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Chapter 962 Under The Blood Nile

Prince Domino was already at the limits of his anger...So, when Felix pulled something like this on him, he had nothing left in him to vent his fury.

Everyone knew that he was so close to losing his sh*t and start nuking the surrounding area.

If looks could kill, anyone staring at prince Domino would drop dead instantly!


In the end, prince Domino could only roar thunderously in resentment while eying Felix\'s direction.

Then, he returned to his teammates while his mind was filled with nothing but thoughts of biting off Felix\'s head.

As for the viewers Felix\'s fans were laughing their asses off, not caring in the slightest that their idol had ditched the battle when it was just getting heated.

They were cheerful just by the sight of the proud prodigy prince Domino losing his mind.

Alas, the same didn\'t apply to the rest of the dragons.

So, this is your ace An cheap shameless fighter, who initiate a battle and escape when things get tough Black clan head Ygos commentated with clear displeasure in his tone.

Who could blame him His son got embarrassed publicly and wasn\'t even given the choice to redeem himself.

Didn\'t you hear him He was clearly looking after your son\'s well-being. Clan head Kyrsun grinned.

That\'s not funny. Clan head Ygos eyed him coldly.

Your son getting his ass beat up and can\'t catch up to his opponent is quite funny, don\'t you think Clan head Kyrsun fired back.

He is right, you know Clan head Azesdirth supported, Your son\'s inability to catch up to him is his own weakness.

He can\'t blame no one but himself.

Clan head Azesdirth didn\'t care much about Felix, but he was was pleased with how things ended in their fight.

That\'s because he saw true hope for his clan to win the ceremony.

In his eyes, now that prince Domino was pissed off, he would always focus on Felix even in three-way or four-way battles.

With Felix\'s demonstrated prowess, prince Domino wasn\'t going to kill him instantly.

If you can even justify his escape instead of condemning it, there is no point in discussing this anymore. Clan head Ygos shook his head, You have lost your way.

Neither clan head Azesdirth nor clan head Kyrsun bothered to respond to his remark.

\'Lost my way Someone like you will never understand the feeling of being at the bottom as a royal dragon.\' Clan head Kyrsun thought inwardly as he eyed Felix, whose speed was finally slowing down.

After Felix came to a halt, he looked behind him for a few moments.

When he saw that prince Domino wasn\'t on his tail, he relaxed his tensed shoulders and went to sit above a giant pink branch.

\'He really managed to move his head throughout all the crap I put him through.\' Felix recalled his finishing strike with a disappointed expression.

While some believed that Felix either missed or aimed at his arm, not wanting to kill prince Domino, Felix\'s main target was always the head.

He wanted to kill him just like prince Domino wanted him dead.

In such battles, Felix knew that it was far too easy to get killed if one didn\'t go all out.

He would rather not fall victim to his own mercy while prince Domino was able to punch a hole through his chest.

This was a real battle in a real-world setting.

As for the consequences of killing prince Domino before his own clan, father, elder dragon, and within the dragons\' territory Felix knew that nothing much would happen to him.

The black clan would be pissed and embarrassed, but that\'s all to it.

Black clan head Ygos would have an ever colder reaction to his son\'s death...In his eyes, if he died at the hands of a human, his fate to challenge the elder dragon and replace him was merely a fantasy.

Pride and Strength rule the dragons.

\'If you had a bit more time to master the ten Railgun Rings, the fight would have ended before it even started.\' Asna said.

\'Don\'t remind of it.\' Felix sighed.

Felix wasn\'t a retard to use a lesser version of a technique if he mastered the perfect version.

Unfortunately, he had merely a few hours in a week to learn it in his breaks from his lightning affinity training.

It might look simple to manifest ten rings and throw stuff at them to get their speed boosted, but it was nothing short but lunacy.

Felix had to manifest the rings at precise calculated distance between each other and also at an exact order.

He wasn\'t allowed to have even a single centimeter of difference in height between the rings.

That\'s because a tiny centimeter could cause his accuracy to get ruined instantly, resulting in either the projectiles not making it past the fifth ring or missing the target by tens of meters.

After all, he was shooting at prince Domino from tens of kilometers!

So, precise calculation was required, and he had to achieve it in a split second before prince Domino would make his move and void his entire assault from the start.

Felix understood that if he went for ten rings right from the start, by the time he finished his set-up, prince Domino would already be in his face.

Even if prince Domino decided to remain still, Felix knew that his battleaxe wouldn\'t make it past the tenth ring.

He had already spent most of his concentration on manifesting the rings and operating the electromagnetism force in each one of them.

After all, he had to activate the electromagnetism force manually to propel the projectiles instead of creating an ability that did it automatically.

All of this required extensive concentration, which would be affected negatively when he threw his battleaxe through ten rings.

As for how he managed to pull it off on himself He simply wasn\'t concerned with the ten rings set up being extremely precise since his main goal was to boost his speed instead of targeting someone.

To make it much easier, he manually controlled the first five rings and moved on to controlling the second five rings after passing through the first half.

Last but not least, he couldn\'t lace his battleaxe with true poison when it was engulfed in lightning.

The poison get evaporated instantly, deeming it useless.

\'Whatever, I will get him next time.\' ʀᴇᴀᴅ ʟᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀᴛ ꜰʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴ(ᴏ)ᴠᴇʟ.

ᴄoᴍ ᴏɴʟʏ.

Felix soon removed prince Domino from his mind and restarted his search...But first, he contacted his teammates and updated them with the situation.

Naturally, he didn\'t say much about his fight and simply warned them that the black clan team was nearby.

\'I don\'t know how they have gotten this close to us, but it doesn\'t matter much.\' Princess Anastasia informed with an enthusiastic tone, \'We have found broken rocks with ancient writings under the Blood Nile bed.\'

\'Good sh*t!\' Felix praised.

\'We are currently searching the vicinity for bloodline treasures or hopefully, an entrance to the ruins.\' Anastasia asked, \'If you are nearby, come join the search.\'

Anastasia swiftly sent him her new coordinates to match with his own.

After Queen Ai done her calculation, Felix realized that he could reach them in less than a minute by merely using five Railgun rings to boost his speed.

\'Better group up with them.\'

Felix was given a wake up call during his last fight.

He knew that as long as prince Domino was getting tipped off about his location, he would be constantly hunted by him.

But, if he was with his team, even prince Domino would reconsider dealing with all of them unless he wanted to get his teammates involved.

Unbeknownst to Felix, prince Domino had already blocked Arentis, making him absolutely clueless about his location.

So, unless one of them found the ancestral wine jar, they wouldn\'t be meeting anytime soon.


Felix arrived at his destination in a short while.

He looked below him and was met with a magnificent but chilling scene of a peaceful long bloodish red river.

It was separating two types of forests...One had leaveless red trees and the other side had a green forest with relatively small trees.

The river was long enough it stretched to the horizons on both sides.

\'I am here.\' Felix announced in the team chat while flying downward.

\'Join us, we are all under the river.\' Anastasia said.

\'Alright.\' Felix covered his head with his void suit and dove towards the Blood Nile.

Based on the Intel given to him, he knew that the red water could get dangerous only if it came directly in contact with the skin for a prolonged period.


After Felix entered the river, he found out that the \'water\' was quite thick and hard to navigate in it.

If it wasn\'t for his visions, he wouldn\'t have been able to spot his teammates, walking on the river in their humaniod forms.

\'I am glad you decided to join us so soon.\' Anastasia smiled after Felix landed next to her.

\'I am glad too.\' Felix replied, not telling her that he believed that prince Domino was targeting him.

Just as he wanted to request that she send out Chemmed to keep an eye out in the sky, Tando screamed in their voice chat, \'I found a crack!\'

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