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Chapter 965 Gemstone Golems

\'Hmm, how can I get to it without causing a scene\' Felix pondered as he eyed the bloodline treasure inside the stone.

\'I can only enlarge the hole and support it with gemstone pillar again.\' Felix decided on using the same strategy since it had been reliable so far.

Without delay, he started digging with his brittle inducement...After creating a big hole, he immediately supported it with four white adamantine pillars at the side.

Felix went inside the hole carefully and emerged on the other side in a few moments.

How big is it Felix mumured while touching the bloodline treasure...It was as hard as rock and cold as ice.

Felix knew that the sacred bloodline treasures were simply old blood from the ancestor and the descendants that had been exposed to the neutral energy for a very long time.

As a result, they come in various sizes and colors, depending on the time they spent absorbing neutral energy in the wild.

All of them come in crystallized forms without exceptions.

At least, that\'s what he was told by Anastasia and what he read from the UVR.

Without delay, Felix engulfed his palms in brittle inducement and started to dig around the bloodline treasure as carefully as possible.

This allowed him to crumble the rock around the bloodline treasure and expose its beauty under the eyes of the envious dragons.

It took Felix more than ten minutes to finally pull it out from the rock.

Not bad at all. Felix smiled in satisfaction as he weighed the bloodline treasure in his hands.

It was as big as basketball ball and resembled a refined ruby, making it steal the breaths of most girls watching the stream.

I will be holding an auction at the end of the ceremony to sell my portion of the bloodline treasures...Only natural treasures and other worthy goodies are counted as currency. Felix placed the bloodline treasure in front of the nanodrone to lure in potential buyers.

He didn\'t have to do it as his announcement was more than enough to set every dragon\'s eye ablaze!

I can\'t believe it! A chance to get my hands on a bloodline treasure!

I have collected hundreds of natural treasures...Hopefully, it fetches me one bloodline treasure.

I hope he finds even more.

Who could blame the red dragons for having such a reaction

None of them had the chance to even enter the dimensional pocket in their lives.

Don\'t even mentioning obtaining a bloodline treasure.

It was dumb for any royal dragon to trade or sell his bloodline treasure when he could use them to empower himself.

Strength was above all for the dragons.

The fact that Felix wasn\'t capable of using them had finally opened the door to the poor red dragons to have a shot at tasting a bloodline treasure.


It was a mere wishful thinking when even the clan heads were going to be participating in the auction.

Besides the elder dragon, the four royal clans had the biggest stock of natural treasures being used to enrich themselves by selling them with limited quantities in the alliance.

After Felix beamed the bloodline treasure in his spatial card, he exited the rubble and went to other buildings.

For the next hour, Felix had explored more than forty ruined buildings.

Unfortunately, he wasn\'t as lucky as the first time...He did find more bloodline treasures, but they were smaller than a golf ball.

\'Still not a single A graded or S graded natural treasure in sight.\' Felix sighed as he lifted a giant rock in front of a statue.

When he found nothing underneath it, he returned it to its place and thought, \'F*ck this, I might as well use some help.\'

Felix pulled away from the dragon statue and stood in the center of the spacious road...Then, he extended his arm forward and called in his mind, \'Gemstones Golems.\'

Abruptly, tens of gigantic thick crystallized golems manifested before him.

All of them were made out of white adamantine, making them the toughest baddies around here.

Their extraordinary sizes would make anyone think twice before dealing with them.

[The hell He has an army of workers!]

[All of them are made out of white adamantine! They are unbreakable tanks!]

[With all of his screwed up gemstones attributes, he can actually make a legit balanced army!]

The viewers felt at loss for words at the sight of Felix\'s new army, not expecting him to have such an ability.

\'There is no need to bestow intellect on them.\' Felix thought as he ordered, \'Clear the path before me.\'

Felix gave them a basic order, and they complied immediately.

Unlike Lady Sphinx\'s sand puppets, the gemstone golems had a basic level of intelligence, allowing them to understand just simple orders.

Pick that, throw that, hit that...etc.

Lady Sphinx\'s puppets were fed with millions of data, shaping them into masters of their crafts, making them be considered as sand bots.

Thud Thud!

The gemstones golems kept working together to pick humongous boulders, which were blocking Felix\'s path from checking underneath them.

Felix let them continue clearing the path while he focused on searching the already cleared areas...This was much better than doing it on his own by using size manipulation.

The only downside was his expanding gemstone energy to sustain their existence.

Thankfully, Felix was in the real world, making it possible to receive Asna\'s help in purifying his energy.


Two days later...

While Felix was still enjoying free labor in the ruins, making his harvest ten times more than his teammates, prince Arentis was doing the exact same.

The only difference was that he was using his teammates to pick up his own bloodline treasures within the ruins.

\'Heh, as long as I don\'t own a bloodline treasure, I won\'t be forced to hand out anything to that f*cker.\' Prince Arentis snickered as he sat on top of a destroyed tower.\'

Since his clan had blocked him from going after prince Domino, this was the only way left to get some bloodline treasures out of this cycle.

The contract terms had stated that prince Domino owned any bloodline treasure that had any relation to him in this cycle.

In other words, it didn\'t matter whether the bloodline treasures were discovered by him or gifted by his teammates, he was bound by contract to hand them over to prince Domino, or he would suffer the consequences.

\'Nothing was said about getting forced to absorb them, now.\' Arentis smirked faintly as he eyed his teammates combing the ruins thoroughly.

His current strategy was to have his teammates had a portion of their bloodline treasures to his father, in return, his father would \'forcefully\' make him absorb them without Arentis getting in contact with bloodline treasures.

If prince Domino was too invested in this gamble, he would have spent more time reading the contract to find such a loophole.

Alas, the only reason he accepted the bet was because his pride was being tested by prince Arentis.

\'Why aren\'t you helping your teammates\'

Suddenly, prince Arentis\' smirk was stiffened after hearing a sonorous but curious voice resound right in his mind.

With godly instincts, prince Arentis propelled himself tens of meters away from his location while engulfing himself in green soul-chilling flames.

\'The f*ck\'

However, when he looked back at his location, he found out that no one was there.

\'That voice is quite familiar.\' Prince Arentis frowned as he looked around him with his guards up.

\'At ease boy, I am just trying to have a chat with you.\'

Arentis instantly lifted his head the moment he heard the same voice echo in his mind.

What came before him was a brown muddy ancient-looking jar that had a blue rope tied around its neck.

It was hovering above his head at ease like the entire dimensional pocket was its playground.

\'Ances...Ancestor!!\' Feverish and thrilled, Arentis immediately knelt under the wine jar while still flying.

The clan heads and the rest of the spectating dragons throughout the entire universe did the exact same.

All of them knelt before the stream screen without a single ounce of disgruntlement in their faces.

Just seeing the ancestral wine jar was enough to make them fall on their knees in absolute respect and worship.

The dragons kneel to absolutely no one but the ancestral dragon who was the origin of their existence!

The only one who didn\'t kneel was the elder dragon...He merely nodded his head at the screen expressionlessly.

No one saw his disrespectful reaction...Honestly, even if they saw it, no one would dare to condemn him for it.

Great Ancestor! It\'s my greatest honor to meet you! Arentis shouted out loud, not caring about his prestige or keeping the cold facade anymore.

Even if he was a bit hateful, he truly worshiped the ancestor.



Don\'t tell me, Arentis is possessing the ancestral wine jar!

The rest of the green clan\'s team all heard prince Arentis\' bellow echo through half the city...Without an ounce of hesitation, they dropped everything and rushed towards Arentis.

When they saw the ancestral wine jar above Arentis\' head, they knelt down immediately while greeting out loud, WE ARE HONORED TO MEET THE GREAT ANCESTOR!

\'Ana! The wine jar has been located! Go here!\'

\'Domino, head to those coordinates.

The green clan team is in possession of the wine jar.\'

\'Daughter, go to those coordinates.

The wine jar has been found in ruins, farm as much bloodline treasures as possible in them!\'

The head clans sent messages to the team captains simultaneously, updating them about the current situation.

The moment the wire jar was located, they were allowed to tell them anything and everything related to it!

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