys, explore this region.

I have some personal matters to deal with.\' Prince Domino cracked his neck and took off towards north at his fastest speed, not holding back at all.

When the viewers saw this, they were taken back since they understood that it wouldn\'t be possible for him to search for anything like that.

However, the moment they saw that he was bridging the distance between him and Felix extremely fast, it finally clicked in their minds that the black team had come here for a specific reason!

[Wait a second How the hell did they knew about Landlord\'s location I thought that there are rules or something.]

[How shameless! I already felt that something wasn\'t right when they switched their direction from south to north!]

[Drop the accusations, the black clan are far too proud to cheat on such ceremony.

It must be luck.]

The stream chat flooded with curses and insults directed at the black clan by Felix\'s fans.

However, the rational ones still believed that it was more possible for the black to give up on the ceremony than cheat openly like this.

Is that how you decided to play it Clan head Ygos said indifferently while eying clan head Azesdirth.

When he saw his son switch his direction, he also felt that it was quite peculiar, but he didn\'t think much of it.

Now, he was certain that his son was fed Intel by the green clan forcefully.

I don\'t know what you are talking about. Clan head Azesdirth shrugged his shoulders carelessly without even glancing at him.

Although it was clear to the clan heads that he was cheating, he knew that they couldn\'t do much about it if he didn\'t confirm it.

As for worrying that the elder dragon might punish the green clan

He understood that the elder dragon rarely cared about even major issues...No matter what happened in this ceremony, he wouldn\'t even bet an eye.

\'Should I warn the dragonslayer\' Clan head Kyrsun knitted his eyebrows while watching Felix flying slowly, oblivious to the danger he was at.

Clan head Kyrsun knew that no one would hold it against him if he broke the rules too...But, he was level-headed to understand that two wrongs don\'t make right.

He refused to insult himself and his proud clan by cheating.

\'I trust that he will be fine...With his void domain, he can\'t be killed by anyone in the universe.\'

In the end, clan head Kyrsun decided to believe in Felix\'s capablities.

Because prince Domino was going at an insane speed, it didn\'t take him even a minute before Felix had emerged as a tiny dark dot in his sight.

\'Caught you.\' Prince Domino smiled sinisterly akin to a predator.

This was more than enough to make Felix\'s danger instincts start tingling, forcing him to drop his search and turn around.

\'You gotta be sh*tting me.\'

The instant he spotted prince Domino approaching him in his dragon form, Felix was left shocked out of his wits.

Although he always thought that there might a possibility of the clan heads cheat, he doubted that the black clan would be the one doing so.


In a split second, Prince Domino halted two kilometers away from Felix, putting him deep in his fire external range.

\'You are that desperate to fight me\' Felix sent a message with a displeased expression.

\'There is no point in explaining myself.\' Prince Domino morphed into his dragonoid form and replied coldly, \'Let\'s fight and don\'t think about running away.\'

Prince Domino had no intentions of blaming prince Arentis and make excuses to explain himself.

In his mind, he took advantage of illegal Intel and that\'s all to it...Whether he was forced or not.

\'Run away\' Felix eyed him with a faint frigid smirk, \'You think too highly of yourself.\'

Instead of replying, prince Domino covered his entire body in dark flames, turning him into a humaniod torch.

The dark flames extended to his sharp claws too, making them seem much longer.

Then...He disappeared.

When he reappeared, a flaming claw was already placed in front of Felix\'s face, forcing to manifest a shield of white adamantine to block it instantly!


The contact made an irritating loud noise that resembled a a car\'s door getting scratched by a key!

The claws didn\'t cut the white adamantine shield thoroughly, but it made sure to scratch it pretty badly.

Although Felix survived the claw, he didn\'t manage to block the forceful power accompanied by it.

This resulted in him getting bashed in the face by his own shield and get sent flying tens of kilometers away!




Felix\'s fans went as quiet as monks at the sight of their idol getting launched akin to a canon ball by a single attack.

As for the dragons Everyone had a natural expression, like they expected this outcome to occur.

\'Crazy...F*cking crazy.\' After Felix took control of his body, he eyed prince Domino with an alarmed expression.

His broken nose and busted lips were bleeding badly inside the void suit, but Felix didn\'t even care about them.

He was still processing the insane force he was subjected to.

\'His physical strength must be already above 130k or even 140k!\' Felix thought, \'He is really a monster.\'

Felix knew that most royal dragons hit the ceiling of adulthood at 110k BF.

If they wanted to increase it, they would need to rely on other methods.

Because they were dragons, and they were already at the limit of mortal strength, there wasn\'t really many methods to help them out besides bloodline treasures.

Prince Domino had this kind of strength while he was still considered at the adolescence stage!

Felix didn\'t dare to imagine how far he would get when he grew to an adult and absorb the bloodline treasures.

\'He is too dangerous.\'

Felix\'s current strength was at 110k more or less, which meant that if he had directly taken that hit, his brain would have already turned into a mush.

Luckily, the white adamantine and the void suit negated most of the force.

\'If this much has surprised you, this fight isn\'t going to last as long as I anticipated.\' Prince Domino taunted Felix while preparing for his assault.

\'You are strong alright, but don\'t get too cocky.\' Felix talked back while tripling his size and beaming his crescent battleaxe.

\'Be honored, you will be the first to experience my external lightning manipulation.\'

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